找个陪游女电话The 14th chapter decides to want to tell

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After wind of boreal celestial bodies goes, zhou Yiqing is depressed, this thing is some unexpected really, should say with Xia Liang after all? Thinking, xia Liang hum move ditty came back.

“Oh, come back! Come. . . Wait for you, I am starved to death! ” Zhou Yiqing is pulling Xia Liang to sat on sofa in the past rapidly. Xia Liang looks at a table to go up to come out more suddenly a bag of big thing, “You are foolish, wait for my doing ah, hungry still do not eat rapidly. Oh, do you go out to spend money in disorder again? Oh. . . RIO is cocktail! Go really! Local tyrant! ” ” go. . . Fasten a run on a bank I, my where be willing to part with or use spends this member money! Hey hey. . . I say with you, the boss that is you delivers, hahahaha. . . See true person eventually, I see him is not person bewitching! It is simply small suffer! ” the destination that Zhou Yiqing decides not to tell her boreal time to wind comes, exert all one’s strength avulsion topic, she this ask for a favor, show fall too easily.

“All right! Later I am met you this word brings him. ” Xia Liang was laughing to open two bottles of cocktail, take a bottle to give Zhou Yiqing. Zhou Yiqing is white she is one, had received cocktail, “Still can happy amuse oneself! ” ” Hahahaha. . . ” two women laugh, “Cheer! The purse that celebrates me searchs eventually! ” ” cheer! ! ” ” actuate! Starved to death me! ” two people eat to chat at the same time at the same time.

“Empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, who collects your purse? Was opposite, how don’t you ask a family to have a meal? ” Zhou Yiqing very not of the fair maiden eat to say ambiguously at the same time at the same time. “Ah, really artful do you know? It is midday that individual that my within an inch of was hit to save me next by the car, and ah! ! He is your boss Lin Tianze! He still gave me calling card! Still just send me to come back, nevertheless I let him jockey in crossing, myself goes. ” Xia Liang wants to feel to have a reason very much. “Be! It is so good that the boss has? He is in a company but cool, the gravity of one face. The requirement is particularly strict still! ” ” of course, the boss is to employee such, wind of boreal celestial bodies also is, oh, our boss calls boreal celestial bodies wind. Work nevertheless, he or pretty are good. ” one face says Xia Liang admiringly, when fastening Chen Fengping seeing north particularly rambling, the job but serious, this bit of Xia Liang or very those who admire him.

Mention wind of boreal celestial bodies, zhou Yiqing kink, how to circle again came back. “Ah. . . Be? Did not see really. . . ” Zhou Yiqing continues to immerse oneself in suffering to eat, otherwise should say. . . Otherwise should say. . . “Hahahahahaha. . . Dance forest congress this program too do laughed, hahahaha. . . ” Xia Liang within an inch of with respect to laugh so hard as to spew one’s food. “Case. . Ha. . You see that person perform, this also too do laughed. . . ” Zhou Yiqing’s perfunctory laugh, request, where she laughs come out! “Case? How. You are very strange, what see this program is you laugh at ordinary times is louder than me. ” of Zhou Yiqing bang put down a chopstick, side crosses a body to look at Xia Liang, expression is a little earnest, xia Liang is faint feel to have the thing with bad what. .

“Empress or imperial concubine of the first rank. . . I, have a thing I do not know otherwise wants to say with you, i. . . But I couldn’t help. ” Zhou Yiqing wants to smoke his very much two hand, she regretted. “Good, general so after saying, be still to should speak out? Say! A what trouble do you cause again? ” Xia Liang looks at her comically. “Not be my thing, be about you, nevertheless you should promise me, not sad, not sad, went anyway! Must promise me! ” Xia Liang laugh, “Good! I as far as possible! ” Zhou Yiqing organizes a language hard, the about Ji Zixun thing that wind of boreal celestial bodies says to her, duplicated to listen to Xia Liang almost. After Xia Liang listens, did not talk, lower his head to pushing lightly the meal in the bowl, looking to go out is what mood.

“Ouch empress or imperial concubine of the first rank! You promise me not sad and sad, I regretted. . . Early know not to tell you, because I know an uncle two years this the body is bad, I am afraid of you one impulse goes looking for him to ask in those days circumstance, he one excited bad! ” the hand that Zhou Yiqing has played Xia Liang, one feels distressed, the father that she loves most, broke with one’s own hands the man that she loves, she is sad do not know how this are sad. . .

“Ah. . . See what frighten you, I do not have a thing, I just am thinking, probably destiny embarrass, I think he also does not know I gave traffic accident, this cannot complain my father, he is businessmen, perhaps he had heard what rumor at that time, he is afraid that I follow Ji Zixun to be able to bear hardships! ” Xia Liang some choke with sobs. “Be goofy! You ah, always replace others consider! ” Zhou Yiqing holds her angular shoulder in arms. “Did not go fortunately, otherwise my pa this body, I am sure concern died! Good nevered mention it, went, have a meal rapidly sleep, go to work even tomorrow morning! ” whats does Zhou Yiqing say no longer, took goblet and her to work.

Of course, the more than Zhou Yiqing of kink a person, still have right now the wind of man north celestial bodies that bubble looks at the ceiling to syare blankly in bath crock.

“Alas ~ ~ ” wind of boreal celestial bodies takes hot towel to build a face to go up. Passed a little while. . . “Alas ~ ~ ” passed a little while again. . . “Alas ~ ~ ” spent half many hour about, “Alas ~ of ~ of ~ Ha Qiu is not, water is cool. ” wind of boreal celestial bodies is wrapping around rapidly bath gown comes out. Wind of boreal celestial bodies took a cup of wine, to the front of French window eye of narrow one’s eyes looks at this city night scene, close lightly a wine, wind of boreal celestial bodies says to oneself, “Season is little ah season is little, you whats do this call the thing, let me say your what is good! Otherwise should tell you. . . ” wind of boreal celestial bodies drank a wine again. “Come to an agreement or understanding, not be I do not tell you, wait for me to organize good language say with you again. ” boreal time is great little, are you returned again can a bit more blackguardly? ?

“Bell bell. . . ” alarm clock rang again, xia Liang is struggling to get up, push the Zhou Yiqing beside, that woman crossed a body, continue to sleep, xia Liang is helpless. Oneself go brushing one’s teeth, look at a mirror in oneself, bit thinner really recently, be no good, mom of such pa coming home will be afraid. Before going out, xia Liang or pulled Zhou Yiqing to rise from the bed.

The life was not to who do not have to cross no less than going to, to Xia Liang, this thing does not have too big impact to her, calculate misapprehensive unlock, but, they after all blank 5 years, that cage in two popular feeling, how to cross again in the past?

Went to a company, job of a day when Xia Liang begins, general manager office went among, the eye gods and spirits that Xia Liang always feels wind of boreal celestial bodies looks at her is strange, alas. . . Xia Liang shakes shake one’s head, calculated, the likelihood was misreaded. Was about to come off work, xia Liang decides to make a telephone call to Lin Tianze. Of come to an agreement or understanding ask him to have a meal as benedictory. Next batch of Xia Liang’s a little nervous number.

“Came off work? ” the Lin Tianze after putting through the first word so asked, xia Liang feels some at odds. . “Hum is right. . Forest always, of come to an agreement or understanding ask you to have a meal, do not know to be had midday empty? ” ” available, do you want to which eat? ” station aside assistant pop eye, still just be in report a business with the boss, on this desk one big file needs look over, boss! ! You how can goggle say lie! ! “Carry in grand cafeteria! Do you look go? ” this has been restaurant of 5 stars class, how to say Lin Tianze also is general manager of company of formidable Xin Ze, alas, spend money! “Good. ” after hanging a phone.

“Boss, you see this. . . ” Du Jie’s cautious mouth, “Du Jie, I am occupied midday, these things look again afternoon. ” ” can be a boss, you agreed to want to eat lunch together today midday with Miss Zhang. ” ” push. ” ” ah? The disposition of Miss Zhang. . . Be afraid it is next time before Zhang Dong you. . . ” Du Jie reminds carefully. Lin Tianze saw him, du Jie can’ted help hitting cold quiver. “It is a boss! I knew! ” look at a boss silently to go out next. . .


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