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Ji Zixun goes abroad to have a week, xia Liang dare not call to him, one is to be afraid that he is busy, another is she is too busy after receiving a holiday, had asked for leave a lot of times originally, more want good good work energetically to just go, everyday so tired that resemble a dog, poor breathing space spits dribble! !

To Zhou Yiqing, this 8, if it were not for considers thunderbolt to call to her this day midday, she does not know tomorrow is the day of Gu Ting marriage absolutely! !

“Fine, tomorrow is the day that I marry, can not forget, you dare not see you are hit later. ” Gu Ting’s tender sound pretends of bully gas say, she is not the first day knows him, he just won’t lay a person, knead the head that kneads her at most.

Say, does Gu Ting express palpability early to become her is the little sister? Zhou Yiqing thinks in those days oneself, from bashful, conversation meets blushing little girl, turn so careless man into the mother-in-law, this disposition also is quite weighty.

Think now, had wind of boreal celestial bodies fortunately, not bad she passes without the fault. . . . .

“Learn to grow you to be at ease, I am being written down, when to begin tomorrow morning? I am certain and punctual arrive! ” Zhou Yiqing clears away a thing to come off work, listen to Du Jie to say, lin Tianze should be away on official business half many months, be a week only originally, also took Du Jie later, saying want slow-witted half month.

“Still think you forgot, when to begin me to still do not know really, marry for the first time after all. Ah. ” Gu Ting some feel embarrassed say, “Listen to them to say I want to receive a bride to blowout next of what, reckon behind schedule arrives, nevertheless you are at ease, bridal spot still is high school classmate a little, you won’t of a person. You won’t of a person..

“True ah, too good, was opposite learn to grow, you are extraordinary tension, hahahaha. . . ” Zhou Yiqing is afraid of sit elevator does not have signal, here is flat hit a phone to go again. Actually she fears time namely went working over there sitting, a person also is not known.

“Nervous what, of my old man, was opposite, you can come at 10 o’clock, invitation card does not forget took, forget to also never mind nevertheless, it is good to call to me to moment, do not forget take your boy friend, be being written on invitation card. Be being written on invitation card..

Zhou Yiqing one , mixing did the high school that consider thunderbolt remember the defect of her forgetful only? ! She is early after working actually with respect to give up this defect, oh!

Gu Ting’s invitation card obviously National Day sends her the following day, just went 6 days oneself unexpectedly so forget, really strange, is the thing about him to be put on the heart all the time previously?

“Good I knew to learn to grow, that learns to grow, I am occupied still, was hanged first! ” the reason that Zhou Yiqing calls up hastily is, wind of boreal celestial bodies comes up unexpectedly look for her! !

See on Zhou Yiqing one second still laughs ah breathe out call, see he resembled doing guilty thing to call up euqally, wind of boreal celestial bodies very accurate, a piece of black face goes, the colleague of the office went, fortunately remnant she is one, she knows summer is cool eventually experienced.

Zhou Yiqing is guilty because she and Gu Ting call,not be wind of celestial bodies is afraid of north knows, however she just thinks now, she still does not have the thing of invitation card and wind of boreal celestial bodies says, those a few days of travel of what forgot, after coming back, work all the time more do not remember.

Said again, wind of boreal celestial bodies and Gu Ting not ripe, had seen one side, does he go working ah right incorrect? ! !

“One face is guilty! Carrying on the back again I and which tough man calls! It is that to sell a ministry. . That who? ” wind of boreal celestial bodies is looking at her commandingly, the body leans on the table slightly.

Formfitting business suit of black, the cravat of white shirt and black is inside, the meticulous hairstyle that comb, white tender skin, delicate facial features, thick black brow go up to be being carried.

Zhou Yiqing sits on the chair to becoming warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee, be full of interest staring at wind of boreal celestial bodies.

“Your mom has told you, are you very handsome? ” Zhou Yiqing is laughing to say, a word that feels so joking formerly, of it doesn’t matter, do not think brows of wind of boreal celestial bodies is knitted however, had cast aside a head.

Say lightly: “Go, have a meal. ” Zhou Yiqing looks at his face about to go, some are felt do not wear brains, think of to just mention his mom, some knew Zhou Yiqing, can be wind of boreal celestial bodies, we are not friends of male and female, why to tell her?

Wind of boreal celestial bodies finds out her to communicate with tough man no longer, two people got on a car Zhou Yiqing said sentence ” I should come home ” later also speak no longer.

The car opens an in part, wind of boreal celestial bodies just says faintly: “Have a meal first. “Have a meal first..

Zhou Yiqing this is cruel disposition is original bad, this meeting is mixed by his abnormality silent and complete attack broke down, of be agitated say: “I do not want to eat outside, your don’t bother to see me out I come home to put me to get off! Your don’t bother to see me out I come home to put me to get off!!

Sound raised two decibel.

Working originally is quite tired, so Zhou Yiqing and Xia Liang are not to often come home make lunch, it is the dining room that is in a company eats mostly, perhaps go out to eat about.

Since Tan Lian love, wind of boreal celestial bodies pulls her to have a meal easily, originally she does not want to have a family, wind of how north celestial bodies tangles to death sodden dozen, or blocks a company up, or takes kiss menace.

The person of the company knows her ” draw near after getting on big ” begin comment in succession, envy envious hate as before now of course, she was used to later, anyway he is rich, eat, be afraid of what? !

“You how? ” wind of boreal celestial bodies is knitting brows, also have some of be agitated, come out without expression however.

Zhou Yiqing by him so ask, fire.

“I how? I can how? Wind of boreal celestial bodies! Dare you say you are hiding the truth from me without the thing? We have now been friend of male and female? You surveyed my home, I was really however to your home do not understand. I was really however to your home do not understand..

“Yes! I also want to ask this asks that, the condition that also knows your home, others I dare not assure, can is Ji Zixun certainly know? ! But I do not think such! I do not think two people talk love, the case in the home of the other side still goes those who know investigating ability by oneself! ! !!

“You are not willing to say, I also can pretend to pay no attention to pay no attention to, can pretend then! I am not true pay no attention toing! I do not know what is not bad, but, your brother little sister appeared, you still do not plan to say with me unexpectedly! You still do not plan to say with me unexpectedly!!

Zhou Yiqing is enraged the face is redly, outside looking at a window, wind of boreal celestial bodies also did not talk, zhou Yiqing one bite one’s lips, the atmosphere of depressing depression in the car, press so that she is about suffocative.

“Jockey! Wind of boreal celestial bodies you jockey! ! ” Zhou Yiqing cries greatly, wind of boreal celestial bodies still did not jockey, all the way hurricane.

“Wind of boreal celestial bodies! ! I call you to jockey! ” Zhou Yiqing is enraged so that had turned head glare him!

Wind of boreal celestial bodies remain calm, say lightly: “I am done not have deaf. “I am done not have deaf..

“. . . . . . . ..

“Take you to go to a place. ” some male start to talk lightly again, to beautiful inn, jockey, turn first, “Dare run to be about tonight in disorder you! “Dare run to be about tonight in disorder you!!

Next unexpectedly bully gas side leaks left a car.

Zhou Yiqing ” . . . . . ..

Passed ten minutes, some man gets on a car, a bundle of flower was taken in the hand.

Zhou Yiqing sees that bundle of purple tulip, do not have good energy of life ask: “Do you think buy bundle of flower to you can let my calm one’s anger? “Do you think buy bundle of flower to you can let my calm one’s anger??

Some male turn first, say comically: “Who says buy you, buy a flower to still be inferior to taking you to eat to you delicious, ? ??

“. . . . . ..

Zhou Yiqing is looked at he manages no longer outside the window, later, the car comes to grave garden unexpectedly. Look at what Zhou Yiqing syares blankly to look at his, wind of boreal celestial bodies laughed

“Are you inquire for my family? Be afraid of? Be afraid of??

“Without, just. . . . . ” Zhou Yiqing regrets suddenly just pair of so angry his growl. “I am sorry wind of boreal celestial bodies. ” Zhou Yiqing is low first.

“Goofy, go. ” wind of boreal celestial bodies kneads the black hair that kneads her.

Left a car, wind of boreal celestial bodies and she 10 point to buckle, laugh to her, one pace goes in past purpose.

Zhou Yiqing discovers every make a move is like, so heavy, so heavy, so painful. . .


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