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One big in the morning, han Mu makes a noise with respect to the alarm clock of the set on mobile phone be been in by him woke, lie on the bed, before extending the desk that puts a mobile phone with the hand, that mobile phone looks, time is early still, plan of Han wash one’s hair is sleeping of the meeting, but saw there are a few to did not receive an incoming message on the mobile phone, of Shen Mengxi, before dawn was hit last night! Han Mu Zao went to dreamland in those days, do not know why present schoolgirl likes to stay up late, phone you in the depth of night next!

Han Mu is answered stirred the past. “Dream brook, looked for me to have what thing last night, malty last night, feel embarrassed to did not receive your telephone call… “

“Are you malty? Drink which, do not call me actually, kill me a person was bought alone in dream brook bar last night drunk, even tell the person that tell, think of you made a telephone call to you, result… “

“I go, how! How does your mayor a thousand pieces of gold go to the sort of place again! How does your mayor a thousand pieces of gold go to the sort of place again!!

“I am willing, I am waiting for you in the 7th space, come quickly! Come quickly!!

The 7th space is house of a tea with milk, han Mu washs gargle, dress 2 do not be stupefied ascend walked out of guesthouse, barred a taxi goes going to on the road the 7th space.

Han Mu comes to the 7th space, sit beside had not gone in to see Shen Mengxi full schoolgirl, with her about the same big, have young woman also have element colour, once somebody asks Han Mu says you is to like gay feminine attire or quiet colour, han Mu thinks, say element colour. That person asks why, if be element colour,Han Mu says to add bit of young woman I do not have an opinion, if rely on gay feminine attire completely, that waits for her discharge makeup is very terrible! That person hears Han Mu so say, do not have on the spot language… !

“Do you come? ” Shen Mengxi sees Han Mu asks.

The girl beside her also has turned entirely the head sees Xiang Hanmu, have despise, also have those who despise, nevertheless Han Mu did not look in the eye, because have some of girl such, you have money is a day, cite a case, sit femaly on the chair, you take a flower to propose to her, she two legs lock, and you take a ring to propose to her, two legs are stretched! This is distinction.

“Is these a few knowing? “Is these a few knowing??

Han Mu also did not see those a few schoolgirls talk with Shen Mengxi directly however.

“Should drink tea with milk not? I am asked! I am asked!!

“You are asked with respect to you please, I want strawberry taste! I want strawberry taste!!

Very adv unimaginably the daughter of a mayor, can be actually such… …

“Of strawberry flavour? How are you female? How are you female??

“Actually, I also am considering this issue. I also am considering this issue..

Shen Mengxi is taking strawberry tea with milk to be put to the front of Han Mu is close. “How do you think then? “How do you think then??

“Such I wanting, I am me is a boy and proud, although present girl very be very popular, but the girl has a drawback, every month should come so, quite troublesome, still have ah should give birth to the child… “

Shen Mengxi listens Han Mu so say, nearly is gone to by choke! But Han Mu truly Bei was urged, because Shen Mengxi is excited, just drank the tea with milk into the mouth gush come out, han Mu sits be opposite her! So Han Mu by gush one face…

The everybody that is doing is to be stupefied!

Dream brook said a few I am sorry repeatedly, carry on the back from oneself LV hastily in take out paper to brush a face.

Han Mu is helpless, the brook that wait for a dream has been brushed for him, han Mu Cai says: “Dream brook ah… do not take so play! “Dream brook ah… do not take so play!!

Shen Mengxi also did not say what, pulling Han Mu to walk out of house of tea with milk, the car that approaching her goes.

“See you so… the hair also did not work! I help you freely blow dry… get on a car! I help you freely blow dry… get on a car!!

“Those who drive how to be blown is dry? “Those who drive how to be blown is dry??

“Wait for meet you know! Sit good cough up, fasten good safety belt. Fasten good safety belt..

Han Mu also did not say what, strung safety belt, abrupt car i[……]


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Shu Qing is carrying the baggage of packets of big packet, give family bought gift, gave a railway station to still do not have a few paces, see father walked over, had received the luggage in her hand, laughing to ask she is cold.

Not cold, can think you.

Car of 2 people drive comes home, mom is waiting in the doorway.

Half an year disappears, easy fine monkey gave mom urgently a hug. Mom laugh laughs looking at her

Disappear for ages, baby daughter.

Hum, do you think me?

The little brother comes out from the room, the say that pretends to get angry.

Old Mom every day talk about again and again, my ear removes chrysalis child.

Mom hit him, with respect to you the word is much, the edge is pulling Shu Qing to take the door, speed comes.

She enters her room, clear away good baggage, went cheerfully.

Alarm alarm nose, she asks, mom, what to do delicious ah. Very sweet.

Mom laugh, hungry, go quickly washing one’s hands had a meal.

The second also comes out to wash one’s hands had a meal. Mom calls a little brother.

Had on dining table long-unseen lively, father is the person of a little speech originally, just show an a few softness before family only. The little brother is a happy fruit, ceaseless funny mom is happy, the be in harmony of its Le Rong that a meal has.

After the meal, shu Qing is being grabbed go be being washed, mom is barring blame do not let, do not have method easy fine to follow mom to chat by with respect to the station, if two people are together, mother and daughter inscribes total meeting many somes. The child of which kin has what to work. Which daughter is married go out. The pet that joins which neighbour lost mom to also can be told with her.

Her silent audition is worn, answering softly. Shu Qing can be experienced those who get mom is happy, when oneself go to school before, with the little brother two people are hit fight noisely be troubled by, always be lively in the home, and oneself graduated now, the little brother also begins in residence. Father often works to not be in the home again, mom a person always is loneliness. when she may feel mom has the Suo that nod . And what she thinks now is can much one minute is waited for beside mom with respect to many minutes. Making is to began to work, those who knew the life is not easy, also experienced years mom a young girl burnish becomes the appearance nowadays. Her orbit is a little red. Holding mom in the arms from backside.

Be like is to feel her mood is something wrong, mom asks her later

How ah,

I do not have a thing, her gangmaster is touched in mom’s shoulder, think you namely.

Father comes out to receive water, the mood that sees two people not very is right, jokingly.

You this daughter came back I do not have a position, see look of affectionate of this mother and daughter. Be afraid of is I and son want pack up and quit to go person.

A word dissolved depressed atmosphere.

Shu Qing looks at father to follow a little brother, feel a such home is really good.

Took skill machine to send a message to give desolate the gentleman.

I arrived home, it is really good to come home.

Favour, his very quick response.

I can give you a home as soon as possible. He says.

Ground of easy fine swiftly blushed to rise,

The little brother saw her say, what central heating leaves is too sufficient. The face that sees old a general term for young women hold back is red.

Easy fine worry is carried to defeat, gas kicked him urgently one foot.

Mom, you see my elder sister bully me.

Mom is laughing to look at two people, not answer,

Really prejudicial, elder sister came back not to want me.

Two people with a giggle fought noisely a long time to just stop.

Shu Qing secretly want, favour it is really good to come home.



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The Shengnulike considering surplus that lies on the bed makes countenance, because is Su Meng helping his disrobe ” how is this leather belt solved? ” the chatelaine place that Gu Fu looks at to be born by the side of Su Meng is considering at the same time how unlock. And Gu Fu is born to feel the bath fire inside his body is in faintly one step by step burn gas, the leather belt that hopes Su Meng lets off he and him lets him sleep so one evening became good. Su Meng took the chatelaine that the mobile phone gives birth to to Gu Fu to take piece of picture immediately, ascend small gain to begin to enquire all-purpose netizens. Netizen A: Press the skin buckled the printing above to be able to be opened, su Meng saw the printing position of chatelaine ministry press, as expected chatelaine is buckled. Su Meng replies immediately thank netizen, thank you, opened. Netizen A: Wish you have a happy night, ancient be able to bear or endure. The reply heart that Su Meng looks at a netizen thinks she pounds so simple chatelaine unexpectedly roused a long time. (author greatly: The bud with our simple idea Yours Excellency) the trousers that the Su Meng after putting down a mobile phone gives birth to Gu Fu drags next conveniently to be put to the side, the head place that slipper go to bed takes to Gu Fu unripe, two little hands pull a Gu Fu to gave birth to the shirt on shoulder to be dragged with respect to upgrade, this Gu Fu gave birth to the heart that thinks dead to have, it is not good to take the pillow take the pillow directly? Why to want arduous gas to drag him, it is good below his arm to was strapped already quickly by the shirt, listen only when such wanting ” hoarse ” , very good, it is the sound that the shirt is ripped to rot. Gu Fu’s unripe two arm temporary lodging during a trip is cracked gave two Dakouzi. Before going up immediately, Su Meng is examined ” give a talking-to, this dress quality is too poor also. ” of embarrassed of embarrassed of word Bi Su Meng when when realizing whats oneself just did, be late already, because she is not affirmatory,to tomorrow Gu Fu survives can greet to photograph of her smiling face. Think of will want to go, su Meng decides 36 plan go for the best thing to do most safe, then she took a mobile phone to take her room. And the Gu Fu that lies on the bed was born to send eventually at a heat, when this wife does not look to pull him feebly, effort is true not small. The Gu Fu that just should rise is unripe hear corridor has the sound that walk to had lain to pretend afresh again immediately already drunk dead dream is unripe, narrow have sth in mind sees Su Meng goes covertly to the front of Gu Fu gives birth to a body again only, hey, what just go is too urgent forget him to build a quilt. Stretch one’s hand the quilt that lifts Gu Fu to give birth to a body to fall comes, the result discovers the survival that consider surplus is pressed in heart of the Su Meng on the quilt to want to want her only deft smoke a quilt to go, and Gu Fu is born in the heart already him place oneself at the thing outside, follow her, I admitted. Two closefisted are grasping Su Meng closely of the quilt go to at the same time backed down emphatic begins to pull a quilt on one pace defensive position, phut, it is the sound that article drops. The Gu Fu that goes up when bed of the discovery after Su Meng pulls a quilt was born not to see run at once the across of the bed looks, see Gu Fu is unripe only bend over to go up, I want not to awake after all, beside Su Meng has crouched the time that visits float to be born in the heart to thinking in Gu Fu to be born ” I am sorry, I am not intended, I want to build next quilts to you. ” Su Meng is special the say of apology. Subsequently, is Gu Fu unripe flat pretend to awake ” how do I go up? ” Gu Fu of the uprear before going up at once gives birth to Su Meng ” you are malty, drop got out of bed. ” ” oh. ” this woman lies need not of scratch! Gu Fu is unripe pretend body station is bad that Xiang Sumeng goes. The pushs Gu Fu to be born chest body that drops into the Su Meng that is pressed below the body in the center of big bed to do his utmost with little hand with respect to such two people in pairs is ceaseless still in twist ” move me again but impolite. ” the Su Meng since the noise of upper part of sound Cong Sumeng of a thick shape ability is quiet come down, direct deadlocked stays in the body that this weird pose and the air with two ambiguous worlds invite Su Meng to breathe repeatedly not dare too loud. “That, you are drunk, can fasten so pressing me, my fast asthma not take offense. ” word Bi, gu Fu is unripe maintain a body to be in double leg genuflect Su Meng double leg two side, both hands supports the neck either side in her. Whole and lofty body Fu come down the[……]


” float is unripe have bud ” curtilage 99 / , this chapter in all 2152 words, update at: 2017-11-12 14:39

Los angeles International Airport. Gu Fu gives birth to lofty and forceful figure to show itself from inside the line of sight of masses. Just his expression is hasty had gone from inside the crowd, because anxious see she disregards the assistant that follows after much more helpless, after all one person takes assistant of 5 big boot is some ability not equal to one’s ambition. Gu Fu is unripe be like think of what face about is right assistant double in the past, assistant thinks the president discovers him eventually take two boot to just wanted to hand at once he, the other side sends a word however ” make public gives me car key, you take my baggage the office is OK. ” ” consider well always. ” assistant is about to cry tearless gave last hope Gu Fu is unripe. Look a little while he himself must pull 5 boot to call a taxi. Hey.

Inside L apartment, gu Fu is born to wait to go upstairs by elevator not as good as, use the run to that run directly however 2 buildings. Very good, he arrives 2 buildings elevator has not gone down. “Buckle. ” ” come. ” Su Meng opens the door those who be surprised look to the person outside the door. There was the Su Meng that has not answered a god to be kissed before Gu Fu gives birth to demur not to say go up. Of half month miss saw eventually today, he thinks she thinks her very much. After one stimulates a kiss to pass, su Meng expert is brushing the red lip that is kissed. Bashful had closed the door, fortunately just nobody sees otherwise with respect to big. Face about is born to Gu Fu ” you, you, you. ” after Su Meng says you 3 times repeatedly, do not say furiously to give half word to come. And the culprit that stands before pours be carefree contented to look at because Su Meng is furious or because bashful and complexion is unusual the Su Meng of bright red. “What do you send early greatly mad? Broken bits male! ” listening to resemble is if grousing, at the moment speaks out to resemble is the mood that act like a spoiled child, su Meng is flat pay no attention to him to walk along a sitting room to take a handbag to prepare to go to the school taking an exam directly. “I send you. ” Su Meng looks ferociously to give birth to say to Gu Fu ” need not! I and autumn agreed the garage sees. ” ” then I wait for you to come back in this. ” Su Meng listens immediately not willing blurt out asks ” you, you, you run early greatly this will have, what thing is there? ” ” just was away on official business come back, think you came over, how to think me? ” really, the dress that Su Meng sees be born to Gu Fu looks even if just went out a comer. “You, are you not tired? ” ” see you are not tired. ” ” Gu Fu gives birth to me to want to go to the school immediately you, you are in this also never mind is good do. ” ” won’t ah, I am in a little while shut-eye sleeps to wait for you to come back to be done to you next on this sofa delicious. ” ” you, you, broken bits male! Along with you. ” Su Meng face about is carrying a bag to go to the doorway. Gu Fu is born not to forget to cry to Su Meng’s back ” that broken bits male you wait to come back in the home. I can think you! ” the Su Meng that steps down a building is taken out from the bag make up lens looks to his lip, mom egg, lipstick was wiped by the kiss, still get new picture. Su Meng takes YSL lipstick to besmear to the lip fluctuation the lip is contained finally again, perfect lip makeup emersion. Look to the mirror besides oneself face resembles redly now is Tu Duo where does cheek still have outside red monkey buttock not right, hum, mix besides the red face that resembles monkey buttock as expected a bit there is what misgivings outside swollen lip. Su Meng reads the lip to oneself to the mirror, remembered again just stimulate a kiss, she just does not have even revolt, seem to still be answered kissed him. Ah ah ah Su Meng are you foolish?

Inside the garage, ma Chunqiu is left etc right be less than Su Meng’s person to come down etc, this girl won’t go up didn’t the sousaphone take paper to waiting for me to save her? Ma Chunqiu wants to feel affirmative more more is such. So flat get off go upstairs look after all. Just walked along garage doorway to see Su Meng is carrying handbag insanity toward here run. “Breathe out. ” Su Meng station is big before Ma Chunqiu are panting. “Don’t you have a thing? Work ran? Are we returned between climate today early what does your like this do urgently? ” ” I, I still just think we wanted to be late. ” Ma Chunqiu is not had of language look at Su Meng ” request, you sleep cheated. ” ” not bad and not bad, go. ” ” go. ” does the Ma Chunqiu inside the car take what driving to drive to look at the same time at the same time locally to sit the Su Meng on the side ” don’t you have Su Meng rea[……]


” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1823 words, update at: 2017-10-29 09:19

“Little elder brother, do you look how has not myna risen have a meal? I see he is lying to do not have activity all the time. ” I ask little elder brother.

“He says he is uncomfortable, do not want to have a meal. Do not want to have a meal..

“He how? “He how??

“Was to catch a cold likely. Also may be when a moment ago cleaning a room tired. I take the meal to him. I take the meal to him..

“Be a cold really? Have a fever not? ” I ask.

“Seem not to have a fever again. It is good that he says to lie a little while. It is good that he says to lie a little while..

“Is there the doctor that sees a doctor to us in the prison? “Is there the doctor that sees a doctor to us in the prison??

“What doctor? They still are only too anxious to we die earlier, where the doctor can see a doctor to you. ” little elder brother says furiously.

“In their eye, we are a flock of pigs, where can still treat a disease to us. ” eldest brother says.

“Even if pig, also have the vet that treats a disease to the pig. ” I still indissoluble the ground says.

“Can give us this group of pigs everyday hello eat twice feed, already pretty good. The others can wait for our emerge of itself and perish of itself only. ” knowing is who inserted, in speech more the pattern that shows ten atmolysis indignation.

“But how doesn’t myna have a meal to go so? ” I say afraidly, “You who sees him again. “You who sees him again..

“The little sister is at ease, I just had asked him, he says to rise again a little while sleepily eat. Old 8 eating to be not drunk so also is not first time. Everybody was used to. Come along tomorrow morning for certain, all the same well. ” say of 9 elder brother.

“I listen to eldest brother to say myna body is frailer, yes? Yes??

“Namely, I had said to the little sister. He is take things too hard actually, have secret trouble. ” eldest brother say.

When eat a meal, everybody also lies to his bed severally, two two wait for together talking about a day.

I lie in oneself ‘ 5 stars class ‘ on bed, hoping roof is bemused alone. My neighbour is little elder brother at the same time, across is eldest brother.

“The little sister just was returned unaccustomed? ” eldest brother looks at me, ask in a low voice.

“What is there unaccustomed? I am not dot. ” I say, “It is likely come because of mine, make your everybody unaccustomed? Make your everybody unaccustomed??

“Where. Just is the little sister’s arrival, brought joy to everybody. The little sister of a beautiful colourful unsurpassed came in the prison, we can not be general glad. We can not be general glad..

” because of you the flesh eats? ” my yell rise.

“Look the little sister returns the Yu Huai of thing be troubled that went up pair last night. ” eldest brother says.

“Of course. ” I say, “I am thinking afterwards, since these men consider a woman, how to say not early. Must saying is what eats the meat. I still think really should kill me to stew will eat, frighten I am terrifyingly, waiting one knife is endured on the neck. Waiting one knife is endured on the neck..

“The little sister did not understand. The man should eat the meat, consider a woman namely of course. Consider a woman namely of course..

Actually eldest brother says rightly. Remember in those days I or Yu Ying when that boy, also not be regard China elder sister as delicacies of every kind. Remember it is in those days in my eye, graceful younger sister of graceful, China elder sister, handsome, because of,include younger sister, be to make me of covet delicate? Should not say those foreign girl that encounter in France more.

Look the man is such. I became a woman now, I also became the cate in man eye, shoud be able to understand quite. And whole world of this kind of viewpoint is same. Picture there is a word in French, original idea is delicious thing, but when this word should saying between the man, often be to point to beautiful girl.

“Elder brother brother should say early to be clear about, also won’t frighten family little sister so that die partly. ” I am intended light say, but apparent some act like a spoiled child. In can act like a spoiled child in an environment so, also be very satisfied.

“That is to displease a little sister really. ” eldest brother also laughed.

“Little little sister, assure next time we won’t so monkey urg[……]


” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1834 words, update at: 2017-10-19 14:25

“Everybody is fast drink eat the meat, did not suffer my thing of two to affect. Invisible now billing, need not be in charge of him. ” elder brother end had a bowl of rice wine, “Come, brother little sisters, for everybody’s health, cheer! Cheer!!

“Yes, brother little sisters, let an elder sister also be your happiness, cheer. ” me also say. “Was opposite, xie Di, are your son and his mom good? Are your son and his mom good??

“Their woman two very good, thank elder sister. ” Xie Di says.

“Elder brother, I want to go dark blue city plays. Not be to had done not have order for arrest there. We are mixed this they go to the little brother all the way. ” I say to the elder brother.

“Wait for period of time to go again. Wait for weather thaw a few, I two go out to go bit further, play a few days well outside. Play a few days well outside..

“Why cannot go together with them? “Why cannot go together with them??

“Fine, I two go out or get as far as possible careful, although do not have what order for arrest. If a lot of people go all the way, the target is too big. To moment with respect to me two, go out stealthily to turn circuit. Go out stealthily to turn circuit..

“Ah, still be the elder brother considers considerate. Still be the elder brother considers considerate..

“To thaw of the 45 weather between the month, we play again. Still can arrive all round go seeing a landscape on hill. Still can arrive all round go seeing a landscape on hill..

“Namely, elder brother, I two be not done too tensely. Be in charge of him, live one day to calculate a day. Live one day to calculate a day..

“Elder sister appears really some are too pessimistic. ” say because of younger brother.

“Since today, elder sister no longer pessimistic. Person lifetime is such nevertheless. A general term for young women is so old, what also had calculated is pretty good. The man is good to me, the friend is right my it may not be a bad idea. ” I look at an elder brother, laugh.

“We go back to think method finds the son of elder sister certainly. ” say because of younger brother.

“Still be that word: As long as flower father and son is restful, I was at ease. Although be asked behead by after autumn, also did not regret. Can be together with the person that loves oneself, why is husband answer begged. Why is husband answer begged..

The elder brother went to my cuddle in the bosom.

“Just say not pessimistic, say these again… ” the elder brother holds me in arms closely, kissing.

I did not cry originally, was done to cry by the elder brother’s neck however.

My bend over is in the elder brother’s bosom, cry loudly rise.

“Younger brother and sister people, pron yourselves eats. Your elder sister is to drink much. ” the brother says.

“Elder brother, I was not drunk much. I think you hold firmly I, hold firmly again a bit, dear. In little sister heart afflictive… “

Knowing really is how to return a responsibility. See good friend of brother little sister originally ought to glad, make me sad instead however rise, cry so that want not to stop.

“Brother little sisters, you eat slowly. I help your elder sister up to sleep a little while to the bed. ” the brother says.

“Need not, elder brother. I accompany my good friend even. ” I was gotten out from elder brother bosom at once, brushing tear.

“Elder sister, otherwise drinks bit of boiling water. Because,a moment ago was hungry, drink to be met drunk. ” say because of younger brother.

“Yes. Let me fill bowl of hot Shang Lai to you. ” the elder brother stands up.

“The elder brother is not moved, myself goes filling. ” I am to want to leave a seat to go sober. I stand up, go to the outside of the house. Face of stroke of a cool breeze and come, regained consciousness immediately a lot of. The day is already complete black, group of hill of far be enveloped by place of dim light of night, show clinking mystery. Perhaps be in that darkness, the terminus that is the universe? Also be all the people, the terminus that includes the mankind?

But contemporary scientist thinks, the person can cross a black hole, arrive at another universe. In the depth of that darkness, have a black hole that can you open another universe?

I want to fly to another universe to go immediately really.

“Elder sister, are you better? ” I had turned round, it is beaut[……]


” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1822 words, update at: 2017-10-03 22:43

Drink a thick soup, eat jujube paste cake, month was helping me up to arrive again bathroom. One big waves the bath Shang San of full rose leaf gives out a faint fragrance. month is kneaded for attrition of my whole body wash, arrive directly at each corner, make my bright Yue clinking. That month help me up to the bed, lie in soft flower of soft bright red brocade by in when, I already systemic thermal current emerges moved.

How doesn’t the childe still come? I close an eye, awaiting anxiously.

A peculiar fragrance. I know the system that is a man then is popular, my man came.

I feel the quilt that goes up personally is lifted. I was presented very quickly by perfect ground.

I still am closing an eye, complaisant outstretched my body, go meeting coming beauty.

Systemic touch tells me, everything is perfect in that way.

From the beautiful Yue that has had no and be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, also be the results that never has had and dedication. Because this is the man that my Chao Saiye expects, I had become his wife really, became the young daughter-in law of house home. This kind of beauty is about to be from what send in the bottom of the heart, because I never had thought,can have this one day.

“Elder brother, fast the woman that enjoys you to the top of one’s bent, everything her belongs to you. ” I am held in the arms to be in the bosom closely by the childe, kissing.

I know I ended the past eventually, walked into the happiness that brim over with.

“Elder brother, I am your wife really, the young mistress of the house that is house home? The young mistress of the house that is house home??

“True, fine little sister. Are you still written down, you see on the ave from wherefrom day, you walked into my life, walked into house home. Walked into house home..

Eaves childe where knows, I am his great-grandson actually. Can be dim in that another spatio-temporal eaves flower in hold accuse all these. I am about to become Yu Ying the great-grandmother of that boy.

Myself does not know, I still am me. Like the fine with true fruit know to be able to have this one day, she won’t look for me to become with respect to affirmation vicarious.

“Since you small after fragrant elder sister dies unfortunately last year, I look for you presumably. Small now fragrant had gone more than one year, I just decide formally, in if the little sister is returned,waiting for word boudoir, I am about to marry you. I am about to marry you..

“But… ” my desire character stops again.

“What don’t but, have, whatever cannot prevent my love to you. ” apparent childe knows I want what to say.

“You do not know, elder brother, saw you from that oneself, I also am thinking an elder brother all the time, all day long is being imagined when young mistress of the house, daydream repeatedly dream of married you. Daydream repeatedly dream of married you..

“That I two be the heart has Ling Xi really. “That I two be the heart has Ling Xi really..

I enter dreamland staticly in childe Huai Zhongan. I am wanting to ought to thank that author probably.

Get up the following day, as usual pays respects to parents first. Father looks like a kind good farmer, unlike is the scholar that once had taken an examination of a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Listen to article heart to say his father can go to those who try entering rural area originally, but die of illness suddenly because of the grandfather, father was forced to abandon a scholarly honour and official rank, of one mind manages the family property that the grandfather leaves.

” heart, let your daughter-in-law quickly sit. ” see me two entered room, father stood from the chair at once.

“Thank father. ” I am low head, sit to the chair.

” heart of your one’s life experience tells me. After waiting for both of you how to come down surely, let him accompany you to go hold a memorial ceremony for your parents. Let him accompany you to go hold a memorial ceremony for your parents..

“Not urgent, father, I just go together with mammy last month sacred over- . I just go together with mammy last month sacred over- ..

“You go is your thing. heart married you, ought to do obeisance to hold a memorial ceremony for naturally as early as possible your parents. Ought to do obeisance to hold a memorial ceremony for naturally as early as p[……]


” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1764 words, update at: 2017-10-09 08:56

Time is going in imperceptible midstream, although pass very slow.

Arrive soon period of about to give birth. That extremely disingenuous boy is being vended via be in belly already. Mammy gives the thing of happy Chun Yuan administer of handsome younger sister, ahead of schedule a month takes care of me to Yu Jialai. Not be true of course take care of, do not be at ease to her grandson however. All my life daily life have month. Although again busy, still also have snow, mammy of where find sth useful.

Will have her objective naturally nevertheless, all life daily life that should have taken care of me namely. Because I am to be pregnant for the first time, cannot give a bit error. The cold heat of the flavour of the meal that eats to every greatly, bathing water, small the frequency to shit piddle and color, want one by one bother about. Everyday in the evening, mammy should insist to sleep in my room, say all sorts of notes of unripe child with me.

“Mammy, you kiss Mom to still care me than mine really. ” I lie on the bed, look at the mammy say that sits beside.

“Foolish the child, are you my close girl. Are you my close girl..

“Mammy, are you to prepare to let carry on of handsome younger sister? ” the true girl that I remember mammy.

“Have that meaning. I identified the admitting of this Nuuzhen to be opposite, beautiful handsome handles affairs I am at ease 10 thousand times. Say to be returned so that thank a fine. It is your wherefrom in a devious gully, handsome took to me. handsome took to me..

“This is a kind of lot actually. If I do not meet with that is difficult, also won’t encounter handsome younger sister. Also won’t encounter handsome younger sister..

“Life is such, resemble a fine the lot with mammy is same. Resemble a fine the lot with mammy is same..

“How do you consider the marriage of handsome younger sister then? Want to enrol a son-in-law? Want to enrol a son-in-law??

“Natural. Still just go to without choose appropriate. Still just go to without choose appropriate..

Because of,I remembered suddenly yuan. How to know this little brother is latter? If do not have get married get married, he Qian younger sister is quite appropriate. But how can you find him? Kui city leaves really too far. It is good to if he can come again this year,buy a seed.

“Mammy, I have a cousin, suit quite. It is the home too far, in Kui city. In Kui city..

“Has then he come here? “Has then he come here??

“Just had come last year, it is to come to my home buy a seed, the seminal quality that because his father listens to a person,says our house home is good. The seminal quality that because his father listens to a person,says our house home is good..

“Can then he still come? “Can then he still come??

“He says to want to come however. After harvesting rice, last year come. Look so that wait for a month again, after harvesting rice, come. Because he is,will buy seed rice. Because he is,will buy seed rice..

“The fine when then he comes tell mammy. Was opposite, await a fine to in those days this are already confined. Await a fine to in those days this are already confined..

Saying, month went.

“Mammy, the bath boiling water of elder sister is ready, do you want to look? Do you want to look??

“Need not. You take care of your elder sister to bathe directly. You take care of your elder sister to bathe directly..

“Then month is washed to elder sister first. “Then month is washed to elder sister first..

month helps me up in tub. Do not know the bub in abdomen felt heat, moved suddenly rise. Using a foot to kick his room next door it seems that.

“Mammy, the son is in again kick me. The son is in again kick me..

“That of course, was born quickly. His affirmation is not frank also, be thought out. Be thought out..

“Since be male child, be piquant of course. Just do not want when giving birth to him too make trouble go. Just do not want when giving birth to him too make trouble go..

“He dare make trouble. Let grandmother clear away him to moment. ” mammy laughed.

Saying is so say. Arrived to be born that day, still get my turn from side to side really terrible.

Be less than midnight, belly is abrupt painful rise. Mammy looks, saying is to should be born. Went calling up midwife Shenyang Mom at once. Shenyang Mom looks carefully.

“Younger si[……]


” heart heart likes ” mew turnip / , this chapter in all 2475 words, update at: 2017-10-24 22:27

Su Qian the laugh of 1000 awkwardness, direct handle machine downward to young fat person.

Gu Ziheng sees the young fat person that has a thing is laughing to ask: “This who ah? Your little brother? You did not listen to had said previously ah… “

1000 handle machine takes Su Qian to say to Gu Ziheng: “Had not said, cannot have? ! !!

Gu Ziheng accompanies at once laugh at an apology to say: “Not not, not dare, it is some doubt, early know you have a little brother, I buy a gift to him. I buy a gift to him..

Su Qian 1000 cast aside twitch one’s mouth to say: “How to want to boodle! “How to want to boodle!!

Gu Ziheng bursts out laughing say: “The move that I use! ” Gu Ziheng bursts out laughing after saying, special deep feeling admits to say really: “I consider all people beside you and they handle good relationship, “I consider all people beside you and they handle good relationship,,

Gu Ziheng still wants what to say by Su Qian 1000 to interrupted, su Qian 1000 conceal cough coughed to say: “Knew, knew. Knew..

Gu Ziheng laugh laughs deep the hand is left in sky shake right shake, su Qian of 1000 doubt ask: “Do you work that? “Do you work that??

Of Gu Ziheng grinning say: “Feel you the head of a small fool ah. ” Su Qian the 1000 answers that hear Gu Ziheng, do not have immediately language crossed eye of a become known directly.

Gu Ziheng disregards Su Qian the supercilious look of 1000 says: “Come, let I and bub say to talk. Let I and bub say to talk..

Su Qian 1000 before talking to take the mobile phone to young fat person directly, say to young fat person: “It is OK that this elder brother wants to chat with you? “It is OK that this elder brother wants to chat with you??

Young fat person nods, gu Ziheng is drinking coffee to go to sit to sofa to begin to chat with young fat person aside say: “Hey, bub, ” the enthusiastic young fat person that faces Gu Ziheng just is blinked blink answered Gu Ziheng.

Gu Ziheng asks then: “Young fat person, is your elder sister the closest how ah? Have a meal on time? Have a meal on time??

Su Qian 1000 in give young fat person to coming than delimiting young fat person of signal of hint given with the eyes says to have aside, as a result honest young fat person looks not to see Su Qian 1000 say directly: “She is not my elder sister, I do not have an elder sister. I do not have an elder sister..

One face is muddled if Gu Ziheng looks at young fat person force, say stutteringly: “What… “

Su Qian 1000 take a mobile phone helplessly, with finger tip gently the head of fatso of lay a finger on says: “You ah, did not deserve to close, I still want to earn a gift to you that, let you did not cooperate to do not have. Let you did not cooperate to do not have..

Gu Ziheng still has those who nod muddled to say: “Revive 1 million, you cheat me… “

Su Qian 1000 say with thickskinned all the same: “I did not cheat you, he is a little brother really, just knew namely before long, I also did not say he is I kiss a little brother, you also did not ask. You also did not ask..

Gu Ziheng faces Su Qian for the first time some say 1000 act shamelessly helplessly: “This arm ancon that you had not taken the door looks outside abduct ah! “This arm ancon that you had not taken the door looks outside abduct ah!!

1000 toot wear Su Qian mouth does not talk, aside young fat person is disingenuous had grabbed a mobile phone to say to Gu Ziheng: “Do I tell you a secret still have a present? “Do I tell you a secret still have a present??

Forced smile wears Gu Ziheng say: “Have have, say “

Young fat person nods, clear away what there is for fear that to be reaved by others after those who eat is good to eating department to Gu Ziheng stealthily say: “Tonight, eldest sister him elder sister bought a big ice-cream to eat, did not buy her to say to eat in the evening to me bad, she ate. She ate..

Su Qian 1001 listen to this since young fat person still takes what bring a lawsuit against so, after direct handle machine is taken, say to young fat person: “You a conscienceless, I gave what you eat in vain! I gave what you eat in vain!!

Young fat person to Su Qian the draw well of 1000 does not have what a bit dreads to say: “I have conscience, I am to be afraid of your have loose bowels, I let elder brother canal be in charge of you, I am good! I am good!!

The ancient clever essence of 1000 pairs of young fat person blames Su Qian a groan, and this[……]


” yuan chase after less wife law ” of foam alizarin red alizarin red / , this chapter in all 3486 words, update at: 2017-12-06 12:45

After Yuan Qian shadow hanged a phone, the mood drops in temperature with respect to quickness, lianzhan carried two cups of fruit juice, grinning ground is stuck come over, kiss her fawningly, “Wife, be enraged by smelly boy again? Be enraged by smelly boy again??

Yuan Qian shadow is about to cry without the tear, “Know his firm, did not think of so firm. Did not think of so firm..

Ground of Lian Zhan in a soft voice is comforted, “Darling is held out, darling does not cry. This thing also cannot blame him completely, smelly fellow is born in England to grow in England, what accept as a child is to exceed elite education, talk the processing way of favor everywhere with home, nature is different. This is called a cut the Gordian knot, those cancer should be cut have to cut, cannot appeasement. Cannot appeasement..

Yuan Qian shadow looked askance he is one, “Say your man does not have a heart to do not have lung so. Why do I let him go back to the motherland you know certainly. Who is willing to let him become a profitable machine really? Of scrupulous, business compares even the situation of the robot him tall, do you say he won’t be not married in the future on wife? Do you say he won’t be not married in the future on wife??

Say senior a general term for young women is like a mother, although she is not senior a general term for young women, it is close elder sister however, they are old what Mom dies is early, she so a close little brother, worry about as expected a few more.

Corners of the mouth of cheap crystal clear is cast aside, “With respect to him bursa of that deputy good skin, toward there one station, one pile girl is affixed actively come, do you still fear he cannot find a young married woman?

Yuan Qian shadow can be done not have so hopeful, “But the appearance that he cannot remember them again, I am afraid that he wants to holding a dictionary in the arms enter an assembly hall in the future really. I am afraid that he wants to holding a dictionary in the arms enter an assembly hall in the future really..

Lian Zhan: “… ” is this close elder sister?

Be perturbed of Yuan Qian shadow a little while, the mood that goes vacationing repeatedly was done not have, wanting to be able to go back to the motherland as soon as possible only, force protects the high-ranking officer that she leaves, be not dropped by all K.

Lian Zhan pullbacked she, say: “You also not anxious, such, we are inferior to looking for bit of thing to do to him, make him dispersive issue attention. Make him dispersive issue attention..

Yuan Qian shadow is breathed out breathe out Da, “He is the working mad demon of a hobby of it doesn’t matter. “He is the working mad demon of a hobby of it doesn’t matter..

Lian Zhan thought a little while, say: “Are you to say he holds out those who like photography in one’s childhood? “Are you to say he holds out those who like photography in one’s childhood??

Mention in one’s childhood thing, feel sad of Yuan Qian shadow good, “Because like,photograph, be thrown bad before the face by my home old fogey equipment, you do not know A Ze the expression at that time, of empty hole, frighten a the dead. Frighten a the dead..

Lian Zhan spits groove: “Your home my old man is honest too unnatural, is this dear father? Is this dear father??

Twitch one’s mouth of Yuan Qian shadow, “In one day is bitten 10 years to be afraid of well rope by the snake, old fogey does not hope anything divided his mind, more do not allow him to what too pour into feeling. In the future authority of in control of, most those who be afraid of is be swayed by one’s emotions, old fogey is to be afraid of sincerely, what actually heart within also aches is close, two people who gruff is gotten very. Two people who gruff is gotten very..

Lian Zhan indicates approval, “After all — it is president not be dad ground. The pet phrase of smelly boy. The pet phrase of smelly boy..

Two bright ground look at Yuan Qian shadow him, “A Zhan, you help a family think a way. You help a family think a way..

Sa Qijiao comes, listen bone of cheap crystal clear is quickly soft.

His cudgel one’s brains for, still thought of a method to him really.

Then, yuan Lize is faced before sleeping, in succession of Yuan Qian shadow made 3 electrify word, he was not received. Passed a little while, desolate beats his door.

Yuan Lize is changed sleep gown, pull open the door, a place of strategic importance of machine of deso[……]