” the green warm blood that wipes a tear ” the child that likes dandelion / , this chapter in all 2031 words, update at: 2015-06-27 09:22

One big in the morning, han Mu makes a noise with respect to the alarm clock of the set on mobile phone be been in by him woke, lie on the bed, before extending the desk that puts a mobile phone with the hand, that mobile phone looks, time is early still, plan of Han wash one’s hair is sleeping of the meeting, but saw there are a few to did not receive an incoming message on the mobile phone, of Shen Mengxi, before dawn was hit last night! Han Mu Zao went to dreamland in those days, do not know why present schoolgirl likes to stay up late, phone you in the depth of night next!

Han Mu is answered stirred the past. “Dream brook, looked for me to have what thing last night, malty last night, feel embarrassed to did not receive your telephone call… “

“Are you malty? Drink which, do not call me actually, kill me a person was bought alone in dream brook bar last night drunk, even tell the person that tell, think of you made a telephone call to you, result… “

“I go, how! How does your mayor a thousand pieces of gold go to the sort of place again! How does your mayor a thousand pieces of gold go to the sort of place again!!

“I am willing, I am waiting for you in the 7th space, come quickly! Come quickly!!

The 7th[……]


” see Xiao Lang by accident all one’s life ” Liu Ameng / , this chapter in all 938 words, update at: 2017-10-19 21:41

Shu Qing is carrying the baggage of packets of big packet, give family bought gift, gave a railway station to still do not have a few paces, see father walked over, had received the luggage in her hand, laughing to ask she is cold.

Not cold, can think you.

Car of 2 people drive comes home, mom is waiting in the doorway.

Half an year disappears, easy fine monkey gave mom urgently a hug. Mom laugh laughs looking at her

Disappear for ages, baby daughter.

Hum, do you think me?

The little brother comes out from the room, the say that pretends to get angry.

Old Mom every day talk about again and again, my ear removes chrysalis child.

Mom hit him, with respect to you the word is much, the edge is pulling Shu Qing to take the door, speed comes.

She enters her room, clear away good baggage, went cheerfully.

Alarm alarm nose, she asks, mom, what to do delicious ah. Very sweet.

Mom laugh, hungry, go quickly washing one’s hands had a meal.

The second also comes out to wash one’s hands had a meal. Mom calls a little brother.

Had on dining table long-unseen lively, father is the person of a litt[……]


” float is unripe have bud ” curtilage 99 / , this chapter in all 2239 words, update at: 2017-11-19 16:31

The Shengnulike considering surplus that lies on the bed makes countenance, because is Su Meng helping his disrobe ” how is this leather belt solved? ” the chatelaine place that Gu Fu looks at to be born by the side of Su Meng is considering at the same time how unlock. And Gu Fu is born to feel the bath fire inside his body is in faintly one step by step burn gas, the leather belt that hopes Su Meng lets off he and him lets him sleep so one evening became good. Su Meng took the chatelaine that the mobile phone gives birth to to Gu Fu to take piece of picture immediately, ascend small gain to begin to enquire all-purpose netizens. Netizen A: Press the skin buckled the printing above to be able to be opened, su Meng saw the printing position of chatelaine ministry press, as expected chatelaine is buckled. Su Meng replies immediately thank netizen, thank you, opened. Netizen A: Wish you have a happy night, ancient be able to bear or endure. The reply heart that Su Meng looks at a netizen thinks she pounds so simple chatelaine unexpectedly roused a long time. (author greatly: The bud with our simple idea Yours Excellency) the trousers that the Su Meng after putting down a mobile phone gives birth to Gu Fu drags next conveniently to be put to the side, the head place that slipper go to bed takes to Gu Fu unripe, two little hands pu[……]


” float is unripe have bud ” curtilage 99 / , this chapter in all 2152 words, update at: 2017-11-12 14:39

Los angeles International Airport. Gu Fu gives birth to lofty and forceful figure to show itself from inside the line of sight of masses. Just his expression is hasty had gone from inside the crowd, because anxious see she disregards the assistant that follows after much more helpless, after all one person takes assistant of 5 big boot is some ability not equal to one’s ambition. Gu Fu is unripe be like think of what face about is right assistant double in the past, assistant thinks the president discovers him eventually take two boot to just wanted to hand at once he, the other side sends a word however ” make public gives me car key, you take my baggage the office is OK. ” ” consider well always. ” assistant is about to cry tearless gave last hope Gu Fu is unripe. Look a little while he himself must pull 5 boot to call a taxi. Hey.

Inside L apartment, gu Fu is born to wait to go upstairs by elevator not as good as, use the run to that run directly however 2 buildings. Very good, he arrives 2 buildings elevator has not gone down. “Buckle. ” ” come. ” Su Meng opens the door those who be surprised look to the person outside the door. There was the Su Meng that has not answered a god to be kissed before Gu Fu gives birth to demur not to say go up. Of half month miss saw eventually today, he thinks she thinks her[……]


” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1823 words, update at: 2017-10-29 09:19

“Little elder brother, do you look how has not myna risen have a meal? I see he is lying to do not have activity all the time. ” I ask little elder brother.

“He says he is uncomfortable, do not want to have a meal. Do not want to have a meal..

“He how? “He how??

“Was to catch a cold likely. Also may be when a moment ago cleaning a room tired. I take the meal to him. I take the meal to him..

“Be a cold really? Have a fever not? ” I ask.

“Seem not to have a fever again. It is good that he says to lie a little while. It is good that he says to lie a little while..

“Is there the doctor that sees a doctor to us in the prison? “Is there the doctor that sees a doctor to us in the prison??

“What doctor? They still are only too anxious to we die earlier, where the doctor can see a doctor to you. ” little elder brother says furiously.

“In their eye, we are a flock of pigs, where can still treat a disease to us. ” eldest brother says.

“Even if pig, also have the vet that treats a disease to the pig. ” I still indissoluble the ground says.

“Can give us this group of pigs everyday hello eat twice feed, already pretty good. The others can wai[……]


” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1834 words, update at: 2017-10-19 14:25

“Everybody is fast drink eat the meat, did not suffer my thing of two to affect. Invisible now billing, need not be in charge of him. ” elder brother end had a bowl of rice wine, “Come, brother little sisters, for everybody’s health, cheer! Cheer!!

“Yes, brother little sisters, let an elder sister also be your happiness, cheer. ” me also say. “Was opposite, xie Di, are your son and his mom good? Are your son and his mom good??

“Their woman two very good, thank elder sister. ” Xie Di says.

“Elder brother, I want to go dark blue city plays. Not be to had done not have order for arrest there. We are mixed this they go to the little brother all the way. ” I say to the elder brother.

“Wait for period of time to go again. Wait for weather thaw a few, I two go out to go bit further, play a few days well outside. Play a few days well outside..

“Why cannot go together with them? “Why cannot go together with them??

“Fine, I two go out or get as far as possible careful, although do not have what order for arrest. If a lot of people go all the way, the target is too big. To moment with respect to me two, go out stealthily to turn circuit. Go out stealthily to turn circuit..

“Ah, still be the e[……]


” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1822 words, update at: 2017-10-03 22:43

Drink a thick soup, eat jujube paste cake, month was helping me up to arrive again bathroom. One big waves the bath Shang San of full rose leaf gives out a faint fragrance. month is kneaded for attrition of my whole body wash, arrive directly at each corner, make my bright Yue clinking. That month help me up to the bed, lie in soft flower of soft bright red brocade by in when, I already systemic thermal current emerges moved.

How doesn’t the childe still come? I close an eye, awaiting anxiously.

A peculiar fragrance. I know the system that is a man then is popular, my man came.

I feel the quilt that goes up personally is lifted. I was presented very quickly by perfect ground.

I still am closing an eye, complaisant outstretched my body, go meeting coming beauty.

Systemic touch tells me, everything is perfect in that way.

From the beautiful Yue that has had no and be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, also be the results that never has had and dedication. Because this is the man that my Chao Saiye expects, I had become his wife really, became the young daughter-in law of house home. This kind of beauty is about to be from what send in the bottom of the heart, because I never had thought,can have this one[……]


” factor predestined relationship the 3rd ” white birch Shu Miao / , this chapter in all 1764 words, update at: 2017-10-09 08:56

Time is going in imperceptible midstream, although pass very slow.

Arrive soon period of about to give birth. That extremely disingenuous boy is being vended via be in belly already. Mammy gives the thing of happy Chun Yuan administer of handsome younger sister, ahead of schedule a month takes care of me to Yu Jialai. Not be true of course take care of, do not be at ease to her grandson however. All my life daily life have month. Although again busy, still also have snow, mammy of where find sth useful.

Will have her objective naturally nevertheless, all life daily life that should have taken care of me namely. Because I am to be pregnant for the first time, cannot give a bit error. The cold heat of the flavour of the meal that eats to every greatly, bathing water, small the frequency to shit piddle and color, want one by one bother about. Everyday in the evening, mammy should insist to sleep in my room, say all sorts of notes of unripe child with me.

“Mammy, you kiss Mom to still care me than mine really. ” I lie on the bed, look at the mammy say that sits beside.

“Foolish the child, are you my close girl. Are you my close girl..

“Mammy, are you to prepare to let carry on of handsome younger sister? ” the true girl[……]


” heart heart likes ” mew turnip / , this chapter in all 2475 words, update at: 2017-10-24 22:27

Su Qian the laugh of 1000 awkwardness, direct handle machine downward to young fat person.

Gu Ziheng sees the young fat person that has a thing is laughing to ask: “This who ah? Your little brother? You did not listen to had said previously ah… “

1000 handle machine takes Su Qian to say to Gu Ziheng: “Had not said, cannot have? ! !!

Gu Ziheng accompanies at once laugh at an apology to say: “Not not, not dare, it is some doubt, early know you have a little brother, I buy a gift to him. I buy a gift to him..

Su Qian 1000 cast aside twitch one’s mouth to say: “How to want to boodle! “How to want to boodle!!

Gu Ziheng bursts out laughing say: “The move that I use! ” Gu Ziheng bursts out laughing after saying, special deep feeling admits to say really: “I consider all people beside you and they handle good relationship, “I consider all people beside you and they handle good relationship,,

Gu Ziheng still wants what to say by Su Qian 1000 to interrupted, su Qian 1000 conceal cough coughed to say: “Knew, knew. Knew..

Gu Ziheng laugh laughs deep the hand is left in sky shake right shake, su Qian of 1000 doubt ask: “Do you work that? “Do you work that??

Of Gu Ziheng grinning say: “Feel you the head of a[……]


” yuan chase after less wife law ” of foam alizarin red alizarin red / , this chapter in all 3486 words, update at: 2017-12-06 12:45

After Yuan Qian shadow hanged a phone, the mood drops in temperature with respect to quickness, lianzhan carried two cups of fruit juice, grinning ground is stuck come over, kiss her fawningly, “Wife, be enraged by smelly boy again? Be enraged by smelly boy again??

Yuan Qian shadow is about to cry without the tear, “Know his firm, did not think of so firm. Did not think of so firm..

Ground of Lian Zhan in a soft voice is comforted, “Darling is held out, darling does not cry. This thing also cannot blame him completely, smelly fellow is born in England to grow in England, what accept as a child is to exceed elite education, talk the processing way of favor everywhere with home, nature is different. This is called a cut the Gordian knot, those cancer should be cut have to cut, cannot appeasement. Cannot appeasement..

Yuan Qian shadow looked askance he is one, “Say your man does not have a heart to do not have lung so. Why do I let him go back to the motherland you know certainly. Who is willing to let him become a profitable machine really? Of scrupulous, business compares even the situation of the robot him tall, do you say he won’t be not married in the future on wife? Do you say he won’t be not married in the future on wife??