The 94th chapter 广州夜生活娱乐NFDmisses mammy

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“Everybody is fast drink eat the meat, did not suffer my thing of two to affect. Invisible now billing, need not be in charge of him. ” elder brother end had a bowl of rice wine, “Come, brother little sisters, for everybody’s health, cheer! Cheer!!

“Yes, brother little sisters, let an elder sister also be your happiness, cheer. ” me also say. “Was opposite, xie Di, are your son and his mom good? Are your son and his mom good??

“Their woman two very good, thank elder sister. ” Xie Di says.

“Elder brother, I want to go dark blue city plays. Not be to had done not have order for arrest there. We are mixed this they go to the little brother all the way. ” I say to the elder brother.

“Wait for period of time to go again. Wait for weather thaw a few, I two go out to go bit further, play a few days well outside. Play a few days well outside..

“Why cannot go together with them? “Why cannot go together with them??

“Fine, I two go out or get as far as possible careful, although do not have what order for arrest. If a lot of people go all the way, the target is too big. To moment with respect to me two, go out stealthily to turn circuit. Go out stealthily to turn circuit..

“Ah, still be the elder brother considers considerate. Still be the elder brother considers considerate..

“To thaw of the 45 weather between the month, we play again. Still can arrive all round go seeing a landscape on hill. Still can arrive all round go seeing a landscape on hill..

“Namely, elder brother, I two be not done too tensely. Be in charge of him, live one day to calculate a day. Live one day to calculate a day..

“Elder sister appears really some are too pessimistic. ” say because of younger brother.

“Since today, elder sister no longer pessimistic. Person lifetime is such nevertheless. A general term for young women is so old, what also had calculated is pretty good. The man is good to me, the friend is right my it may not be a bad idea. ” I look at an elder brother, laugh.

“We go back to think method finds the son of elder sister certainly. ” say because of younger brother.

“Still be that word: As long as flower father and son is restful, I was at ease. Although be asked behead by after autumn, also did not regret. Can be together with the person that loves oneself, why is husband answer begged. Why is husband answer begged..

The elder brother went to my cuddle in the bosom.

“Just say not pessimistic, say these again… ” the elder brother holds me in arms closely, kissing.

I did not cry originally, was done to cry by the elder brother’s neck however.

My bend over is in the elder brother’s bosom, cry loudly rise.

“Younger brother and sister people, pron yourselves eats. Your elder sister is to drink much. ” the brother says.

“Elder brother, I was not drunk much. I think you hold firmly I, hold firmly again a bit, dear. In little sister heart afflictive… “

Knowing really is how to return a responsibility. See good friend of brother little sister originally ought to glad, make me sad instead however rise, cry so that want not to stop.

“Brother little sisters, you eat slowly. I help your elder sister up to sleep a little while to the bed. ” the brother says.

“Need not, elder brother. I accompany my good friend even. ” I was gotten out from elder brother bosom at once, brushing tear.

“Elder sister, otherwise drinks bit of boiling water. Because,a moment ago was hungry, drink to be met drunk. ” say because of younger brother.

“Yes. Let me fill bowl of hot Shang Lai to you. ” the elder brother stands up.

“The elder brother is not moved, myself goes filling. ” I am to want to leave a seat to go sober. I stand up, go to the outside of the house. Face of stroke of a cool breeze and come, regained consciousness immediately a lot of. The day is already complete black, group of hill of far be enveloped by place of dim light of night, show clinking mystery. Perhaps be in that darkness, the terminus that is the universe? Also be all the people, the terminus that includes the mankind?

But contemporary scientist thinks, the person can cross a black hole, arrive at another universe. In the depth of that darkness, have a black hole that can you open another universe?

I want to fly to another universe to go immediately really.

“Elder sister, are you better? ” I had turned round, it is beautiful handsome, my authentic little sister.

“A lot of, thank handsome younger sister. ” I say, “Handsome younger sister, I think our mammy. I think our mammy..

“I also think mammy. Memory has the good time in happy Chun Yuan, have the sign of mammy affection always. Have the sign of mammy affection always..

“How does mammy die? “How does mammy die??

“Since knowing elder sister is robbed, mammy with respect to all day long downhearted, also do not talk with others. Also do not talk with others..

I know, only I just am the person with the closest mammy. Mammy brings up me as a child. The deep feeling of mammy surpasses one’s own mother.

“Specially of article heart childe looked for a doctor to see a doctor later. But that gentleman says: Body disease can be treated, anxiety is treated hard. Mammy is to think what elder sister thinks up disease. ” handsome younger sister continues to say.

“The little sister did not accompany mammy to go out, medicinal powder beguilement? Medicinal powder beguilement??

“How don’t have? I accompany mammy to go eyebrow city played a few days. But mammy must answer happy Chun Yuan. Return the home, mammy syares blankly with respect to the house that looks at empty sky, it is the sign that seeking elder sister it seems that. ” handsome sister says, “Mammy such one every day angular. Had not held out the end of the year after all. Had not held out the end of the year after all..

“Because of,so you are mixed yuan also left Long Xi to press down. “Because of,so you are mixed yuan also left Long Xi to press down..

“Yes. After mammy dies, I also or else is willing to wait for a person’s mind is hurt in that. I also or else is willing to wait for a person’s mind is hurt in that..

I and handsome sister are saying a word all the time. Also do not know time of elder brother what comes to back.

“Fine, because,all these is I. I I am sorry little sister, I am sorry your mammy. ” the brother says.

“Alas, say these still have what to use now? ” I say.

“I am the bandit of a guilty of unpardonable evil really. ” the elder brother continues to say.

“Elder sister’s husband, what also nevered mention it. The person absolutelies refuse to can resurgent. Hope you will wait for my elder sister well henceforth only. ” handsome sister says.

“Handsome younger sister is at ease, I am opposite forever your elder sister is good, love her forever. Love her forever..

“The key is elder sister’s husband also should have protected him. Elder sister’s husband is only good, my elder sister just has been met. My elder sister just has been met..

“Was opposite, handsome younger sister, didn’t you see my order for arrest of two in dark blue city really? ” I ask handsome younger sister.

“Be to do not have on the ave anyway. Just do not know to be able to have in prefectural Ya. Just do not know to be able to have in prefectural Ya..

“Order for arrest won’t stay in prefectural Ya. If have, be about to be stuck on the ave for certain. ” the brother says.

“I feel although both of you want to go dark blue city plays, also get very careful. Say like elder sister’s husband, do not cause people attention. Do not cause people attention..

“That elder brother, we do not go dark blue city. ” I say.

“Anyway I should take a little sister to go out to play. Do not go dark blue city, arrive inside around hill play to also go. Arrive inside around hill play to also go..

“Elder brother, had they had the little brother? Had they had the little brother??

“Had eaten. Does the little sister still drink boiling water? Does the little sister still drink boiling water??

“Need not drink. Do you think I am malty really? They do not know, doesn’t the elder brother still know? doesn’t the elder brother still know??

“I know of course, the little sister is a female bandit that can drink to be able to eat the meat again already. ” the elder brother laughed, I also by elder brother amusing.


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