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Later have a competition, the person of clever garden hits gallinaceous blood individually like, piece action how does firm come, finally 100 think world flat unlike admit defeat directly.

Subsequently 100 think of altar and morning glow to hit a your home directly, the person that keeps clever garden cheers ceaselessly, go be in all discussing that how to celebrate.

100 think of altar to be gone to all the way time drive, the adviser that head a group sees 5 people that arrival takes part in the match, two are weighed, two flesh wound, angry enclasp fist: “Clever garden that group of mad dog, did not weigh gently “

“Was gotten, does him ability still remove others to come quite as the person? ” of silence of quiet of a young man went up carriage, sought a comfortable seat, paralysis is sitting, dozen of move is returned to breathe out in the mouth.

The adviser sees him, at once low figure, deferential path: “If rich beyond you take part in the match, that but greatly different, their broken bits that destroys directly not remnant, clever garden that group of dogs calculated before you what “

The man kneads wind, what to think of, laugh: “That but not certain, still perhaps hiding ace “

This man is dream appearance encounter that, was hit by dream appearance one palm, although look,that one palm was not illuminated into what harm to him, but ah, that fingerprint of rich beyond wind, can see dream appearance does it but not light.

Rich beyond looks at that adviser: “Do you still work here? “Do you still work here??

The adviser is stupefied, this is his carriage, he does not go here.

Back-to-back, rich beyond started to talk again: “Was opposite, must not scold the person dog of clever garden later. Good, do not have a thing, boil “

The adviser enrages dare not break out again, this can be the 100 small ancestor that think world, 20 had spanned odd 9 paragraphs, enter half spirit, 100 those who think world is presbyterial people but baby is worn. Finally he not affection does not wish got off, go be being squeezed with other adviser.

Another, dream appearance looks at the students of those maffick, laughed not self-consciously together accordingly.

Etc grind deep and clear to return earthy courtyard with a surname the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, everybody’s simple celebration, zhu Mei also woke a paragraph of small time, after be informed this message, he also is to send from the heart happy.

Great Master elder brother looks at this group energetically new the younger sister of division of junior fellow apprentice that join people, have shake a god flashily, it seems that earthy courtyard slowly better, the master is certain very happy also.

That day in the evening, everybody is cheering caper arrives exhaustion, finally slowly when go off, blare slept lightly everybody.

We all hastily climb from the bed, reaching the sky of flames of war has been outside.

10 of clever garden presbyterial the black clothes person that is mixing about a hundred with advisers is fighting, be in apparently allot.

Because produce the place of go on an expedition to leave earthy courtyard further, they hurry to dream appearance is had been one ins disorder. Small moon and Xia Xiaoxiao stay in earthy courtyard to take care of Zhu Mei, the others person comes to the spot.

See the setting before, everybody in succession in joining tussle, still have even small Hei Xiaobai small green also do not have at a loose end.

In the battle, dream appearance found Luo heavenly body, look at him to be in ahull apparently, aloud: “Need not lenient, beat dead to do not have a thing “

Had dream appearance this word, luo star was unlocked thoroughly dozen, time of two years, he can do not have at a loose end, no matter be to repair,enrol to still go out before comparing two years more essence of life was entered, he present, 8 paragraphs repair to impose the homicide kind of his that allergy, half spirit repairs bed person not to demand benefit before him.

Dream appearance saw carefully this, there is shift apparently on the hand of Luo star, the long claw that grows can be attacked can prevent, can be fierce.

Dream appearance here do not have so atrocious, used silver-colored needle and poison, let people’s air defense be prevented deeply.

The eye is seeing condition be about to turn round, dream appearance left battle group, forest of hill of in the future went.



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Dream appearance is stood by, when returning some distances from them, swing throw an arm, activity.

In everybody one face looks not to understand when she is operated, she develops the past directly, had had in the hand very silver-colored needle.

The foam on silver-colored needle narcotic agent, medium of silver-colored needle did not walk along two paces to topple.

Everybody one face is panicky, of clever garden muddled also, be stupefied in place.

While dream appearance is swinging silver-colored needle, still beat them from time to time a few fists.

These a few months, the accurate in the heart also abreacted eventually, have an easy time is not little.

Looked at person, dream appearance to back humane, “Give you were handled, I go doing a major issue “

When clever garden child does not have reaction to come over, appearance of already invisible dream, they each other look to the other side, deadlocked is in place, do not say to give a word.

Lan Luohuo burns a city inside, the at hand that castellan looks at him people, hearing their report, laughing very is complacent.

“Hundreds of years, garden of the spirit that be like the cloud and 100 think world, approached city of my baked wheaten cake hundreds of years, it is moment was turn for us to come forward ” the path with ferocious castellan, look at the person of below.

They are mutual and wait-and-see, did not talk.

Outside the door, dream appearance pushs the door and enter, “So lively? “So lively??

Castellan is terrified look to her, “How you come in? Bearer, catch her “

Quiet, come in without the person, attendant presbyterial do not have move.

Castellan is confused, “Start work, what be stupefied to work? Start work “

It is nobody only those who listen to him, dream appearance looks to him, “What what should explain to still have? “What what should explain to still have??

The back of dream appearance, a man is walked into, to dream appearance respectfully, that man is the son of castellan really, lin Chen.

Castellan one face cannot believe, pointing to him: “You, you a traitor, son born of a concubine, I killed you “

Just, attendant individually presbyterial block before Lin Chen body, look at him chilly.

Castellan understands, “Good, each, think such do I take you to do not have method? Think such do I take you to do not have method??

Saying, blew a whistle, look at the person such as Lin Chen complacently.

Can his person did not appear tardy, castellan is unavoidable urgent, blew whistle again, it is then, he one face is flurried, “How to meet? “How to meet??

Dream appearance just looks at everything chilly, see Xiang Linchen subsequently, “Give the your department managed “

Lin Chen evil laughs, “Be at ease, make you satisfactory certainly “

After appearance waiting for a dream leaves, lin Chen moves toward castellan, pull out oneself yataghan, “You attracted the person that ought not to attract “

Castellan can back down only, the afraid son that looks at oneself, “You, you this is treason and heresy “

Lin Chen is sword wearing on his neck, “Be at ease, I won’t resemble you so of clumsy, lan Luohuo burns a city I close “

Castellan unwilling to give up, “My person. . . ..

Of Lin Chen smilingly look at him, “Your person, dream girl has been handled entirely, she is willing to put wall of baked wheaten cake a means of livilihood, you thank me well “

Saying, do not give castellan talking chance, killed him.

Lin Chen takes handkerchief child the blood that wiping a sword to go up, slowly say, “Lan Luohuo burns city castellan to die, accede next by me of castellan, can everybody disagree? Can everybody disagree??

Presbyterial lower his head to bow in succession, “Old castellan dies, its new castellan of Lin Chen replace, I wait to did not disagree “

Lin Chen nods, see the body to old castellan, “Was handled, it is good that funeral arrangement conforms to the principle of simplicity simply “

This day, lan Luohuo burns city castellan to die, new castellan assumes office. City of this day of baked wheaten cake died most person, interior changes blood greatly. After this day passes, the person that also does not have city of baked wheaten cake again assaults clever garden.

Look at the material that must[……]


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“The general knows to more or less link national work, besides still have even the state somewhere else? ” road sheng continues to ask.

“The look will think well originally… ” desktop of clap of Zun Huai finger, he has heard this matter only, still counsellor tells him.

“Counsellor, go looking for counsellor. ” Zun Huai discovers a position suddenly to be worn for nothing all the time, this ability remembers counsellor did not come all the time.

“Yes! ” a soldier answers, it is good to passed a little while counsellor just came hurriedly.

Road sheng looks to this counsellor, he already passed fifty years old, hair on the temples is greying, a suit commoners, the cheek caves slightly, mind is good still however.

“It is good that you came to counsellor, I already had the in the person poisonous thing in the national capital joining a state that you tell with me is being answered on some forgot, if you are witting still other the thing of strange poison is told to road childe along with all the others. ” Zun Huaidao, he comes without blame counsellor late, deferential instead, presumably this counsellor is in his heart the position is not small.

Counsellor brushs the sweat on the face, see Xiang Mo sheng, looked a few times to call in more the line of sight, sit in locally slowly path: “Lian Guoguo is toxic than us this is even some earlier, it is to be before 4 months about, toxic person not only common people, the person that connects royal also cannot escape by sheer luck, a few short the month already died on 1000 people, mr Lian Guoguo is searching the world cure person, weigh golden offer a reward, arrived to join a state without one person however national capital. Arrived to join a state without one person however national capital..

Counsellor said to sigh at a heat.

“Why unmanned? ” road sheng carries look doctrine.

“It is those cure allegedly person just arrived even the country by assassinate, mr Lian Guoguo knew to an army is sent to go out to receive a doctor designedly after this matter, but also do not have even army one escape by sheer luck however, all die tragicly, army also was not sent to go out again after Mr Lian Guoguo is witting. ” counsellor path.

Road sheng frown, this thing if really showing everywhere weird.

“Such you returns since is not to join a state. ” path of real intention of Zun Huaizhen heart, not be to look down on approach hill child, be afraid of only is to connect congress riskful.

Sit in the approach hill child below people that one word that hears counsellor to say, since curiosity has again fear, all look to road sheng, await road sheng mouth, if road sheng says to want to go then, they do not have demur absolutely.

“Many thanks general cares. ” road sheng laughs slightly to left bosom.

Zun Huai does not look to give the meaning of road sheng, also answer only with laughing.

“Besides join a state, a few cities that still have Yun Guozhong also gave this matter, although Mr Yun Guoguo is concealed purposely, also do not hide the truth from however, the monarch that reason joins country and cloud state now very headache. ” counsellor continues.

Road sheng listens to nod: “Many thanks gentleman is informed. “Many thanks gentleman is informed..

There already was some of final conclusion in his heart, set out tomorrow morning, he wants to see the bottom thinks in his heart in that way, cut kills a doctor, kill whole army, person of such good original story can do not have a few in the bound.

“Road childe need not polite, you are our big benefactor. ” counsellor proposes a toast to road sheng.

“Polite. ” road sheng raises goblet to be drunk readily below, wine water slips down his corners of the mouth below, in the collar that is gotten into him, call soldier of a few child to look straight eye, can’t help plainting on this world how so can nice man.

After banquet comes loose, road sheng goes firmly on the road, resembling not at all is malty about, actually he is dizzy now, float slightly on the face red, a bit was not aware of back to still follow a person.

That person is not far not close follow in road sheng back, cautious dare not sound, however all the time slightly shakily is holding fist, resembling is to be like enduring what.

Eventually, reached a place that besides them 2 people do not have the others person, road a reed pipe wind instrument is tackled from backside before that person goes up suddenly.



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The opern since Bai Yina leafs through a few pages, shake one’s head put down: “My musical instrument art not beautiful, this music is too bad, I cannot teach you. I cannot teach you..

“Good, then I can ask frost frost only, do not know frost frost can. ” Xue Ying’s very regretful mouth path.

“Why you don’t ask a palm the door? You the child that nowadays is him, naturally can ask. ” Bai Yi indissolubles.

“Master… I am afraid that the master feels I am addlehead, connect a melody to learn bad, chase me next a division door. ” Xue Ying.

Actually she is sheng is afraid of road, and her musical instrument art endowment not tall, the irritated heart that makes sure road sheng can teach to moment very hard, go out her kick.

“How meeting, never had heard of child is chased those who give division door foolishly, want not to make an issue only, calculate your accomplish nothing, still also be palm door child. ” Bai Yixiao.

“The frost that be like frost also won’t, I ask a master worker again. ” Xue Ying shakes shake one’s head, she and road sheng are waited for long all over uneasy.

“Good. ” Bai Yi nods.

“Was opposite Bai Yi, I want to plunge into a swing in my courtyard, it is good that you help me. ” Xue Ying is worn to Bai Yixiao.

“Good, when do you want to plunge into it is good to will call me. ” white together.

“Thank Bai Yi! ” Xue Ying.

“Just as well, was opposite, your hand how, can I have to your ointment besmear well? ” the hand that Bai Yi is saying to see Xiang Xueying.

Xue Ying extends a hand to shake before Bai Yi, “I besmear everyday, did not ache already, your ointment is very good with. Your ointment is very good with..

“That is good. ” Baiyi seeing Xue Ying’s the back of hand is looked at is better than before a few days a lot of ability put down a heart to come, he is right Xue Ying all the more keep an eye on, also say even him himself not clear why, it is to see Xue Ying before the age is small not easy ability will take her to cross assessment, xue Ying crossed assessment to become palm door disciple now he still also thinks Xue Ying of great keep an eye on, making is a habit, and Xue Ying is in, the day is done not have so few is weak bored.

“Alas, you can not know, the place that the master stays in has many far, I to you this took a time fully, the leg was broken quickly. ” Xue Ying is filling a head, grunting, sigh piece at a heat.

“Former the abode of palm door is not far from 3 presbyterial abode, but since palm door he should go up after palm door, reach far point with respect to will domiciliary move, it is some further however, painstaking you. ” sheng of road of white bout recall just was become at the outset the appearance of palm door, say.

“The most terrible is, my in the future wants everyday so painstaking. ” Xue Ying is born to bend over without what can love on the desk.

“Waited for you to learned drive sword to need not work hard so. ” the head that looks at Xue Ying feeble breathing in vain, wind has blown the hair on her head, the hair stands an a handful, shake in wind, bai Yi looked a few times, think that one gather that attends her head is put very much, but also think namely nevertheless.

Xue Ying listens this, sighed again at a heat, drive sword? She does not have internal force how drive sword.

“Frost frost goes which ah, we go to otherwise look for her. ” Xue Ying stands up, that rub is windblown established the hair that rise to fall down as her movement, hanging down darlingly.

See eyebrow eye of Xiang Xueying down that rub hair in vain.

Xue Ying sees Bai Yi logy, stretch his hand to shake before him, “Bai Yi? “Bai Yi??

“Hum? What do you say? ” Bai Yi answers a god suddenly.

“I say, we go looking for frost frost. ” Xue Ying was obliged to repeat.

“Good. ” Bai Yi nods, although he the homework has not finished now, but afraid Xue Ying is stray, still agreed.

Xue Ying laughs, “Go. “Go..

Bai Yi takes the sword, follow Xue Ying to walk out of the door.

“Graceful frost girl is called the sit in meditation other brook water by me, over there clever gas is abundant, suit sit in meditation most, newcome child is in mostly that, didn’t palm door call you to go? ” Bai Yi and Xue Ying are going side-by-side, turn the head sees Xiang Xueying.

Xue Ying shakes shake one’s head: “The master calls me chart of exercise musical instrument only. “[……]


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“Senior fellow apprentice, black Xuan ask for leave from a meeting. ” Yang Daixuan sees the person comes loose, also did not wait for again those who go down is necessary, taking Wang Lingying to leave, admire seven still looked round before going, but an eyes did not give admire seven her, quickstep gnawing a lip leaves.

“A moment ago was how to return a responsibility after all, admire seven, fast explanation explains. ” Xue Ying both hands holds a bosom in the arms to look at admire seven.

“Your elder sister won’t sit in meditation, I see she sits that a long time, clever gas is confiscated, help her with respect to the past, alien is looked at a few closer, who knows my that cousin also is in around, come up even if cry, asking me is… ” Mu Qishui sees Xiang Manshuang to the half.

“Ask you are heart Yue Manshuang. ” if Xue Ying catchs admire seven, said, tricky small about called graceful frost to look to couldn’t help tapping her head.

“Painful, frost. ” the mouth since Xue Ying toot, pitiful saw a graceful white, see graceful frost does not respond him, be proud again of charming leave graceful frost an afterbrain spoon, toward move of limit of white a suit move, bring a lawsuit against: “You are in charge of senior fellow apprentice quickly Guan Shuangshuang, bully Shi Shu unexpectedly! Bully Shi Shu unexpectedly!!

“Good, you disappear of this little girl stops some, fasten jokingly they. ” Bai Yixiao, always thinking Xue Ying however a moment ago expression.

Is she to be opposite me… act like a spoiled child?

“It is this meaning almost, I say of course! Who knows that king what of what, ask for a favor says… more and more child were surrounded later come over, it is you see in that way. ” admire seven is placed place a hand to flinch again tricky, the hand is making all sorts of motions ceaselessly, of lively said this thing.

“The affection that still is not you debt, had pity on our home frost. ” Xue Ying pats the shoulder that pats graceful frost.

Graceful frost was cast aside, jiang Xueying’s hand is taken from his shoulder, but path: “I say jade-like stone, you one day not mischievous? You one day not mischievous??

“Without. ” Xue Ying is built again on the shoulder of graceful frost.

“Graceful jade-like stone, graceful frost is she your elder sister really? ” admire seven starts to talk.

Xue Ying hand is small tremble sightlessly, there is to guard against in the eye that sees Xiang Mu seven, still be light tone however: “Natural, if false bag is changed, you how so ask? You how so ask??

“I see young ladies of those old and well-known family that pass, never one is to treat him sister so. ” Mu Qidao.

“I and frost frost feeling are good, be no good. ” Xue Ying leans the head Xiang Manshuang.

“Go all right. ” admire seven is cold-shouldered.

“Cut, frost frost helps me see musical instrument table, my master gives me. ” Xue Ying takes out musical instrument table from the bosom.

“Chart of this musical instrument, quite difficult, you do not have an in about a year to be afraid of is to learn to won’t do. ” graceful frost shakes shake one’s head, she has not been clear about Xue Ying’s level again.

“Be, 35 years to me I also learn bad, my master still calls me the society inside half month, I am flat bump dead to calculate directly. ” Xue Ying is abandonment path.

“The church inside half month we are no good, you still look for palm door to go. ” graceful frost returns music Xue Ying.

“You see frost white again, I do not want to seek my master worker. ” Xue Ying is being pushed do not want.

“Half month decided at the higher level but not officially announced is no good, waste time instead, to moment more difficult. ” not be she does not want to help, it is ability really finite, extortionary accept next this responsibilities, can delay Xue Ying.

“Good. ” Xue Ying can downhearted receive music score.

“I am hungry, should have midday board. ” Xue Ying is kneaded knead abdomen.

“A little early still, but also just as well, go, I prepare food do you to eat. I prepare food do you to eat..

“Thank a master. “Thank a master..

“Many thanks Bai Yi! “Many thanks Bai Yi!!

“Many thanks senior fellow apprentice! “Many thanks senior fellow apprentice!!

3 people start to talk.

They cannot think of, bai Yijing still can make food like that, do not know flavour[……]


” Xue Ying ” 22 months of cloud / , this chapter in all 2354 words, update at: 2020-04-02 12:00

But no matter be opposite with the fault, she has made worst plan, no matter result how, she one person is assumed.

And her plan seeks an opportunity explore explore Bai Yi, she wants to know, big presbyterial to him character, it is important to have many after all.

The next day, xue Ying played then to road sheng 1000 hill music, music stops, expect see Xiang Mo sheng.

“Although have progress, but insufficient still, you do not have internal force, that kind of malformation that if the winter is surpassed,does not want to be defeated must drill again. ” road sheng starts to talk.

“Apprentice again can experienced. ” Xue Ying did not lose heart accordingly, musical instrument of die young China has identified her to give priority to, she has tried to play the attack when music, but that bit of might connects a wood to be not broken off, more the internal force that fastens child of hill of abstract resistance approach.

“There is one wooden box on the desk inside my house, go fetch, want to take put down gently gently surely. ” road sheng relies on to be in short on, bade.

“Good. “Good..

Xue Ying comes to house inside, looked around one time, seeing the wooden box that place of sheng of the road on the table says, take gently, wait for her to hold in the arms in the bosom when, feel the stuff in this wooden box is very heavy, return a little ringing noise all the way, it is valuable presumably, those who take is even more careful.

Xue Ying straddles fence of move into one’s husband’s household upon marriage, wooden box is a little large, she can move head ability sees side clear path.

“Be being put. ” road sheng does not know where to take a branch again, nod the short desk before him.

Xue Ying is put down slowly, sit by road sheng.

“There is a hair clasp on my head, take. ” road sheng path.

“Ah? “Ah??

Xue Ying’s eyes seems saying, am I taken for you?

Face of road sheng side, raise eyebrow slightly, do you say?

It is not affirmatory completely in Xue Ying’s eye, doesn’t master yourself have a hand?

Road sheng is pulled touch a side corners of the mouth, shake his head to Xue Ying unexpectedly, do not have a hand.

“It is a master. ” Xue Ying is defeated below blast come, rise come behind road sheng, unplug gently, the head diverge of road sheng falls down, had delimited her hand, a few turned circuit, lie silently on the ground.

“Master, your hair is flyblown. Your hair is flyblown..

Xue Ying does not know why, the silk of a few hair that is gotten on by this ground is attracted, grasp the icy Mo Yuzan in beginning, mouth path.

“Just as well, hair clasp was taken go opening the box. ” the whole sleeve that road sheng pays no attention to.

How does this method have some of look familiar? Xue Ying is opening wooden box, do not live in the heart want.

“You did not consider a fault, for division that with each passing day your this way is good, also wear the person made a such lock and hair hairpin, it is good very with. ” road sheng calm starts to talk.

Xue Ying turns round: “Master, you have read intention, teach follower of a religion but good? Teach follower of a religion but good??

“Do you want to use what to read intention to do? ” road sheng looks at Xue Ying.

Xue Ying turns at once later, the master is coming loose hair just like alluring woman of a beautiful, she looks a few times to be afraid of more again is to want dribble.

“Read intention much more useful, if be opposite with others,enrol, I am used what is reading intention to be able to know he plays one trick, can sheer, suit me most the young woman of such have little physical strengths. ” Xue Ying not the path of be bashful. This word speaks out herself to feel suspect.

Have little physical strength? She? Not can want to joke.

“Apprentice saying rational. ” road sheng assist is fellow, what do not cross approve of is Xue Ying those who say is OK sheer below one action and not be Xue Ying the young woman that is a have little physical strength.

The young woman of which have little physical strength can climb Ling Shan? What the young woman swarm of which have little physical strength climbs is so fierce?

“But that master promises follower of a religion? ” Xue Ying feels this matter has show, turn around at once look at road sheng.

“Let person disappointed, it[……]


” mew boss wants to go up ” 5 lustre sweet / , this chapter in all 1905 words, update at: 2020-08-31 14:28

Grey flying smoke destroys after be defeated of hag Xing all over the sky, day group the one many officers and soldiers that those are hit to be being pressed eventually morale is sent greatly,

Xing An was locked up to enter kill shrine, day group goes against wicked a hunderd li black be demoted nether, suffer the pain of 100 worlds metempsychosis.

“Then I can have reward, after all, I also am savior have rendered great service! I also am savior have rendered great service!!

Wu Shuo stands beside the throne of approach clouds hall, a hunderd li that asks one face anxious the cloud bright and beautiful, he resides day emperor high nowadays, these are farfetched headache annoyingly thing, what torment him quickly is mad drop, he is the yearning is in very bright and beautiful warmth ablaze that kitten bewitching tells Gong Ting the days of terrestrial small Duan Zi.

“Still have still have, nobody come to the four seas nowadays canal, you are gotten. . . . . . ! !!

Wu Shuo comes again irritated, bright and beautiful of a hunderd li lifts the Di Mian on the head, 4 admired 8 forked lie down to be on throne.

“Did not come, this is irritated the thing piles, where I am become 3 highness when free and happy! Where I am become 3 highness when free and happy!!

“You do not come who comes, I still am pointing to you to help me follow first 10 point to marriage! I still am pointing to you to help me follow first 10 point to marriage!!

“Point to point to, choose an auspicious day is inferior to hitting day, have not enough time now, tomorrow big marriage how? Tomorrow big marriage how??

“Ah? So fast? Then I should go rapidly at the beginning of the announcement 10. . . . . . ..

The word did not say, wu Shuo ran, bright and beautiful of a hunderd li is holding a head in the arms, will comb good hair kneaded finely.

“Oh, you are lazy, one caboodle an awful mess loses me, I am not dry also! I am not dry also!!

Saying not to work on the mouth, at hand began to draft imperial decree however, “Large of clever animal black, great merit of crisis of rescue day group, grant especially south fight a challenge one duty, choose an auspicious day assumes office, have clever animal additionally first 10, lukewarm fine honest and sincere, appearance is distinctive, to it can says the day sets the ground to build, to become the beauty of beautiful woman, the general is fought to be a madam south betroth especially, tomorrow big marriage! Tomorrow big marriage!!

Imperial decree, have celestial being official immediately announce tasties, the heavenly palace that look brand-new, because this good news becomes more lively,also rise.

Big marriage that day, new a form of address for one’s wife did not see sign however, wu Shuo’s urgent run around on sinister intentions, can not find from beginning to end first the shadow of 10.

“Run descend to the world, now early in the morning. . . . . . ..

Someone talked in whispers in a low voice, but his word did not say, wu Shuo is like blast to disappear in the crowd euqally.

The one place between every somewhat the hill head of clever gas, wu Shuo stopped footstep, he appears nose the one of 10 breath at the beginning of silk, do not see her people again however.

Just when red shadow shines suddenly and pass together, he is busy chased after accordingly, discover that person entered one place cave to do not have noise.

Also not be the content with fierce what presumably, wu Shuo also is worn greatly courage went in accordingly.

Cave is not big, it is clean and neat however inside see a new world, constant somebody stays in look, wu Shuo temporarily curious, go to again in go, this ability discovery hid hundreds cat actually in that hole.

Just now red shadow is crouching on the ground, for the mother cat deliver a child that is about to produce only. Hear sound of sth astir, he has turned the head comes, made a motion that keep silent to Wu Shuo, wu Shuo is slow-witted, is that devildom different of 2 princely punishment?

Await mother cat patiently to be produced, this ability face about comes to punishment different, do obeisance to to Wu Shuo.

“Celestial being but occupied? “Celestial being but occupied??

“You not know I? “You not know I??

“Really feel sorry, I was to forget a lot of things it seems that. I was to forget a lot of things it seems that..

Punishment different has the laugh of[……]


” mew boss wants to go up ” 5 lustre sweet / , this chapter in all 1984 words, update at: 2020-08-31 14:26

“Produced so much job actually! “Produced so much job actually!!

Punishment different cannot imagine completely, the backside of so much thing, one person holds all over the sky of little sister Xing that is him unexpectedly accuse, xing An also follows even his elder brother one case aid King Zhou in his tyrannical rule.

“The situation nowadays, very adverse to you, if want to save Fei of a hunderd li, still need to give the matter further thought! Still need to give the matter further thought!!

After experiencing so much, punishment different still can calculate on sensible, but racoon dog is little the 9 intention that do not control oneself at all, at the moment, she wants to see Fei of a hunderd li only, see him get hurt, ask whether he is well, even if have only,also go!

“You let me save him, it is dead, I also should be together to death with him! I also should be together to death with him!!

Say her to begin to rush outside, however by punishment different one gives pulled.

“You should go court death I also do not bar you, but you must want to be clear about, if you died, fei of a hunderd li he can does one person live alone? You also want him to die! You also want him to die!!

His word, make racoon dog small 9 immediately quiet to come down, first the 10 A women that look at such anguish, cannot help hiding to the cry bitterly in Wu Shuohuai.

“Then you say, how to want us to just you can save him? How to want us to just you can save him??

“You first quiet to come down, wait for us to think good plan goes again not late also! Wait for us to think good plan goes again not late also!!

“That thinks at once, think way at once. . . . . . ..

“A Chou. . . . . . ..

Word respecting half, transmit the sound of the madam that confuse change suddenly from the room, punishment different is busy answered, to racoon dog small 9 waited for a person to make a motion that keep silent.

Confuse the body condition of alternate madam, racoon dog is little 9 be understanding, she also once learned so much medical skill accordingly, know her already time is not much, so, consider her again urgent, also cannot hamper on this vital link their mother child 2 people reunite.

Punishment different goes in before long, listen to her to call out racoon dog again small the name of 9, small 9 busy the tear stains that brushs a face to go up, squeezed an one filar smile by force to go in.

“Master, but greedy apprentice the fish of braise in soy sauce that do? But greedy apprentice the fish of braise in soy sauce that do??

She goes to the front of body of the madam that confuse change, pretend to be relaxed say, the madam that confuse change also laughed as expected, it is her complexion is like snow palely only, already not answer the appearance former days.

“I am about, do you come even greedy am I? Do you come even greedy am I??

“Who says you should go, is you see you not bad good? You still can live hundreds of years! You still can live hundreds of years!!

Before she buries the head into the madam’s bosom, kept back secretly the tear that be about to seize the socket of eye and goes out, dabbed in the punishment different of across pat her, if the person takes advantage of a favorable situation,confuse change grab his hand made racoon dog small in 9 hands.

“My A is ugly, see floweriness beautiful childe is general, actually is most kind-hearted and filial, after, I give you him, you can get good for me good-looking move he! You can get good for me good-looking move he!!

“I just not! He bad much word, you or oneself are looked at, I can not see him! I can not see him!!

Racoon dog is little 9 assume a posture are about to loosen the hand of punishment different, in was being grasped to answer a hand forcibly again by him however.

“The woman is at ease in person, since you give her me, that this one’s whole life I am destined is her person, she is recreant, dare not want me! Dare not want me!!

“She is recreant, so do not bully her, always want the intention down her, she is a good girl. . . . . . . ..

Desultory word lets confuse alternate madam some breath, at the back of respecting, had heard the voice that is less than her almost, racoon dog is little 9 biting a tooth to hold the post of tear to drip soundlessly, as if in the heart blocked up crouch megalith general and afflictive.

“Your father king leaves me card of this g[……]


” mew boss wants to go up ” 5 lustre sweet / , this chapter in all 2083 words, update at: 2020-08-31 14:14

That person is Wu Shuo, racoon dog is little 9 see he is a little guilty, his all along is to follow beside Fei of a hunderd li, then she comes this day a group of things with common features, fei of a hunderd li is afraid of is already know the inside story!

Who knows Wu Shuo to listened to this word to laugh unexpectedly.

“You are at ease, I had agreed first 10, won’t come you what the thing of day a group of things with common features tells anyone! Won’t come you what the thing of day a group of things with common features tells anyone!!

“Does that also include Fei of a hunderd li? “Does that also include Fei of a hunderd li??

“Be natural! “Be natural!!

Racoon dog is little 9 listened to this ability to put down the stone in the heart, can think of Fei of a hunderd li may be about to come back, she must with Wu Shuo immediately again not.

“Wu Shuo, later I won’t come possibly day a group of things with common features, you should have taken care of him! You should have taken care of him!!

“Why don’t you come day a group of things with common features? “Why don’t you come day a group of things with common features??

“Not, do not have a thing… “

Racoon dog is little 9 slightly pursy brows, wu Shuo still thinks is she is not willing to disclose worry, can only herself knows, since just oneself are taken secretly after issueing that merman tear, her the vital organs of the human body has a kind of uncomfortable feeling.

At first she thinks just is to react normally, but at the moment, the sort of aching feeling actually stronger and stronger, each inches of skin that lets her feel her seems to wanted to be torn off general.

What Xing Shu discovered her is peculiar, busy extend a hand to come explore her forehead.

“You are uncomfortable, how to give so much sweat! How to give so much sweat!!

“Do not have a thing, it is good that I take a rest, one good. One good..

She still wants to flaunt one’s superiority, but abrupt at the moment one black, lost conscious paralysis to be in Xing Shu’s bosom.

Xing Shu feels bad greatly, busy lay open her the centre of the palm, discover that merman tear had not seen sign however.

“Blamed, she eats merman tear secretly went down! She eats merman tear secretly went down!!

“What merman tear? “What merman tear??

Wu Shuo asks anxiously aside, her pulse answers Xing different explore at the same time.

“Be like the tear of water princess namely, if water princess is begged,she just just asks! If water princess is begged,she just just asks!!

“Just? If water princess still follows highness one case now,in Lingxiao Bao Dianshang discusses an issue, where are you encountered? Where are you encountered??

“Be here, just before long time! Just before long time!!

2 people speak, mind all is one shake, if be like water to still be in really Ling Xiaobao hall, that racoon dog is little 9 who is what they encounter just now, the merman tear with her donative place, be after all why content?

“Wu Shuo, you fast go looking for Fei of a hunderd li. You fast go looking for Fei of a hunderd li..

Xing Shu feels this matter is intractable, the issue closes racoon dog small 9, so he must not treat sth lightly, be forced to ask Fei of a hunderd li to come along consultative countermeasure, now racoon dog is little 9 unconscious, and he himself the evil spirit inside body and she is strong, the person that may help her has Fei of a hunderd li only.

First 10 look at racoon dog small the about of 9 wead and limp, tear has not stopped flowed, wu Shuo sees her afraid look, some are not abandoned in the heart.

“Be at ease first 10, we can think method helps your A woman certainly! We can think method helps your A woman certainly!!

“Black large elder brother, if dad does not agree to be saved, you me inside red takes out A woman, I cannot look at A woman to die! I cannot look at A woman to die!!

“Goofy, highness can help your A woman certainly! Highness can help your A woman certainly!!

Wu Shuo says to go straight towards hall of clever clouds treasure continuously, xing Shu also without giving thought to at the moment Wu Fei palace is how a pair of beaming setting, holding racoon dog in the arms small 9 rushed.

When waiting for Fei of a hunderd li to arrive, racoon dog is little there had been any redness of skins on the face[……]


” feather emperor rises abruptly in last phase of an age ” laugh be proud lifetime mad song goes / , this chapter in all 2028 words, update at: 2020-09-12 11:31

Foliaceous cloud hum be absent Guan Anyu, since cannot give others future, do not give others the hope, the little boy of this adolescence looks at An Yu person of the action that return pretty likes, xie Yun does not want to harm him, so from cannot give him fourth place hope at the beginning, hope he can be in subsist of this last phase of an age, find the other in part that attributes him.

The jade bracelet that just got still does not have there’s still time to examine, return oneself position, xie Yun begins to considered to have jade bracelet.

Everybody sees Xie Yun this appearance set his mind at a lot of, after all everybody does not think dead, and the everybody that return cent goods and materials, also be absent so be fear of Xie Yun mood Xiefang is a few more loose.

Everybody is silent nevertheless be far from foliaceous Yun Genlin Yao Erren, it is act of Lin Yao bloodguilty really too shake too, although be last phase of an age, but homicide is returned to Everyman is too let a person fear.

And last phase of an age just left, some people still are holding ** in the arms to be able to solve the illusion of all these.

easy and comfortable too old, let Everyman lose the nerve that faces a disorder already.

These are very normal, if be in those days Xie Yun, also can make same report.

Xie Yun looks at the jade bracelet in the hand, can the clever establish space of farm, still be quite magical really, detecting according to the system is fragment of one party world as a result, absorb talent of enough opportunity of survival to grow slowly only turn real one party into the world.

Xie Yun can do not have time to move back and forth this thing, want this thing to exist all the time only, with respect to can ceaseless absorption the vitality of the world, oneself are not powerful battle song without opportunity of survival this kind of thing makes offerings to this plays meaning.

the goods and materials in jade bracelet space move arrives store in content ring, reoccupy system drew fractional energy, look at the jade bracelet that loses luster, xie Yun exerts oneself to do sth. directly crumb jade bracelet.

Jade bracelet is broken very complete, saying with its is by crumb, still be inferior to saying is decency became powder more appropriate.

The dust on foliaceous cloud clap, examine with mentality store the goods and materials of white snow collect in content bag.

The time of white snow renascence is not long, goods and materials also does not have collection how many, of car benzine what look still do not have there’s still time to collect, the weapon also has watermelon knife only, of and so on of fire control axe, hot weapon does not have.

Nevertheless, what Xie Yun did not think of is, in Bai Xue’s space, return book of secretary of law of have rendered great service to follow red medicine unexpectedly.

Xie Yun leafed through the content of result method, it is Xiu Xiangong law unexpectedly… a Mmp does not know the heart should tell undeserved tell.

If oneself do not beat dead this renascence daughter, can you perform one act renascence does daughter of last phase of an age deserve to avenge the big play that write down?

Everybody different can I repair celestial being, other live on a degradation I seek hegemony.

Immensity of abyss of misery alone free, my life by me not by the day.

Breathe out → of the _ that breathe out →

I bought a list last year.

Medicine of result method red throws a system directly, change bit of integral.

Small mouth is small by the side of An Yuyi taking bread, see Xie Yun secretly from time to time at the same time, elder sister of this eldest sister is him so much has seen in year most bully gas also is most attractive woman, stand high above the masses the chill monarch that likes regnant the world, pretty appearance makes him dazzled magical confuse, because she is recreant and cowardly,just can like Xie Yun’s so powerful woman all the more namely.

He is abandoned by family, everybody thinks he was over, incurable, but they do not know, only powerful in that way queen just can let her want procumbent fall in her foot, even if can become a slave that holds the post of her to drive only also will not grudge, to oneself the more him inhospitality likes the more, probably oneself say be an one hundred percent to change like family place really. Voice.

If Xie Y[……]