The 2广州夜生活论坛QDS2nd chapter you, thousand priceless

” then whose a thousand pieces of gold is not changed ” 4 blessing advance eatas surname / , this chapter in all 1213 words, update at: 2018-01-31 09:28

Liu Xuefei is stupefied, look after one’s death toward him next, did not see admire Nan summit, guan Tong goes say before Liu Xuefei:

“Did not look, my person comes. My person comes..

Next he says to Wu Shun:

“I will tell you why, admire is opposite less you despise actually, although poor the one’s own daughter that is not you, but anyhow depended on each other ten years, you sold her for money, and the person that sold you to be familiar with none, you had thought, in case is what she encounters a hellion how to do? In case she gave you this wolf nest, how to enter tiger’s mouth-jaws of death to do again? How to enter tiger’s mouth-jaws of death to do again??

There was trifling a look of shame eventually on Wu Shun face, but very fast, he raises a head to say:

“Not, I am not complete do not know admire Nan peak, you look, the full wall here is him, phenanthrene like him I know, so, so I just… “

Guan Tong did not answer Wu Shun’s word, look to say to Liu Xuefei however:

“Admire is hiding the truth from you less, it is the father that is afraid that you know you actually unexpectedly so sold you easily, the meeting is very sad, you say all the time, go up in this world most lack close passion, he does not want to let you know, the close affection that you think, arrive flimsily actually can betray for money, phenanthrene, admire loves less to yours, undeserved really do you forgive him? undeserved really do you forgive him??

Liu Xuefei cried, tear is billowy and piece, the Qin Yi Nuo that did not talk all the time aside stretchs his hand her tear says wipe:

“Phenanthrene, everything cannot see the face only, admire is little be can the person of entrust lifetime, all businesses that he does, it is to protect you, this you should be clear! This you should be clear!!

Liu Xuefei looks at the Qin Dynasty to recall Nuo, nod, determination was decided below, also see oneself heart clear, she has felt to think him actually, she sees Xiang Guantong say:

“Guan Tong, take me to look for admire little. Take me to look for admire little..

Guan Tong nods, liu Xuefei and he goes outside together, take room entrance, she halts a footstep again, without face about, sound track wears sound to say sincerely:

“Pa, thank you, sold Mu Nan the peak me. Sold Mu Nan the peak me..

Say, she went, wu Shun poured out of tear eventually, he knows to begin from now, they did not matter really.

“Stay, your home is here most. Your home is here most..

The Qin Dynasty recalls Nuo to say to also go outwards, after Wu Shun logy looks at them to leave, the solilo-quize says:

“Actually, here is early the home that is not me any more. Here is early the home that is not me any more..

Liu Xuefei arrives when renting a house, admire Nan peak still is before that piece of photograph standing, he ases if petrifaction same, motionless station is over there, liu Xuefei goes in he never also is aware of, recall treasure close the door with Guan Tong, leave them the space.

Liu Xuefei goes behind admire Nan peak, stretched his hand to live from backside annulus his waist, admire Nan peak stops up all over, face about comes, saw his little girl as expected, tear is flashy develop an orbit, he holds firmly she, say crackedly:

“Phenanthrene, phenanthrene, my humble. My humble..

Liu Xuefei is listening the name that he is making himself, tear also does not control flowed,

“Nan Nan, I am sorry, make you sad, those who excuse me is not sensible, excuse me. Excuse me..

“Phenanthrene, you do not have a fault, it is me too self-righteous, it is I concealed you, you should be angry, you should hit me to scold me, but, take leave of opens me. Take leave of opens me..

The tone of admire Nan peak close to at beg, in his mood sad with cautious, hate of humble of snow allowing a surname appeared him, why to believe him, why to want to make a person that loves oneself so so sad.

“Nan Nan, I understand eventually, no matter you buy me, I love you, love to love you very much very much. Love to love you very much very much..

“Phenanthrene, not, in my heart you are impayable, thousand priceless. Thousand priceless..

Hearing the speech of tenderness of admire Nan peak, did not think more, liu Xuefei looks up the lip that kissed admire Nan peak, she wants what everything she wants to say be in harmony is kissed into this in, she thinks through this the kiss tells him, she has how love him.

Feel Liu Xuefei’s deep feeling, admire Nan peak just was stupefied moment is changed for active, kissing her, everything all, need not say again, who did owe also already no longer important, they each other love each other, they cannot part, although this affection is not returned all one’s life, irrespective, they still have generation after generation.


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