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Ji Wei gave Wei Yan the book in elevator mouth, wei Yan also does not have empty explanation, took a book to answer a bag with respect to flurried ground. Ji Wei is to know what attend a party tonight to who have, that fellow also can attend maybe, she is not accident.

Ji Wei did not want to be avoided intentionally, also not be willing to meet with him again of course, approach the long hair of approach and waist, conveniently wore guaze mask, pressed the pushbutton of elevator.

When elevator door opens, a man took the lead in squeezing go in, immediately, a mawkish wine gas diffuses in narrow space.

Season osmund know is a play staff plum assistant director, listen to Ling Ran to say, this plum assistant director is in circle, notorious, like to go especially regulation just entered the girl of travel. Nevertheless, bypass privacy does not talk, this plum assistant director, it is photography one’s previous experience, the idol play that comes out via be being patted in his hand, the picture is qualitative admirable, colour is extremely beautiful, this also is the account that a surname cease uses him.

Ji Wei pulls guaze mask subliminally, lean toward elevator edge.

Plum assistant director is drunk drunkly, finish closet, stand on corridor to breathe freely fully originally, catch a glimpse of Wei Yan is chatting with a girl, his shoot a glance at, was attracted by Ji Wei instantly, this ability abandoned returning a bag, instead follow at sb’ heels is worn she went up elevator.

This circle, those are dark, sordid affair, we all knows how to return a responsibility, plum assistant director still is become only Ji Wei is enter newly of travel small transparent, he does this travel became long, know bird of this kind of cole is best begin, give a dot benefit a little, with respect to the pole on the meeting affix come.

The number of elevator an one layer leap, the dim light of night is late already, in elevator also person of it doesn’t matter.

Stop when B2 when elevator, ji Wei issued elevator, plum assistant director followed to come up as expected, pace returns some stagger, “Which broker company are you? Looking is look unfamiliar very. Looking is look unfamiliar very..

Ji Wei does not respond him.

Plum assistant director is not angry also, grinning path: “Do you know who I am? ” saying, want to pull her.

Ji Wei keeps away from his hand, leng Leng says: “Li Dao, bother you to put esteem to nod. Bother you to put esteem to nod..

Plum assistant director eye shines, “Oh, little girl looks is to know me, since know I, nature should know to follow me to have a lot of profit. Be inferior to such, you accompany me overnight, do I strive for a small part to you how? Do I strive for a small part to you how??

The salty pig hand of greasily, extended come over.

Ji Wei is angry, raise a hand to include the hand that separated him.

Plum assistant director still does not abandon, take everything into one’s own hands lives Ji Wei’s artifice. Ji Wei is like with respect to skin as a child coagulate fat, the skin is more delicate a little a bit rougher cloth, can grind piece red imprint come.

By surprise is captured by him artifice, on Ji Wei’s fine artifice, immediately purple circuit.

“Let go! Unlock me! Unlock me!!

“Not bashful, make me close! Make me close!!

Ji Wei be ashamed angry, raise portfolio to be gone to plum be bungled on the head of assistant director.

Plum assistant director is frowsty hum, loosened she, ji Wei sees state, face about runs, plum assistant director where agrees to be in an unfavorable situation, big step is in hot pursuit.

Plum assistant director thinks oneself also is a person that the head has a face, by little girl is bungled in cheek, immediately is angry, added wine interest to also come up, swear to catch her in one’s hand, firm firm devastate.

Ji Wei runs hurriedly, there was not an obstacle before the attention, one not careful be blundered be in the ground, plum mouth of fission of assistant director great laughs, before going up directly, press her.

Kick of season osmund stretch one’s legs he, his a bit does not become aware, must kiss her cannot.

Portfolio is bungled on the face to be born ache unripe ache, plum assistant director bate, spank fan was in on her Bai Yu’s immaculate face, ji Wei feels corners of the mouth is burning only, there also is a place in the head muddled, it is starlet mill entirely at the moment.

“Smelly ** , install what Qing Chun! Father did you here now! Father did you here now!!

Tear at is worn her garment unlined upper garment, she struggles the more, plum assistant director ases if to jump over excitement.

The sound of slam the brakes on of arise suddenly, let plum assistant director suspended an action, one foot kick opened Ji Wei him, after sitting in underground to be gone to again and again retreat, in the eye faint the tears in eyes that having abasement.

A bright black strides Bach to stop in from plum assistant director differs the place that is less than half meters, the door break of cab is opened like that, plum assistant director still does not have there’s still time to see clear bearer, be fallen to be in the ground by put down of ground of firm of one fist firm.

Plum assistant director was cheated by this strong one fist, the eye since narrow one’s eyes sees bearer, say panic-strickenly: “Yuan always? “Yuan always??

It is to write down strong fist to breathe out was in on the face, the Yuan Lize of face guard cold frost, look extremely terrible at the moment, resembling is Tartarean group will all alone the Axiuluo of the life, sending out up and down all over awful biting bewitching is angry.

“Yuan always, what is misunderstood… “

Yuan Lize on one foot kick plum the abdomen of assistant director.

Ji Wei also is frightened foolish, wait for her to had answered a god, plum assistant director is already fast the incomplete that be hit by Yuan Lize, he is troubled by season osmund for fear that a human life, busy climb, also consider must not ache on the face, more consider getting such meet again way is appropriate, held the Yuan Lize that is immersed in violent rage condition in arms from back.

“Did not hit, hit his earthborn again. Hit his earthborn again..

Familiar sound rings in back, steam again of sensible in a way, his face about child, ji Wei the circle is one in the bosom, firmly is held in arms.

“Baby, I wanted to kill him. I wanted to kill him..

Insipid waveless mood, dye-in-the-wood of 10 serious.

Ji Wei is encircled to be in the bosom by him, his breath is entirely between nasal cavity, familiar unfamiliar, a few does she have silk is glazy, listen respectfully is worn he does not calculate absolutely on the speech of fun, ji Wei pulls a lip constrainedly, “He is undeserved you became dirty hand. “He is undeserved you became dirty hand..

Yuan Lize lowers his head to see her, the extensive on pretty face removed a few fancy-free with spellbound, “Baby? “Baby??

Ji Wei nods, “Hum. “Hum..

Yuan Lize is blinked blink, reason searchs gradually complete, draw out skill machine to plum assistant director is hit that piece the face of incomplete took piece of picture.

The in a surname between the bag falls on his back, received a small letter, it is one piece is beaten photograph of pig head figure, although the person in the photograph is beaten so that do not become person entity, a surname falls on his back or admitting is long already from banquet plum assistant director.

Back-to-back, it is a small letter: Pei Zong, this individual in the photograph, I do not want to see again in circle.

Jing of a surname cease becomes aware the thing is not right, hand the mobile phone the desolate on, smile a thin smile, “Xiao Te is aided, yuan Pei Mou understands total meaning not quite. Yuan Pei Mou understands total meaning not quite..

Desolate reads small letter, drew out skill machine to stir the past instantly, the busy tone that toot toots is transmitted in the mobile phone, nobody are received listen. A surname cease on returns the answer that waiting for desolate .

Cease of a surname of desolate face nods, serious ground says: “Pei Zong, yuan always since so said, that is serious absolutely. This plum assistant director, suggest to be banned in the round. Suggest to be banned in the round..

A surname falls on his back: “… “

This pair of boss and subordinate, as expected same allergy.

A surname cease issued verdict stealthily.

The Z city of the late night, wagon flow is measured than white day, apparently little a lot of. Stride Bach brand-newly firm quietly travel is being worn high on, ji Wei sits in deputy drive on, go up to still covering Yuan Lize’s suit personally, all the way two people also do not have communication, side side now and then transmit a car to cry the sound of flute, accompanying the nocturnal wind with cool ooze.

Ji Wei did not ask Yuan Lize plans to take her where to go to, probably, he also did not think good, just overflow driving a car aimlessly. After the car fell to be worn high, dropped build, stop in roadside.

Yuan Lize unlock safety is buckled, sideways is staring her, pitch-black eye pupil thrill through a silk feels distressed, extend a hand to want to go lay a finger on her red cheek, it is to be afraid of after all lane was fond of her, choose to abandon.

Roadside has a 24 chemist’s shop that the hour does business, yuan Lize is ticked off continuously tick off the ground to looking attentively at her, ji Wei and he 4 eye are conterminous, had been used to him to see the person’s way.

He likes to be ticked off continuously from before tick off the ground to staring at a person to look, to him, it is to be in the appearance feature that remembers you, be close to the IQ value of 145 to calculate with Yuan Lize, say according to manage, memory should be admirable just be. In fact, his memory is very good, cannot remember the person’s appearance namely alone only.

But by his so orthoptic person, no matter men and women, all can enrol cannot sustain, can avoid not self-consciously, perhaps blush. However he himself however a bit does not become aware, it is to hanging fancy-free expression as before, evade the ground to bump into popular feeling none.

This person is really awful.

Ji Wei presseds painfully frown.

“Baby, you wait for me here, I go buying bit of thing, you do not run away, good? Good??

In Wu Tong faint some are anxious with invocatory.

Ji Wei has fastened a face, spent a long time, nod faintly.

Run away? Where can you escape again?

Ji Wei understands him too, he is complete won’t falsifier, go up in feeling at least, also do not guess his intent so with give a lot of care.

Tonight meet again, he is not accident, not amazed also, explain he may be early the whereabouts that knows her, as to why to look for her, ji Wei also does not wish get to the bottom of, do not think get to the bottom of.

Yuan Lize got her affirmation, tick off a lip, wearing feeble shirt to leave a car. Not a little while, carry come back a packet of big medicine, it is the of all kinds ointment of subsidence of a swelling, his cent is not clear what good with, flat plant with respect to every buy one valve.

Ji Wei is not willing to let him know him lives where, but not be willing to go to the place that he stays in more, with his strength, let oneself impossibly absolutely again a person leaves, kink good a long time, just gave him an address. However he is none open-eyed as before, ji Wei guesses, he probably early knew.

Also be, if he thinks known thing, natural meeting somebody does for him. Did not look for her, ji Wei thinks, probably he is to abiding by acceptance.

Car travel a little while, entered ” green city garden. Entered ” green city garden..

The security personnel of green city garden is very responsible, after seeing Ji Wei, laughing to make acoustical call, watch sb go away is worn strode Bach to enter a village.

Park the car in downstair, consider of season osmund intuition should see a visitor out, yuan Lize is carrying a packet of big drug however, follow without any consideration in her back, deep and remote hidden bitterness complains, resemble only homeless doggie.

The speech that Ji Wei went to by the side of the mouth, pharynx of hard raw uncultivated land go down, pressed elevator, two people in tandem took the door.

The building that Ji Wei leases, although be Yuan Lize is bought,fall and decorate, yuan Lize also just has looked however, after following her to take the door, resemble a curious children, look at east look at look on the west.

Ji Wei looks at him without language ground, say: “I had arrived home, should you go back? Should you go back??

On Yuan Lize face one deadlocked, eye of low lop key point, “Baby, I am not at ease your person. I am not at ease your person..

Ji Wei says: “The security here is very good. “The security here is very good..

Yuan Lize sees her is sturdy appearance very, the bottom of the heart also has some shake, want to stand by her, be afraid of again be fed up with by her, can deadlocked is in place, twinkling also not twinkling ground is staring her.

Ji Wei is walked along by accost of his eyes within an inch of all mind, this person’s innocent about, it is too easy really tick off those who have a person to sympathize with a heart, and arrived on bazaar, reduce attack again however decisive, marble, do its a bit not messy.

On reason, ji Wei knows him should the heart below firm comes, but touch namely like his fawn settleclear only eyes, if drive away him,she feels again, honest too too cruel.

Long deep sigh tone, say of ground of season osmund can find no way out: “You sleep sofa, go tomorrow morning. Go tomorrow morning..

Eye instant of Yuan Lize is illumed, resemble two bunch flame, calcination is gotten exuberant.


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