The model with the 89th cross sect中山市品茶上课群ion is very handsome

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In the evening at 9 o’clock, the inpatient department inside city hospital.

“Did you wake? How? Very ache? ” Xu Lei is maintaining malty body to go straight towards a hospital madly all the way, fortunately knives is not long, insert not greatly, and send a hospital in time, life of it doesn’t matter is dangerous.

“Hospital? ” big eye of goosefoot heart pistil turns everywhere, want to sit up next, abdomen aches one blast.

“Do not move do not move! Do not rise! Affect cut bad. ” Xu Lei increases the bed rapidly.

“Group leader! You drank so much wine obviously, how to send me to come to a hospital even! It is not good to look for a clinic casually, how does disaster of dispatch a vehicle do! ” Xu Lei is scolded to be stupefied by her, what he did not think of is, she worries about this moment, still be him, got hurt with respect to Lian Ganggang still fearing he has a thing unexpectedly! Just the doctor says, because she is a little anaemic, worked so long dinner has not eaten, just be scared again, just faint so. Xu Lei at the moment self-condemned, he himself is sad still harmed others unexpectedly! !

Li Xinrui sees he is silent all the time look at oneself, a word also does not say, suddenly some feel embarrassed, pale little face had a few blush eventually. “Right, I am sorry ah group leader, I ought not to so scold you, hahahaha. . . I do not have a thing now, you come home rest! ” Li Xinrui restores at ordinary times careless, laughed a few times to cover abdomen.

“Fool! Your cut still has been done not have! ” Xu Lei got angry suddenly, eye of Li Xinrui pop, how? How to get angry suddenly. She never can have seen Xu Lei is angry, can this tender man get angry unexpectedly? The word that didn’t she say what is beyond the mark? Li Xinrui’s brain is running in high speed.

“Just who lets you block that for me! Don’t you know I am a man! How can the man’s constitution compare a schoolgirl strong! If you go out,finish sth how to do! Fool! ” Xu Lei at a heat of Balabala scold come out, be stupefied what Li Xinrui scolds. Brows closely pursy.

See such group leader hey for the first time! ! Very handsome how to do! Li Xinrui laughed, “Group leader! Your angry model is very handsome! How to do, like you more and more! ! ” speak out subliminally, instant of goosefoot heart pistil is low first, blush do not become model. Ah ah. . How to speak out not carefully! ! The heartbeat is very fast ah how to do! ! Very nervous! !

Xu Lei also did not think of Li Xinrui unexpectedly so confess, also do not know why, do oneself have unexpectedly some… glad? ?

“I am sorry group leader! I… that, I am… “

“Fool! ” Xu Lei stands up, face about, because of him present, blushed. . . “I go out to buy dinner, you rest well. ” say to go, look resembling is be defeated and flee.

Li Xinrui still is in bashful in the center, listen to him so say, those who feel some happiness is not quite true, only what abdomen transmits is prickle really, remind her, this is true! That boy that liked for ages, she all the time far wait-and-see, all along not excessive begs him to see her too much, and now, favorite person is beside, and it is to caring oneself, worry about oneself, this kind of feeling, how should describe? Giggle of goosefoot heart pistil for ages.

— — the peak of the sea of clouds — —

Eat dinner happily…

“Zhou Yiqing, did not see really you can eat so, went in dish a place of strategic importance with respect to difference. ” ” envious? Have ability you also eat so much to still can carry a figure like me! ” ” doesn’t the bosom have cerebral figure greatly? ” the boreal day young son’s faint bosom that looks at Zhou Yiqing, next by clutch.

Cough cough… good, have some of little unpleasantness, what doesn’t But affect however. The sip that wind of boreal celestial bodies is taking grace of tall foot goblet readily, the expression that looks at Zhou Yiqing lingering tender, the disclose of summerly cool elbow that sits opposite disclose Ji Zixun, he sees hint, cannot think of Ji Shuai grows the hugging with faint hand greatly Xia Liang’s waist, in her side side blows air, “Irrespective, I can let you have hard in that way — — bosom! ” Ji Shaoyan grows that word, what Xia Liang still thinks he says is a figure, unexpectedly…

“Want the person of 30, how don’t still have honest! Smelly rogue! ” Xia Liang flies knives of a few eyes goes, ji Shuai takes the chance to go up in person she, it is shallow kiss was unlocked only.

“Day ah you are two! Otherwise wants so beautiful conjugal love! Apprehension our travel is no good! Right! ” say to be opposite when, zhou Yiqing turns a wind of celestial bodies seeing north, do not think however, wind of boreal celestial bodies looks at her eyes, full is affection, so deep and serene, so affectionate, look so that Zhou Yiqing does not have method to removed temporarily the line of sight. Xia Liang aside titter, she was not buckled on the button of coat, and old hand of Ji Zixun is crossed inside, cuddle is worn her waist, chafe at the same time kneading again gently again again at the same time, xia Liang wants to break his hand, but fail.

“Look, what to see, had not seen a beauty! ” Zhou Yiqing’s a little tongue-shy mouth, some confounded turn first, think wind of boreal celestial bodies can refute formerly, he likes most and her bicker, did not think of wind of boreal celestial bodies of this occur for the first time did not respond her, had turned first, consider oneself from drink, zhou Yiqing is a little accident see him, wind of how north celestial bodies feels wronged and act rashly like also do not turn the head also does not say, still drinking. Zhou Yiqing casts aside twitch one’s mouth, atmosphere is a little awkward.

“Our foregone. ” Ji Zixun speaks this word indescribably suddenly, “What, my He Yiqing is, is should going also I and her good? ” Xia Liang is white he is a few.

“Wind of boreal celestial bodies drinks drink much, zhou Yiqing sends him. ” say Ji Zixun cuddle to wear Xia Liang goes, “Hello! How do you know to you can drive with the fine? Her trick-cycling is not ripe! Still be you send boreal celestial bodies wind, next the car that I drive you comes home. ” Xia Liang is being procrastinated to go to say at the same time at the same time.

“Fool! Do you stay in that when bulb? ” the shoulder cuddle that Ji Zixun is pulling her enters a bosom in, “Your trick-cycling more not ripe! ” Xia Liang suddenly be enlightened, hear last to cannot help clutch he, ji Zixun laughs, “Also won’t make you sad and sad again later! ” Xia Liang looks so that be stupefied to be stupefied, touch very much.

And the person that is kept… ” either, that what, my trick-cycling is not ripe! ” Zhou Yiqing is thought up, but she sits inside. Disclose wind of celestial bodies of one disclose north, “Hello, can call your secretary to pull you, oh not, take you to go back? ” some is handsome pay no attention to her, pour wine, continue to drink.

Zhou Yiqing is disregarded some fire are greatly by him, one bars the goblet that issues him, “Did not drink you! ” wind of boreal celestial bodies turns the head sees her, “Are you still put issue him? ” hey? What ghost, when has she said to be not put issue him? Good, drink much, she not dispute. “Went, I send you to had gone back, meet some are slow, i… “

The word has not said, cuddle of skill of wind of boreal celestial bodies is worn her waist, buckling her afterbrain spoon single-handed, the charming lip of her babble on the kiss of firm firm. Eye of Zhou Yiqing pop, how suddenly with respect to oestrus ah! It is in dining-room!

Zhou Yiqing exerts all his strength struggle, wind of boreal celestial bodies jumps over cuddle to be tightened more however, kiss fiercer more, leading wine energy of life, light nicotian flavour, the instant is full of her cerebra, some are confused, zhou Yiqing closes an eye, the tongue of wind of celestial bodies of north of at one’s convenience is twining her tongue, must say, his kiss ability is very good really, spent for a long time, wind of boreal celestial bodies just unlocks her, thumb is touched on her red lip.

“When, can you just forget him? ” the mouth with light wind of boreal celestial bodies, zhou Yiqing has fastened a face, she does not know how to reply. Silent a little while, wind of boreal celestial bodies unlocks her, sigh helplessly tone: ? Piao of Qian of rapid of  of white glucoside mulberry shakes! ?


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