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Yu Qiao is preparing to look for sunlight subsequently, he is a little right now sober the brain of the dot, also immediately some think over thinking, “Is this me? I… the person that is so easy impulse? “…

He is small think of when also did not stop however… ” sunlights, be in? “His illicit talks about her to enquire.

“… “

She did not reply he. Paused a little while, yu Qiao tries jokingly say: “How, won’t have not you finished the task? The dog should sleep! The dog should sleep!!

Setting continues so silent, crossed him a little while to just see she replies eventually again he: “How don’t you still sleep then! “How don’t you still sleep then!!

Yu Qiao replies immediately: “How, was bullied? Was bullied??

“Without, do not have a thing! Do not have a thing!!

“Where are you now? “Yu Qiao enquires again.

“100 beautiful cereal. “100 beautiful cereal..

Did not have Yu Qiao a little while to go, see she is sitting on the stone of brook edge right now, silent.

Yu Qiao went by, jokingly say: “Sunlight can amuse really, sad still look for so elegant place. Sad still look for so elegant place..

“I am done not have! “I am done not have!!

“Without what? “Without what??

“I am done not have sad. “I am done not have sad..

“Does that admit you are funny namely compared? “Does that admit you are funny namely compared??

“Just not be! “Sunlight still denying.

“Still saying is not, your expression has been exposed undoubted. Nevertheless, I hear of, sad girl, become very easily ugly! “Yu Qiao resembling is gally be opposite like young woman student her say.

“… ” she no longer verbal slightly low head! Yu Qiao sat down by her later, “After all how sunlight? “After all how sunlight??

“Was bullied by who say continuously, we am not afraid of, if you are returned so… I am really angry! If you are returned so… I am really angry!!

Occasion as before. Yu Qiao counted 3 seconds in the heart, prepare to rise leave.

“Tall! “…

The big eye ” of a pair of bright calls ” he. This also is her again so appellation him.

Sunlight catch say: “I do not think your incommode, calculated. It is me those who play is bad, ought not to blame others! Ought not to blame others!!

All sorts of multifarious feeling are pressing Yu Qiao, was eliminated by this her word however right now…

Right now, yu Qiao looks at the sunlight that pear flower brings rain before oneself said a word only: “Hum! “Hum!!

Occasion right now silent, not be awkward, do not want to say however, understandable perhaps say to do not have time!

Listening to silent brook flowing drip, sit together together with her, present a picture that likes associate of immortal family dependant, this kind of lasting appeal buried all languages! If say exclusive imperfect place, that may be she is in sad.

Yu Qiao does not need to ask again, also do not need to understand, the feeling already let him know she still is mixed ” ” ined good health once upon a time. And he knew this thing already simply.

Sunlight look at distance as before right now, the place that that his place does not know is looking. Scene is quiet still, it is what to observing probably, also be to be in probably the feeling like recalling move and him!

Dan Lianyu him tall forgot a thing right now, he had extremely big good opinion to her unexpectedly, and care.

Had not known how to long sunlight started to talk eventually: “Tall! You are in, I feel very safe! I feel very safe!!

“Ah! “Yu Qiao was stupefied in the heart, had stopped movement to be enmeshed in the nerve of this kind of lasting appeal, did not know suddenly to analyse, do not know what to should say right now, still be this silent continuity listens she says…

Still did not say finally, it is silent only look at her again, also can saying is to be being admired!

Sunlight catch say: “Do you know! My family is actually faulty, I do not know to now who my mom is. Encounter what thing every time, it is me a person is faced, because I know, even if speak out trashy also! Even if speak out trashy also!!

“Ah! That Where is your father? “Yu Qiao is asking instinctively.

“He is very busy, the birthday that connects me does not have time to accompany me, often still stay in a company! “Sunlight still expressionless and he is saying the area. But the sadness that he saw a concern is deep in her eyes however.

Sunlight continueing to resemble is to abreact like to Yu Qiao say: “A lot of good friends can be made when I go to school, come to those who conceal me be short of break. But now summer vacation, almost everyday besides baby-sitter, it is my person is in the home, I do not know the fault that is me, or thing of err of all one’s life on me is too much, meaning of hereat of this all one’s life punishs me! Meaning of hereat of this all one’s life punishs me!!

Although Yu Qiao waits for experience without this, think to sympathize with yes personally however: “You do not have a fault, reality is such, the destiny is such, everybody is changed! Everybody is changed!!

Abrupt sunlight change Bei to be again happy event: “Nevertheless I still have board brick for company I, I do not calculate loneliness! I do not calculate loneliness!!

“Board brick? “Yu Qiao again doubt path.

“Board brick is the dog that I raise, it is to pull cloth to tug much dog only, very good very obedient still! Nevertheless it got hurt today. Nevertheless it got hurt today..

“Ah had breathed out funny, how to rise so the name of common? How to rise so the name of common??

“Because it resembles the pillar that is me, it is in, I was not afraid of with respect to what. “Apparent she is done not have by word place misdirect of Yu Qiao, still of the sort of expression saying.

“Oh! “Yu Qiao pauses, just think of again, this is game world, he jokingly: “If your board brick did not get hurt, do you prepare to put a dog to bite him? Do you prepare to put a dog to bite him??

“Xi Xi is right! Have me protection of domestic board brick, I was not afraid of! I was not afraid of!!

“How to bite? Is your home dog not earthly breed? Is your home dog not earthly breed??

“I say can can! “I say can can!!

“Well good! You are fierce, your home dog is fiercer, lying between screen to be able to bite the person outside the a great distance. “Yu Qiao by hers innocent was convinced.

Setting again N second silent, it is she abreacts probably enough, also probably…

“Is it not bad? “Yu Qiao does not know what to should say right now, want to comfort foolish however foolish missay.

“Hum, it is rub only dot skin. It is rub only dot skin..

Yu Qiao Jixu’s wrong say: “It is held out usually piquant. “It is held out usually piquant..

“Hum, when having, I also worry about it very much. When having, I also worry about it very much..

Picture again silent, the thousands of words of her heart already was abreacted to danger it seems that.

Passed a little while again, she just starts to talk say: “Thank you, tall! Tall!!

Be in happy, yu Qiao did not reply, it is to considering an issue truly in the heart at the moment.

“Sunlight, does survive have me to protect you but good? “Yu Qiao thought in the heart very long just start to talk eventually.

“… ” she is silent.

He lets continue to saying below actuation mood: “We are not won’t use reality more in have been to the lifetime in game all one’s life. I think we are same, I have only about the same the recreational time of 3 two months enjoys game life. Accordingly I want to spend the last happy time in this game together with you! Accordingly I want to spend the last happy time in this game together with you!!

“Can then you like to go up really I? “Sunlight start to talk right now.

Yu Qiao very of efficient saying: “Won’t, because I did not think,look for a girlfriend. But OK and affirmative is, there are you to accompany in game, I will be very happy. I will be very happy..

Yes! In Yu Qiao Xin, because,be probably the experience before, let him present and did not want to look for a girlfriend so, had chosen to put total energy on the career in his heart actually, perhaps saying is a hobby go up.

He knows very well it is not easy to encounter a person that likes truly, also know to embrace love blindly, very large possibility is a kind of jest only as a result. What is more,the rather that this is game only… so he just hopes to be in this paragraph of free time, can let this life that he loves long already game greatly to enrich him, because of affection of the friendship in game, brother, love, often can beg least of all in the life!

See sunlight continue silent, the Qing Quan that muddy be steppinged on resembles however in Yu Qiao Xin is same, filter sewage, it seems that he right now special excessive begs her to be able to agree…

Say of Yu Qiao Jixu: “I know you can have doubt, the says me with you notion that I can understand very much, look in me game is game, do not have any relations with real life. No matter in game how serious, in pairs is retreated swim quarter cases that, it is the lifetime in each other game! It is the lifetime in each other game!!

Sunlight still silent, it is good to passed just start to talk a little while answer path: “Hum, what you say is very right, I also think so. “. . . . . . “I… be willing. “I… be willing..

Only 3 words, after he sees, happy like be being played as former Zi in Yu Qiao Xinzhong however, erupt, spread all over. More indicating, she! The person that is about to be him… it is of course in game.

The air all round, running water, sky… changed it seems that. There is the flavour of first love in air, brook running water appears more quickness as if in encouragement, the sky also presents the picture of colourful of glow of one cloudlet evaporate.

Also probably their itself is such, produced very big change in his heart however. The temperature that joins his body also is increasing stealthily, will blend in all round in the atmosphere that this looks brand-new because of her.

A joyous sound laughs language Qiao Duixi of the Yu after passing continue to saying: “Hey! Sunlight you will be the biggest gains in my game life! Sunlight you will be the biggest gains in my game life!!

“Hum, you also are! You also are!!


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