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Has somebody thought? If one day, because of certain reason, yourself a person was lost a suburb. There is a mobile phone on the body, without purse, do not have even individual shadow even on the road. What draw out exclusively from the pocket is a few pocket money, with the booth before. You can lay one individual ask for help only, who can you hit?

A how romantic choice is inscribed. But who can think of again. . . Reality is such cruelty unexpectedly! When your true body amid, you just can know, this kind of circumstance one! Dot! Also! Not! Billow! Free! The mildew that poured 8 all one’s life namely at all just can meet this job! All one’s life on me. . . Whats to do after all! ! !

I rise this morning, there is a cup of hot coffee in the hand, sit in window edge, look at downstair people person bearer to go to, much freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting. Today is god-given holiday, need not go to work, eventually can well rest one time!

At this moment, side side transmitted a paragraph of euphonic rhythm. I put down the coffee in the hand slowly, stretch one’s hand took put in aside mobile phone. I allow to looking at the person travel outside the window like that, look to did not see the ground receive had a telephone call: “Hello? ” of big holiday, the thing with extremely big what can you have?

“Hello, supple, are you in A city now? ” the sound that then the head transmitted the phone to be familiar with very much together. I some indissoluble, who be? One big early hit ask I am in do not be in A city. I put away phone, look to phone screen, what show on screen is. . . Manager!

I fell to jump greatly, rapidly gingerly say: “Yes, manager, what thing is there? What thing is there??

“It is good that you are in, it is good that you are in. I just receive a telephone call, that batch of order arrived, need someone goes ordering money. Can you know, put long holiday now, everybody goes out go out, the return to one’s native place of return to one’s native place, nobody is in A city. So ah, supple, the likelihood is about to bother you. The likelihood is about to bother you..

Heard here, it is in my heart break down ah. Manager, why do you feel I do not have a thing to do? My holiday is very busy also, I even. . . Good, I do not have a thing to do really, but also cannot bully the person that the thing does not have to do in a holiday so. The thing is done not have to do in my holiday already very pitiful, you even I go to work in the holiday, this bullies poor person namely at all! In my heart although how think, but I answered helplessly still: “Good manager, not troublesome. ” who calls him is a manager, am I subordinate?

Say, I hanged a phone. Look at the phone in the hand, hit that angrily to receive the hand that hears a telephone call only. Blamed hand, work have an itch to do sth, of big holiday, receive what telephone call. Good now, received alive, how can you still do?

I stood very loathly body, pulling serious step to changed a clothes, took a package, step down a building.

“Mom! Your car receives me to use. ” I take the car key that is hanged on door edge frame, cry to the kitchen.

Mom heard, go from the kitchen, ask curiously: “One big early, go? Appointment? Appointment??

I listened, laugh say: “Want appointment, also should have a boy or girl friend. Do not have an object, date with oneself? There is bit of thing over there the company, need me to go below processing, lunch I do not come back to eat. ” Mom is occupied recently do not have a thing to ask I have a boy or girl friend, looking also is to begin to be me anxious. Nevertheless, I am done not have urgent, mom also is blind worry about.

“Company? Of big holiday, go to work even? ” Mom is knitting brows say. I listened, in the heart silent also assentation. Right, exploit namely at all employee.

“Do not have method, because be a holiday, everybody is absent, be forced to was done by me. ” on my mouth although be so say, but still be 1 billion are not willing in the heart. In this momently, my life first time comes from this city for me and feel unfortunate. If I also come from some other place, also won’t be called the work today. I still needed to take the train return to one’s native place of 5 hours in derisive Sai Ting yesterday, look my Nemesis also is today. Sai Ting, I call in if I said yesterday, can this Nemesis also close?

Think more again trashy also, the miracle still won’t appear. I go to a red car that parks outside the door, pat pat its respecting: “Small red car ah small red car, bother you and me to bear hardships together today. Bother you and me to bear hardships together today..

I started a car, open the way to company storehouse. Who knows, a driveway, big car in the holiday in meeting fokelore! So long Che Long, every car is in adagio travel, do not need to step on oil at all.

My day, need so torment me? Should work overtime in the holiday insufficient still, now even do I stay a long time in this car dragon? Place bright ground not to let me have a holiday namely. Consider the fast task that finish originally, come back to enjoy my god-given holiday well, cannot think of, the miracle does not appear, hopeless situation instead is self-invited. At the moment, my life is dark, lose sight of awn of one the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics. Dicey, this. . . It is your life. . . Did not struggle again.

I lost the will of subsist immediately, relied on to be on steering wheel, the eyes is put empty. Had answered a god to come when me, just discover the car in front already stopped. Be about soon dash against went, I step on brake urgently, stop surely eventually. I secretly glad, old day has not planned to force me into the blind alley. I just just breathed heavily at a heat, listen only ‘ touch! ‘ the ground. Was over. . . My small red car ah ~ , incorrect, for accurate ground, the small red car of my Mom ah ~

I the car a little keep to the side stopped, that car from the back also stopped accordingly. I get off the state that examines a car, not bad, do not calculate too serious, it is sunken a hole. It is sunken only a hole. . . A hole. . . Small red car, it is I I am sorry you ah. . .

I saw the car of the other side, in good condition nondestructive, renown car is a car, as expected not general. One looks the about 20 male drivers that come forward went from the car, very handsome ah ~ still has bit of look familiar ~ incorrect, what am I thinking? Now is not when see things in a blur is crazy, I still must get back justice for small red car.

My vertical stroke had a body, ability just should start to talk, was interrupted by that man. “Feel embarrassed, it is I did not notice. Such, of the car repair cost to be paid completely by me. This is my calling card, there is my telephone number above, you had been repaired, give me the bill, I compensate you again. I compensate you again..

I look at him, a word said not to come out. Brother, the word says to you, what to let me say even? You so say, killed me to also feel embarrassed a bit, bad to went down besides. I had received him to give the calling card that go up, looked. Did not think of or travel together, the competitor of our company. Position, it is a bit taller than me, so a bit. . . Good. . . Again a bit taller. . . He is the copartner of shell company, and I am. . . The strong company that enter second before long young staff member.

Cannot think of, look age gently, quite fierce still. Ground of my bend admire looks at him to answer: “Good, that waits for me to had been repaired again contact you. . . Mr Zhou Mr Nuo? ” the name that I look at calling card to go up, do I say rightly?

He listened to laugh, say: “Yes, I still have bit of thing now, need foregone, we are then some later again contact. We are then some later again contact..

I look to him, he is wearing business suit, looking also is with me, work overtime even in the holiday, in the heart secretly gratified. So I am not exclusive one needs the person that works overtime in the holiday. I hastily brandish waves answer: “Irrespective, I am occupied still also, also must set out. Also must set out..

He nods, move toward his car, ask suddenly later: “Had not asked, what do you call the name excuse me? What do you call the name excuse me??

I was stupefied, answer: “Tang Yi is depended on. “Tang Yi is depended on..

“Is Tang Yi depended on? Remembered. ” he says, look at me to show meaningful laugh, get on a car next. I feel the heartbeat seemed to leak to be patted suddenly, he what meaning do this laugh at? . . . Did I just wear bedgown not carefully to go out? I was checked one time rapidly, do not have. I look, he had gone. Did not think, did not think, be in charge of him what to think. Anyway later should besides the issue that handles small red car, there also won’t be drag in again between us. Handsome young man, good-bye.

I follow bag of entrance of a place of strategic importance of handgrip calling card, got on a car, continue to leave for the direction of storehouse. Opened the car Cheng of 2 hours about, reach destination eventually! Why should the company be in so does an out-of-the-way place open a warehouse? Still can for what, hire is cheap. Who should be planted in this otherwise dog not shit, the bird does not give birth to the place of the egg to open warehouse. I come over all the way, the car Cheng of a hour, seeing even individual movie. Really enough still out-of-the-way.

I issued a car to move toward storehouse, there is a middleaged *** to be there before storehouse door, seem to waiting for a person. I look carefully, the administrative uncle that is storehouse! Like managing uncle and me, it is bitter life person I accelerate ~ rapidly the footstep goes to greet sb toward his direction: “Lin Shu! “Lin Shu!!

Lin Shuting saw, turn in light of the head to me. “Oh, be supple. Worked hard, work overtime even in the holiday. Work overtime even in the holiday..

Although know not should, but know somebody and me to work overtime in the holiday together, very glad still. I reply politely at once: “Not painstaking, not painstaking. Lin Shucai is painstaking. Lin Shucai is painstaking..

He listened to laughing to say: “How be met? Since you came, then I also have thing foregone. I had helped the door of storehouse you left, it is good to when wanting, be shut, this him meeting turns over a lock, need not worry. Need not worry..

What! ? Work overtime of come to an agreement or understanding together? How with respect to me a person, also should cast with respect to Lian Linshu issue me and go. Remain my person to be in really is this desolate place outside of town field? The feeling is whole heart sank marine. Nevertheless, I still am laughing at say of Xiang Linshu beck: “Knew, lin Shu holiday is happy. ” company young employee is done hard ah ~

“You also are. ” Lin Shu says, the head also did not answer the ground to leave so. Is the holiday happy? My holiday unpleasantness! Where door is this child holiday ah? Everybody played, I not only must not have a holiday, still be lost by a person field of desolate place outside of town works overtime. Good, did not complain again, complain again, reader also this are irritated. . .

I am pulling serious step to go to in go, one introduction, entering those who enter eye is to pile another caboodle to resemble the case with euqally high hill, goods is completely inside. I read label, it is this! Did not think of to be found so easily. I look up, this goods. . . too much also? My person orders money, when be to should be nodded? This company also too bully a person? So much goods, let my person come. Today’s overtime had better be 3 times, otherwise I should go really labor bureau complains this company.

Had not known how long, order money clear eventually, my feeling whole body hemp. I extended a lazy waist, looked at watch, at 3 o’clock! Cover tightly unbearably in storehouse, I walk out of storehouse, want to breathe fresh air, just come back to clear away equipment to come home. Actually storehouse also has profit in so devious place, air is particularly fresh.

I stood in the happy Xiaoqing outside the door to be celebrated one time, finished eventually! Sensory whole individual becomes light a lot of. Gust wind is blown, listen to back only ‘ touch ‘ the ground. I was frightened jump, the face about on the horse goes looking how. Oh ~ is a moment ago that flatus guards a gate to blow so closed, killed me to frighten jump. The door shut. . . The door shuts. . . The door! Close! ! ?


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