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After Yuan Qian shadow hanged a phone, the mood drops in temperature with respect to quickness, lianzhan carried two cups of fruit juice, grinning ground is stuck come over, kiss her fawningly, “Wife, be enraged by smelly boy again? Be enraged by smelly boy again??

Yuan Qian shadow is about to cry without the tear, “Know his firm, did not think of so firm. Did not think of so firm..

Ground of Lian Zhan in a soft voice is comforted, “Darling is held out, darling does not cry. This thing also cannot blame him completely, smelly fellow is born in England to grow in England, what accept as a child is to exceed elite education, talk the processing way of favor everywhere with home, nature is different. This is called a cut the Gordian knot, those cancer should be cut have to cut, cannot appeasement. Cannot appeasement..

Yuan Qian shadow looked askance he is one, “Say your man does not have a heart to do not have lung so. Why do I let him go back to the motherland you know certainly. Who is willing to let him become a profitable machine really? Of scrupulous, business compares even the situation of the robot him tall, do you say he won’t be not married in the future on wife? Do you say he won’t be not married in the future on wife??

Say senior a general term for young women is like a mother, although she is not senior a general term for young women, it is close elder sister however, they are old what Mom dies is early, she so a close little brother, worry about as expected a few more.

Corners of the mouth of cheap crystal clear is cast aside, “With respect to him bursa of that deputy good skin, toward there one station, one pile girl is affixed actively come, do you still fear he cannot find a young married woman?

Yuan Qian shadow can be done not have so hopeful, “But the appearance that he cannot remember them again, I am afraid that he wants to holding a dictionary in the arms enter an assembly hall in the future really. I am afraid that he wants to holding a dictionary in the arms enter an assembly hall in the future really..

Lian Zhan: “… ” is this close elder sister?

Be perturbed of Yuan Qian shadow a little while, the mood that goes vacationing repeatedly was done not have, wanting to be able to go back to the motherland as soon as possible only, force protects the high-ranking officer that she leaves, be not dropped by all K.

Lian Zhan pullbacked she, say: “You also not anxious, such, we are inferior to looking for bit of thing to do to him, make him dispersive issue attention. Make him dispersive issue attention..

Yuan Qian shadow is breathed out breathe out Da, “He is the working mad demon of a hobby of it doesn’t matter. “He is the working mad demon of a hobby of it doesn’t matter..

Lian Zhan thought a little while, say: “Are you to say he holds out those who like photography in one’s childhood? “Are you to say he holds out those who like photography in one’s childhood??

Mention in one’s childhood thing, feel sad of Yuan Qian shadow good, “Because like,photograph, be thrown bad before the face by my home old fogey equipment, you do not know A Ze the expression at that time, of empty hole, frighten a the dead. Frighten a the dead..

Lian Zhan spits groove: “Your home my old man is honest too unnatural, is this dear father? Is this dear father??

Twitch one’s mouth of Yuan Qian shadow, “In one day is bitten 10 years to be afraid of well rope by the snake, old fogey does not hope anything divided his mind, more do not allow him to what too pour into feeling. In the future authority of in control of, most those who be afraid of is be swayed by one’s emotions, old fogey is to be afraid of sincerely, what actually heart within also aches is close, two people who gruff is gotten very. Two people who gruff is gotten very..

Lian Zhan indicates approval, “After all — it is president not be dad ground. The pet phrase of smelly boy. The pet phrase of smelly boy..

Two bright ground look at Yuan Qian shadow him, “A Zhan, you help a family think a way. You help a family think a way..

Sa Qijiao comes, listen bone of cheap crystal clear is quickly soft.

His cudgel one’s brains for, still thought of a method to him really.

Then, yuan Lize is faced before sleeping, in succession of Yuan Qian shadow made 3 electrify word, he was not received. Passed a little while, desolate beats his door.

Yuan Lize is changed sleep gown, pull open the door, a place of strategic importance of machine of desolate handle gave him.

“Smelly boy! The phone of old a general term for young women did not receive even you! ! ! !!

Yuan Li Zewei small frown, “3 elder sister, occupied? Occupied??

The changed sweetness very quickly sound there, “Oh breathe out, be such, 3 elder sister see you too painstaking recently — “

Yuan Lize indissolubles, “Not painstaking. ” he all the time since such, where calculate go up painstaking?

Yuan Qian shadow secretly gnash one’s teeth, “A Ze, you know our nation vast territory and abundant resources, the scenery is beautiful, oh, although you are British book, but it is Chinese people all the same, an ancient name for China child civilian, good come back not easily, didn’t you want to go to the place of picturesque scenery looking? Didn’t you want to go to the place of picturesque scenery looking??

Yuan Lize is very honest: “Do not think. “Do not think..

Yuan Qian shadow wants to capture him very much cruel hit, smile has a silk inflexible, she makes persistent efforts, ” , what help an elder sister to thank you is very busy, the elder sister signed up for a viatic group to you. You need not worry about equipment, I already all has been arranged, set out tomorrow morning, your whats do not need to take, it is good to go to person belt go to person belt. Was opposite, the picture that remembers so that pat some of beautiful beauty gives an elder sister oh. Da, love you! Love you!!

Say at a heat, do not give rejection chance completely, “Bang ” the ground hang up phone.

Yuan Lize: “… “

Desolate flees for his life rapidly: “… I just make sauce. “… I just make sauce..

The following day, yuan Lize was baled the trip is round, along with all sorts of equipment that of travel is yuan of beautiful image preparation, still have tent actually. Desolate is looked at brand-new lofty the equipment that go up, want to laugh not dare, for fear that is sent to deserve to dig diamond to south Africa really.

Yuan Lize translates the thing in knapsack, discovered a brand-new camera awesomely, he slightly one terrified, orbit is a little calorific.

The Chen Dao in group of Yun Fei journey, year about 40, it is a senior tourist guide, head a group seasoned, be good at handling sudden incident again, it is English is sodden alone only force.

Ji Wei prepared chocolate of a few biscuit of what, she does not have assault garment, took the cotton-padded jacket that uses in the winter only. Hear the climate on hill is changeful, protect forbid to still can snow of what.

Bus car nucleus holds a number is 25 people, whole trip group adds Chen Dao, doctor Liu He Jiwei, in all 23 people.

Ji Wei got on a car, ability discovery is Oriental face, come over from Japanese Korea mostly, have two of 3 Europe, it is foreign citizen of Chinese origin however.

Ji Wei is taking list to the number, below Chen Dao’s arrangement, begin to examine certificate.

Yuan Lize sits in last, two girls want to stand by, he put the position on the side directly baggage, filled in earphone, still wore blindfold.

Two come from bud girl of Japan, can one face is muddled traded a place forcingly.

In the future checked Ji Wei once upon a time, when going to last, be stupefied directly, turn over the list on the hand, found his name.

Arthur · yuan.

Ji Wei corners of the mouth is smoked, inferior a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument? Still can name a word really. He unspokening criticism in the heart is a false foreign devil.

He of now, pitch-black hair have not backward sleek, used up number to hang down, obscured bright and clean forehead. He wore color of a cigarette ash to get cashmere sweater high, light color jeans, quietly lean is by the side of car window, he what installing to a suit than that with each passing day, look pleasing to the eye much.

Ji Wei called him a few times, do not have a response, but under, be forced to pat him, yuan Lize was to pull open blind fold at long last, he seemed to be asleep really, open the eye of Xing Song, of one face innocent with spellbound, resemble a baby that just woke up.

Ji Wei is described by his disgusting arrived, swing throw a head, changed the standard smile when grooming, “Yuan gentleman hello, the trouble shows the certificate that issues you, thank! Thank!!

Yuan Lize narrow one’s eyes removes Wu Tong, tick off continuously tick off the ground to looking attentively at her, had last lessons drawn from others’ mistakes, ji Wei did not feel he can admit get oneself, no matter be intended,still be innocently, be without a relation with her.

Just, how does this person like to be ticked off continuously so tick off staring at others to look? Ji Wei falls in his eyes, spruce face again sneaking ground is squashy.

Luckily, yuan Lize also cannot remember who she is, handed the passport slowly she.

Ji Wei opens a passport to look, the name of original other people calls Arthur · really yuan, be born in British London, also do not calculate what false foreign devil, it is overseas Chinese at most. Saw age again, 22 years old, still be obviously more alarming also than her a few years old impish, think of his business suit change that day to walk on, ji Wei secretly laugh.

All the way, chen Dao is making a speech in in spirits ground, ji Wei is in charge of an interpreter.

Midway has one Duan Panshan road, somebody is carsick, ji Wei took carsick medicine to follow polybag, cent grants authority. When taking side of Yuan Lize body, driver now.. a take a sudden turn, ji Wei a reel, whole person attacks to go up personally.

Light a faint fragrance, sweet, carry the aroma of bit of milk, yuan Lize one terrified, subliminal look up, like labellum seem feather of Bao Liang, what had brushed, soft soft, tender tender.

Ji Wei is about be ashamed died, back down rapidly a few paces, two closefisted cover closely labellum, eye ground is faint have tears in eyes, subdue again embarrassed.

A few girls look illegibly toward them, take some vexed with the regret, not a little while Di whisper clucks, with a giggle laugh.

Ji Wei dare not see him, family of for fear that thinks he is to throw oneself into his arms intentionally, walk along car thereinbefore rapidly, chen Dao did not know to produce what job, asked, also do not see a response.

Season osmund fierce fill a few water, want to jump over gas more, want to jump over grievance more, tear of drop out of within an inch of, wipe a lip forcibly with the back of hand.

Sit in the Yuan Lize of back row, involuntary ground extends finger, put aside was in on the lip, just now that good tactile impression, that inviting aroma, teach him slight and glazy, he is staring Ji Wei’s back, in Wu Tong faint some doubt and muddled.

All previous classics 6 hours, always was Ling Xiushan.

The Ling Xiushan of topping high in the clouds, altitude is controlled in 4000 meters, the mountain peak of this domestic height above sea level, also calculate many, but rare of this hill gallant.

Ling Xiushan gets the ass is friendly people true love, the reason depends on you won’t knowing forever, what can your below one second produce, this means good luck and challenge to coexist, deep accost is worn the curiosity of expeditionary personage.

Ji Wei one gave bus car, just become aware him move takes the clothes the band became little, the family is well-prepared, assault garment pays neat go into work of cloth with soft nap, the root of fangfeng is moistureproof heat preservation, she wore a frivolous eider down to take, wind whiff, hit shiver continuously.

Girl of a Japan says to the companion: “This girl is to come of joke, loving the United States also is not so law of do sth over and over again. ” they say with Japanese, ji Wei also can be understood constrainedly.

She feels very awkward, this eider down takes powdery powder tender tender, the hare of cap or bud bud Da is auditive, it is to do obeisance to her completely old Mom place is granted. Have the suspicion with tender outfit really, although she herself special show small.

Chen Dao says: “Osmund, you leave otherwise on bus car, you wear this kind of dress to be no good. You wear this kind of dress to be no good..

Ji Wei shakes his head, “Irrespective, I can be carried so that live. ” she is becoming aware, since took a someone that salary, cannot be slack in work of course.

Go to all the way climb in remote, air temperature quickness drops, went a little while again, faint snowflake waves fall down.

Girl people extremely excited, laughing overjoyedly to be troubled by, mobile phone, camera Ka brushs ceaseless.

Ji Wei looked for an even place to sit, a moment ago going not to feel cold, this stops, hands or feet has some do not listen to handle.

Slightly side head, see Yuan Lize is opposite her, wore photography equipment rise, after getting off, he is covered went up black and genu clique are overcome, his color of skin fair-skinneds in vain, appearance extremely pretty and beautiful, foil in the dress of brunet department below, more appear tall carry show is elegant, special suck eyeball.

Blast passes, yuan Lize clique overcomes the vulpine wool that go up to ripple slightly, ji Wei and his look are received, had fastened a face hastily, begin to send on the face very hot.

Yuan Lize is staring her, of eye ground confused increasing, a green meaning in the woods is abundant, there still is snowflake in the sky, she resembles the small bunny that is a pink, became the only color between this heaven and earth.

Ji Wei sees him be blinked do not blink the ground to looking attentively at his, wore cap and guaze mask, had turned body, leakage the eye of two pitch-dark, misty.

Yuan Lize slightly one terrified, took out watch for a chance from knapsack, dedicated at filming terrestrial beautiful scenery. Be baled to come here originally, he just is not willing what stroke countered Yuan Qian image is well-intentioned, did not think of the scenery here, quite pretty good really still.

Also did not know to pat how long, ground of chant of chant of a few girl laugh chats with him with of a kind English, he slightly frown, wait for them to say, just start to talk: “Bother get out of the way, blocking me to take a picture. Blocking me to take a picture..

Standard cockney, word antrum is round, revive broken horizon.

Ji Wei knows Anglicism and beautiful type English differ somewhat, this is the Anglicism that hears a standard for the first time, also be be stupefied slightly, becoming aware his sound is really Orphean.


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