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When clear Chao Congshun is treated, set, every is Manchu Eight Banners other people year the woman that comes 13 years old 16 years old completely, the emperor that must attend every 3 years chooses show daughter, pitch on person, stay in emperor of the squire in palace to become the wife of a prince to a concubine of an emperor, or be granted royalty descendants does Fu Jin, without attending the person that choose show daughter, must not marry a person. Read when choosing, press the order of the Eight Banners, general 78 individual stations become, by emperor, empress dowager people choose. The name of woman be choosinged, every write a piece of bill, in accepting a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, file, this kind of list, call in archives ” beautiful women’s volleyball is odd ” , importance is self-evident.

Above all, should examine a banner strictly to belong to with the age, be absent of the banner want to attend anthology beautiful, situation comparing enters a day; In the banner want to escape anthology beautiful, also be ask for trouble. Arrange the regulation that control government: This mortal world is official of Eight Banners of full, unconscious, Han Jun, other home of a sergeant, disengaged v/arc able-bodied man is middleaged full 14 years old of women that come 16 years old, must atten[……]


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The book receives above paragraphs, the word says to contain sweet for escape Qianlong pester, entreat mother of an emperor to go emperor becomes aware pray to Buddha of temple be a vegatarian for religious reasons, before go, good-bye of the hope that cheat red arrives contain sweet, contain sweet promise to see final one side.

Idle character not garrulous, say this one day however at night, pitch-dark, the preparation that cheat red is proper, liu Qing early ready carriage, liu Qing is carrying a lantern, face when going out, a curassow cries quite, fly on the sky, have a kind of creepy feeling immediately, look of willow red look the curtain of night of pitch-dark, path: Go again as sometime!

Meng Danyi looks at ahead like that, say: ? To fold?

Liu Qing drives, liu Gong hold a lamp in one’s hand, carriage goes in the street of hollowness to, leave a string to grow long clop, suddenly carriage stopped to get off, seem to lying among the road a person, liu Qing gives bridle Liu Gong, had received a lantern, move close to look, it is a beggar, oneself is gone a long time, liu Qing is dark: Unlucky!

Follow the travel before driving, liu Gong is left however look is right look, be afraid of confoundedly, stealthily say: Elder brother, I always have a kind of bode[……]


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Cross the court that one place separates with rockery eventually, the hall is nearly before. This made dimple had known this house all the way 7788, him villa that Chinese and Western combines also has seen many, but so proper was not being decorated imperfectly still is head see you later really. Dimple sees the person that to the hall Li Ruya is sitting up, produced curiosity, abode is so exquisite, what kind of father can you be after all?

Strange? How is the individual’s form familiar with a bit then? Dimple is putting doubt to followed an elder sister to enter the hall, commander of the Qin Dynasty wait eventually will love female, ground of chant laugh chant blames her how so slow, the guest slighted. Dimple feels week of sound that meet with is further and further from oneself, curious father does not wish even oneself to look more, the eye sees the person that to him back is standing continuously continuously.

Xue Hemei’s odour diffuses to come afresh again, still be the crescent moon of that a suit is white suit in memory. Dimple cannot refrain from ground twittering, “Disappear for ages… “

Zhao Huai is looked at recalled Miss Qin Er is broken in hearsay, take the door from her that momently, a kind of f[……]


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“Send me specific address, and order a piece of airline ticket of flying past to me immediately, had jumped over more quickly! ” He Shaofei is saying, return coat was taken on the seat.

Look at him hurriedly the look that wants to go out, wang Huan is busy called him: “My classmate says she seems to have a boy friend, it is the boss of this company, probably she is to want to forget the past, forget you? Forget you??

She must want to remind him, oneself manager is a such spoony, but eminent young lady however may not is willing to return him again beside, need there are a lot of problems and resistance between them unexpectedly.

He Shaofei was stupefied as expected, he stopped footstep, slowly the look back on is worn Wang Huan, be, he wants to protect her, can use the most helpless means only however, sacrifice oneself happiness will conserve she, in her are oneself an incompetent person only probably in the eye?

So she should give others herself, give that person that can protect her truly.

But eminent is elegant, she is his woman, no matter how, he won’t abandon her again, harm her it may not be a bad idea, be fed up with by her, no matter use what method, he can leave her beside.

“Order a piece of airline[……]


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Bai Reyin mouth sighed: “Bring elder brother, zhuo Ya is she your daughter? Zhuo Ya is she your daughter??

“Your bullshit, we marry several years, you also go up without the bosom, how so artful, did I just leave the home are you pregnant? Be like silver, you are afraid do not know, I went to a hospital making an inspection secretly, it is my problem, the doctor is already clear tell me, my this all one’s life is impossible to have his child almost, and the daughter that you tell me to Zhuo Ya is me however, this is too funny! ” Zhuo An’s word let begin to suspect in spatial some person, because neither one man is willing to admit his,that respect has a problem, look his suspicion to Bai Reyin is reasonable.

Be like silver to listen to him to say so in vain, eye not by one acerbity, tear flowed unexpectedly, this keep on saying says to love his man, do not have even the most fundamental faith to her, her heart is flashy if died general: “So so old inside your meal in me envenom, the body that invites me is weaker and weaker, all the year round bedfast, is because you suspect me,all these only? ” from early when she knew eminent installs the envenom in the meal in oneself, he says to love his, the love that can be him changed early flavour, in what be delivered of Zhuo Ya that mom[……]


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Zhuo Ya hears this news, the heart is abrupt pang rise. Fly less! Hear his name, her heart is clinking painful, perhaps she just is appreciated to him remorse with ashamed, can you be why how doesn’t tear also stop however flowed? All these should be her fault, does she want helplessly look at fly less to drop into abyss and do not save him? She should go, what still can high does coerce fly less? She wipes tear, made a major decision, she should do last business to fly less.

These days of Mr Shen appearance is busy in busy outside, bridal shortly of the son, she wants this to kiss all previous to be in person when natural what thing of mom. Think him move can become a mother-in-law immediately, titus is fastened in the heart glad. As to fly less, understand in her heart, he does not like Yang Saiqing, that can how? Feeling is this thing OK foster slowly? Waited for him to marry, get along together every day, can you perhaps like to go up she? Fly less to could there be with that old heart for instance, he likes her so, because work together,still not be, the relation that can meet every day. Still have Zhuo Ya, except he comes home Zhuo Ya belt, don’t perhaps have today’s thing? Mix to him so creation time and opportunity just are the mainest between Yang Saiqing, the key is she likes Yang Saiqin[……]


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Cereal grand this world hears this result, the blue veins on his face died to rise, he grabs his shoulder, firm firm fell him on the floor, one foot walks on his wind: “You such person is true should not go up in this world alive. ” his foot exerts oneself to do sth. , wish one foot steps on him dead.

“Grand this world, do not want! ” Zhuo Ya is busy ran, tackle Gu Hao’s in relief small of the back, no matter grand this world is a how callous person, but she does not have the look that has seen he starts work, he today’s was to annoy really extremely came. Hear father to relate this issue, zhuo Ya also by him father fierce and cruel be frightened, she had not thought, oneself father is met unexpectedly such evil, what kind of feeling of gratitude or resentment does but is cereal home mixed after all,he have? Can make father such by hook and crook.

Of course also Gu Mingchuan wants to know this, the wife that looks at oneself with a rustle quivers in the bosom in oneself, her empty eye is telling him it seems that, she had broken down.

“Grand this world, I have a word to want to ask him! ” Gu Mingchuan looks at a son to want bloodguilty look, in his heart not by quiver, yes, the son is early had been tormented by him before 10 years mad, now because knew in those[……]


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“Ran Xi, you wait me a moment! Go so wash-and-wear? ” the footstep that approach Yi quickstep catchs up with Ran Xi.

Right now cold Min Hang is to headache very, why what do oneself do is Ran Xi apathetic do not like oneself is she really? Still do not like oneself without the woman? Without giving thought to how, I should decide admire Ran Xi.

Sent Yin Keshan, cold Min Hang looks at Ran Xi’s back, start to talk secretly ” I do Ran Xi these are for you, when can you just discover I like you “

“Ran Xi ” hear call, it is a car of dazzling a person of extraordinary powers stays pluvial day in company entrance so, drew on the eye of many belles, look at pluvial celestial bodies so actually very handsome also, business suit of a suit dark blue, choose forceful figure high, resemble the long leg Ou Ba that is Korea.

“Ling Yi you go up first! ” say to Ling Yi, go to the side of pluvial celestial bodies ” how did you come, also did not say, wait very long? ” how to also hit a phone to perhaps send a message to come to oneself, do not be afraid of run empty, do not cross oneself besides go to work to you still can go?

“Hum, be afraid that you are dull specially brings a few books, should be you met like? ” w[……]


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After Ran Xi comes home, sit on sofa to stay slow-witted thinking, what to calculate after all with the president now? But oneself do not control a president stand by, do not control oneself heart, be being known perfectly well still cannot be to think flying moth attacks fire, if he is not a president,be a common man this are much then better… did not think, want more irritated more, ran Xi walks into a room to take night clothes the closest bathroom.

The city that just is crossed by catharsis, blatant evaporate with miscellaneous into thin air, the person’s mood is quiet all the more. Do not have bird bleat, play the sound that pass without wind, without the clamour of wagon flow, street appear quiet all the more. What everythings on earth is enmeshed in early morning is relaxed in, for fear that gives out any a bit noise, broke this the portion is halcyon.

at this time ” babble, babble ” the doorbell rings, ran Xi is knitting brows, turned over a body to continue to sleep, the doorbell outside can asking does not have inactive thought, babble all the time make sound, the sit up body of her in a huff comes, wear good shoes to go out to open the door.

Who ah! This one big early is knowing on the weekend? Ran Xi opens the door to b[……]


” hit by accident bump into president heart by accident ” heart glacial evil spirit / , this chapter in all 3047 words, update at: 2018-03-21 08:29

“Small rare, where do you go to how to just come back now ” the voice that hears into the door boudoir honey is transmitted.

“Oh! I ah, not be to be afraid of disturb you bound of 2 the world, eat a meal to just come back. You how be willing to part with or use is so early come back, is today the day that your fond dream comes true? ” shoe edge is changed to speak by the side of admire Ran Xi Luo Yutong.

“Fast come over, I have important thing to say with you ” the appearance with urgent do that of pupil seeing rain, have the thing with important what really.

“What thing do that is urgent! ” beside Mu Ran hopes to sit in Luo Yutong, but always feeling is not what favour.

“It is this appearance hard gold wants me to follow him to go together France lives ” it is this appearance so, this is the thing of morning and evening originally, but always feel too abrupt to some are hated to part with, after she leaves, this apartment did not remain myself a person.

“Small rare, small rare ” Ran Xi seeing admire gave a god to stretch his hand brandish brandish, mu Ran hopes to had answered a god to come ” good ah! Have later child hard gold takes care of you, cross me a few days to also can go France can look[……]