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” the love of midsummer cool wind you are so old ” eventide fine / , this chapter in all 2084 words, update at: 2016-07-19 23:00

Ji Zixun’s tepid old hand cuddle is worn Xia Liang is thin thin waist, be full of interest look at her. “Guess your younger sister ah Ji Zixun! Have you so fearsome! You say, you are the Suo Qiao of my home! ” the smiling face that Xia Liang looks at his remain calm, gas does not make one part, frighten her really good! !

Ji Zixun does not answer her question, raise eyebrow, “Do you just say who is big strong? Hum? Hum??

“Who answers me who is! ” Xia Liang also learns his that trick.

“Oh? ” Ji Zixun lowers his head to be by the side of her ear, expiratory be like orchid, “It is a bit big, do long you were used to. Do long you were used to..

“Ji Zixun! You, you this smelly rogue! ! Can not mean! ” Xia Liang be ashamed gets a face red.

Although pink is returned,looking at Xia Liang is a little pale little face, cuddle wears Ji Zixun she enters room, those who take off oneself the coat wraps around to go up in her body, look this girl is frightened by oneself really. “Wind is so big how to wear more a bit. ” wear? She now can be a suit cold sweat good!

“Come less! Say quickly, how you come in! Row ah season always, skill be good at! ” Xia Liang pushs cuddle to wear oneself Ji Zixun, ji Zixun has some of flattery hug closely she. “Good did not get angry, I am sorry, frighten you, who calls you to follow word of other man electrify? Do not do guilty thing to not be afraid that ghost knocks. ” cuddle is worn Xia Liang sits on sofa.

“Bah bah! Ghost what ghost, I ask how you come in! ” ” the key that the uncle gives me, he is afraid that your person is in the home insecure. Do not believe you to call ask? ” this word is true, before just coming, go seeing Xia Xinghui, tell him the thing of cafeteria, he gives him the key, still say he is old, the body cannot wait a few years, think breakfast holds grandchildren in the arms. Do not have evil as expected not business! ! Xia Liang knows to be enraged dead absolutely!

Insecure? He just is safe least of all! Respecting went up this, need not calling to also know is true. “You give me pa brainwashing! How is he met does for no reason at all give you the key? ” the goggle at of Xia Liang doubt him, push him to stand up, one Mi Yuan, safe distance.

“He says… ” Ji Zixun halt, tick off to Xia Liang tick off a hand, xia Liang shakes shake one’s head, “The word says to fart is put, call me to worked in the past! Call me to worked in the past!!

“Good, you did not come over to calculate, I also am disinclined to say. ” Ji Zixun touchs the pillow unexpectedly lie on sofa, after he bathes tonight, wore V of a gray to get sweater, adscititious coat of a woolen cloth, the coat is worn in Xia Liang knee reachs on the body. Present Ji Zixun wore sweater only, outline his perfect shape, ji Zixun so time go down, both hands mat is in afterbrain, an as it happens shows belly, the navel eye that Xia Liang saw him still has black small the sexy fine hair on the human body that coil, xia Liang is a little bemused, former man is OK also so sexy! !

Listen to Zhou Yiqing then corrupt daughter says, wool much and black the man that coils again that respect is the fiercest, have desire strong! Xia Liang cannot help pharynx a saliva. Half narrow one’s eyes wears Ji Zixun fox soon she, corners of the mouth is hanging ambiguous and unidentified laugh all the time. “Ji Zixun, you, you this is act shamelessly! ” Xia Liang sees he is laughing at himself, the gas end some says insufficiently.

“Your missay. ” Ji Zixun stands up, resembling is a hunger long wolf saw food is general suddenly, corners of the mouth is being hanged laugh, the eye is staring at Xia Liang closely, one pace stands by her, “It is Se You! ” Xia Liang pharynx a saliva, back down step by step, was over, ji Zixun’s eyes is very terrible, there are two words only in brain, run! The forehead… a word.

“That I slept very tiredly first you are optional! ” Xia Liang says quickly next start running runs toward the bedroom, coat just is wrapping around originally, this meeting is dropped be on the ground, still need 5 paces, 4 paces, 3 steps… bang! Be caught, outside the door of bedroom be been in by mural Dong of firm firm.

“Run what? ” a hand raises Ji Zixun her chin, forcing she and oneself are opposite inspect, below half body moves bit by bit, sticking Xia Liang closely finally. Summerly cool both hands is maintained in his hard chest, “You you you want to work! “You you you want to work!!

“Are you guessed? ” Ji Shuai is laughing, lower his head next, xia Liang rolls a head rapidly, be wanted to be being pulled to affirmation in person by him nose went! Ji Zixun also does not force her, in her side side blows air gently, say: faintly? Bay Chou broil carries Sha of Jin of  of   radon! ? next the earlobe with bite into cool summer, tongue above lick will be licked, fall next move, kissing a neck, xia Liang feels an electric current swims to the whole body. “You deceive people, unlock my Ji Zixun. Unlock my Ji Zixun..

“Unlock? It is already hungry too long, I am not controlled. ” her lip on the kiss that says Ji Zixun is heavy, xia Liang just wanted to talk, ji Zixun’s tongue is agile extend went in, xia Liang extends glossal the top of head to go back, however by Ji Zixun him engulf in the mouth, eye of Xia Liang pop, the hand that is put before his bosom is pushed one blast dozen, ji Zixun captures her both hands to be put in body side, there is Xia Liang closely below, xia Liang finds his change apparently, struggle badlier, do not know however, it is draw fire against oneself actually so.

Ji Zixun unlocks Xia Liang’s hand, twist room door, push her, press her on the door again next, cuddle in the hand on Xia Liang waist disingenuous slips downward, fall in Xia Liang’s ham, next gradually to in, xia Liang hurries to close the leg closely, clip Ji Zixun’s hand.

“Ji Zixun! You are put, unlock me! ” the mouth that Ji Zixun unlocks her, kiss lock bone, gnaw, gently bite, summerly cool within an inch of cannot help Shen Yin comes out, he knows her sensitive place too. Xia Liang is forced to biting a lip to dare not talk. Another hands extend Ji Zixun into bedgown, from the waist gradually up, xia Liang stretchs his hand rapidly check he, this one abstracted, the effort on the leg is some less, ji Zixun old hand is direct to in, xia Liang cannot help hum.

“Cool cool… ” Ji Zixun blows air in her side side, tease Xia Liang is very afflictively, xia Liang looks at him confusedly, that pair of eyes are full is Yu fire. Button one one by unlock, ji Zixun also takes off his dress quickly, the body of boiling hot is stuck in Xia Liang to go up personally, of firm of old hand firm handhold the softness before her bosom, a word that Xia Liang groans also does not say, biting a lip to be not unlocked, she knows her one release what is held, cannot help wanting to cry.

Do not know when, two people are complete stark-naked, full is in the room another heat wave, of firm of Ji Zixun firm touch Xia Liang on the door, “Cool cool… standing or lying? ” Ji Zixun chuckle, “I… ” Xia Liang closes an eye, she is very afflictive, good longing. Ji Zixun looks at her deeply, “That is standing 3 times, it is good to lying 3 times. . ” this word says, eye of Xia Liang pop, just thought the mouth was kissed by Ji Zixun, all words are swallowed by him in abdomen.

Ji Zixun is kissing her, both hands is put on her waist, one forward, the bronco of a bolt is later, persistently gallop. Xia Liang closes an eye, the ache of arise suddenly lets her cannot help hum phonate sound, her clavicle on Ji Zixun kiss, xia Liang is catching him, do not have fingernail fortunately, otherwise Ji Zixun’s shoulder goes a skin.


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