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After flash came two years, what Jun Nuo did not resemble Zhong Xiaoqian saying is same, go back head office take-overs Zhong Jia’s business. Endless and such, our company is in of Jun Nuo guide below, became independent to come out from head office, be a branch no longer. We now also is a open and aboveboard average his company!

And I, also rose be worthwhile to go up of course assistant manager, really old day does not lose pains person. Logion says well, flood dragon dragon gets making love, be not the content in the pool eventually. I know, I stay impossibly over to become forever a small staff. Look, want to have good environment only, I can make a meteoric rise. (guilty and guilty)

Said so much, how did I see everybody think those who know is I and Jun Nuo most? A word, old pattern, do not have what spy to fasten.

Go to work every morning, the Jun Nuo after coming off work carries me to go back. When be free, can go out to arrange appointment now and then, busy moment arrives in Home Jun Nuo, he does his work, I do my thing. Pass quite happily comfortable.

Although bland, is nevertheless reality gets along such? Need not dynamic, need not wind storm rain, want two people only well together, now and then fight bicker, is this best ‘ the life that lives happy joy from now on ‘ ideal outcome?

After this day of knock off, jun Nuo if drive as one used to do,send me to come home.

“Supple, your birthday should arrive, what what wants is there? What what wants is there??

I think, say: “It doesn’t matter wants. Namely. . . The hutch that misses you art. The hutch that misses you art..

“Good, what to want to eat? ” Jun Nuo agreed readily.

“Whats go, make you free develop. ” me it is informal that ground of special mild and indirect said 2 words. This, it is my Cong Junnuo there the skill that learns to come back to talk. Admire?

The birthday that time passed me quickly that day. Just, that is weekend, need not go to work. Midday when, jun Nuo accompanied me to eat a meal with pa Mom together, celebrate my birthday. After eating a meal, jun Nuo said to want to go back first plan my birthday in the evening big eat, make me some later just go to his home looking for him until the meal is nodded.

For all that, daylong the home that my faineant early builds a car to come to Jun Nuo with respect to oneself, when guard is in, the course made acoustical call with guard. Perhaps be I came too much second, guard saw I also did not bar I. I come smoothly to doorway of Home Jun Nuo all the way, pressed electric bell.

. . .

Well? How don’t have reaction? Surprised to blame, should won’t be to go out? Be to agree?

I reserve from what Home Jun Nuo drew out in the bag the key, opened the door. I walked into a door to see circuit, the lamp in the home is leaving, can you be a person? Run after all where? Should won’t break an appointment?

I take a kitchen, see a few feed material to be put on the desk, resembling is he is cooking, accomplished a half to go.

I sit on dining table, holding a cheek in the palm with the hand. I give the mobile phone took, want to send a short message to ask where he goes to. Cannot think of, short dispatch just was given out, hear the door was given to open.

“Welcome to come back ~ ” I sit over, greet sb towards the Jun Nuo that just walked into the door to look at a mobile phone.

After Jun Nuo sees me, frighten so that be stupefied: “How do you come so early? ” that flurried expression is really lovely.

My one face great laughs say: “See you make the appearance of dish presumably. Don’t you know? The appearance that you make food for me seriously is the most attractive. Does the thing accomplish a half to run where? Does the thing accomplish a half to run where??

Jun Nuo one face is awkward, closed the door, answer: “Make sauce. “Make sauce..

“Clam? ” I do not have reaction to come over temporarily.

Jun Nuo raises the soy on the hand to say: “Soy was done not have. “Soy was done not have..

I listened to laugh to come out, jun Nuo is double come over, cleared away: “Do not be here hinderous, go the sitting room sits. Go the sitting room sits..

“Is my where hinderous? ” in my mouth although so saying, do not pass or spread out the hand walked the sitting room goes, sit on sofa. Today how? Not be to prepare food for the first time, what to do mysterious ah?

Can sit without how long, I still cannot help running toward the kitchen, from back one held Jun Nuo in arms: “Where is the what that boil? “Where is the what that boil??

Jun Nuo is frightened apparently to get one shock by me, say: “Do not be troubled by. Dangerous. Dangerous..

I loosened hand, still do not abandon: “What to boil after all? “What to boil after all??

Jun Nuo stretchs his hand clutch my cheek, say: “Be to make me free develop? You can know after a while. Good, go first the sitting room sits. Go first the sitting room sits..

I am pouty, special take a sitting room willingly. I faineant am forced here breaks up, break up over there, was asleep on sofa unexpectedly finally. . .

“Supple, got up. ” I open an eye, see Jun Nuo is sitting by me, tender ground is calling me.

I climbed from sofa, eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes: “Good? “Good??

He stretchs his hand to dial my bang gently, nod: “Hum. “Hum..

I am hitting yawn at the same time, be pulled by him at the same time by dining table. I look toward the desk: “Wow, so much. . . Eat so that be over? Eat so that be over??

He is laughing to look at me to say: “I believe your ability. “I believe your ability..

My dissatisfaction refutes: “I just do not want this kind of credit. ” still sat down nevertheless, take bowl chopsticks: “That my actuate cough up. “That my actuate cough up..

After we eat a meal, sit to sitting room prattle together. Jun Nuo took out an elegant caddy suddenly to push me before.

“What is this? ” I look a little bemusedly to him, stretch his hand slowly took that case. How is this box looked at resembling is. . .

He just is laughing to look at me to say: “Birthday present. Wish us the home is supple 26 years old birthday is happy. Wish us the home is supple 26 years old birthday is happy..

I open a box to look, do not give my place material as expected. There is a very beautiful silver-colored ring in the box. I look at ring laugh, saw Jun Nuo, give ring next took.

I wear ring on ring finger by oneself, raise a hand to reveal, ask: “This what meaning? “This what meaning??

He comes round on bend body slightly, there is him on the face that 100 look not the ghosts smile of be bored with: “Do you say? “Do you say??

“Do I say? I say I do not know. ” I look at him outfit is foolish, the smile on face of unpleasant however attack by surprise.

He listens, attacked to me immediately, was in my pressing on sofa.

I see state, surrender rapidly: “Spare sb’s life, adult. Know a fault smally. Know a fault smally..

After he listened, can not rise, lean nearlier however instead: “I discover you are more and more licentious nearly most, be moment should be punished well. Be moment should be punished well..

I am stupefied be stupefied the ground looks at him that piece is returned to be very handsome face however by enlarge, ask: “How to punish? “How to punish??

He looks at me, laugh more ghostsed and goblins. Had not waited for my reaction to come over, hold the small cheek that removed me in both hands, kissed come down. I am pressed below by him, cannot move, have no way revolts, can hold the post of him to order about only.

. . .

. . .


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