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Lot always is arrange prevent not as good as give you one stick, to you club of a pawn makes popular feeling unripe cowardly that individual that dare not stand by oneself, miss so then…

Say so, god is not to did not give you that individual however yourself was missed!

This thing tells us to encounter favorite person to go up bravely! Heard?

Lin Yuexi types helplessly replying

YUE: ?  of  of   eulogy?

L: ? Late does crime dispatch of confused  Qian suffer from 8 a surname case of close of chasm bud   of unreal of show off of Bao of apology of wisdom cease  male ” tuft Shu?

YUE: ? Xi of muddleheaded of forgive of suck of hot quail of  of Tuo of honest of Fu tending or guard a gate?

L: ?

RAN: ? Does open and upright break through  discharge comfortable?

L: ? Ship of axil  Jing. Does close of  of  fade live abroad make arrow of post Yu  smooth with a rake does gourd ladle of confused  Lu hang cough of  of bake in a pan of Ye of  of  of wisdom Qiu Jian does  cough confuse Mei male black to hold high be afraid of?

RAN: ? Xiao Q! ! ! Later? Have connection?

L: ? Dream of Sun catfish Ω tries confuse the YUE that risk 

YUE: ?  ?

2 people are silent, state you are strong, transferred topic discussion to rise next other. However forest the girl’s very serious opening the mobile phone found Xi Nian quilt in very few address book really these 3 words… silent… so I know him really ah… Xi Nian quilt.

Days is hasty, flash, forest girl and consider a girl to attend a college. After achievement of the university entrance exam comes out, look at achievement, at the same time kink should go to two people what school, because two people are certainly,be in same of a school

At that time timely rain jumped out, she is Wuli Liu Jin like that classmate

“Come the Supreme Being university ah, read in that before me. It may not be a bad idea of environmental good education “

“That go the Supreme Being ” Gu Chen also very clear-cut decision

Does Lin Yuexi want to say: ? Unplug axil blacks deep and remote shallow hawk blows Qian of border of Fu of Ju of Chinese toon of lot of heart of A Chinese-style unlined garment does the Huaihe River of arm of bursa of ツ of H of excuse me of pry of joyous border of modular  locust rancor?

Does Gu Chen also catch mad: again? Does raw meat or fish of summer of hawk of apology of Gu of the  that install ash make fun of fan of  source Hui the Huaihe River of north of extensive of ostrich of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of crisp  of dead burying  well oh firm Yi Shu of  of ┗ Liang  ?

Does Lin Yuexi pat her humeral: ? Bay willful melt duty.  thinks of?8 of arm of  of the Xi that depend on ruthenium, where is old? Where is old??

“He **0 year old good, I or beautiful virgin ” Gu Chen also get up on one’s hind legs

Lin Yuexi shoot a glance at she one eye laugh: ? ?0 of the  that install extensive year old does the following man have charm more and more? And Childe Li sound of that small artillery piece. . . Click of the tongue of click of the tongue “

Gu Chen also discharge gas: ? Short for the Yihe River of 8  dream and Meng an ancient type of spoon ” . Does thorium of Hou of  round show off exemplary melt does four play?

Did at that time Liu Jin also help forelock up to give groan: like that? Unplug bank of chart of second neck pagoda tree is affectedly sweet?6 of arm of second of the  that peck stand upright ah ah ah… the heart that I still have a Tong Zhen “

Went holding Liu Jin in arms on the Yi Pu that visit day like that: ? Ba Tan.  suckles Zhang to seek ё . ┑ of  cheek pry takes T of ﹏ of  of pure sigh of pay of  Fu collect “

Liu Jin cold-shoulders like that push her: ? Bay be stupefied does graceful four of horsefly of Ju of Chinese toon of border cowardly form make fun of  fluid to carry on the back confuse vanadium of Hua of ド of the chasm that don’t have reason to compare  of delay cane A is ё × cough confused?

Does Lin Yuexi also hold her: in the arms? The height of?70 of locust barren has oppressive sex too. 160 do not bear “

Liu Jin like that sadness a few minutes of: ? Stop Bo sunshine punish?80 above by of 150 be gotten “

Does Gu Chen also jump out again: ? Unplug?67, li Qi 185 Hahaha “

Does Liu Jin see her: with Lin Yuexi like that? Is target stupefied Jia of my Xian of Da  crotch?

Gu Chen also very flat Song: ? Unplug excuse me of potato lifter of assist of the Song Dynasty of assist potato lifter?

Then Liu Jin just continues to holding complain tearfully in the arms like that, does Lin Yuexi think: suddenly?

Liu Jin did not cry immediately like that, restore vigour: ? Basketry before. Does  hang ⑿ of  agitate the Song Dynasty to pat dispatch of emperor of stand upright  does post pancreas ニ ask earnestly?

Consider the appearance: of Chen Yiyi deputy set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve? Bay be stupefied ニ of post pancreas of  of ox of ⑿ of  of a few second carries artful egg of thirsty dispatch emperor. Qu of M of soft-shelled turtle of armpit of  beautifuling E?

Does Lin Yuexi think: ? Is  of Hua of Fei of gun of emperor of deceive of bay Lang heart long garden of  of Mu of dark old man of A Chinese-style unlined garment of second of sky standing tall and upright?

Liu Jin like that does the eye shine: ?

“Good good, we can slaughter you well ” 2 people laugh to inspecting, the same think of a way in brain. For handsome stand in silent tribute of young lady elder sister 3 seconds


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