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“Little elder brother, do you look how has not myna risen have a meal? I see he is lying to do not have activity all the time. ” I ask little elder brother.

“He says he is uncomfortable, do not want to have a meal. Do not want to have a meal..

“He how? “He how??

“Was to catch a cold likely. Also may be when a moment ago cleaning a room tired. I take the meal to him. I take the meal to him..

“Be a cold really? Have a fever not? ” I ask.

“Seem not to have a fever again. It is good that he says to lie a little while. It is good that he says to lie a little while..

“Is there the doctor that sees a doctor to us in the prison? “Is there the doctor that sees a doctor to us in the prison??

“What doctor? They still are only too anxious to we die earlier, where the doctor can see a doctor to you. ” little elder brother says furiously.

“In their eye, we are a flock of pigs, where can still treat a disease to us. ” eldest brother says.

“Even if pig, also have the vet that treats a disease to the pig. ” I still indissoluble the ground says.

“Can give us this group of pigs everyday hello eat twice feed, already pretty good. The others can wait for our emerge of itself and perish of itself only. ” knowing is who inserted, in speech more the pattern that shows ten atmolysis indignation.

“But how doesn’t myna have a meal to go so? ” I say afraidly, “You who sees him again. “You who sees him again..

“The little sister is at ease, I just had asked him, he says to rise again a little while sleepily eat. Old 8 eating to be not drunk so also is not first time. Everybody was used to. Come along tomorrow morning for certain, all the same well. ” say of 9 elder brother.

“I listen to eldest brother to say myna body is frailer, yes? Yes??

“Namely, I had said to the little sister. He is take things too hard actually, have secret trouble. ” eldest brother say.

When eat a meal, everybody also lies to his bed severally, two two wait for together talking about a day.

I lie in oneself ‘ 5 stars class ‘ on bed, hoping roof is bemused alone. My neighbour is little elder brother at the same time, across is eldest brother.

“The little sister just was returned unaccustomed? ” eldest brother looks at me, ask in a low voice.

“What is there unaccustomed? I am not dot. ” I say, “It is likely come because of mine, make your everybody unaccustomed? Make your everybody unaccustomed??

“Where. Just is the little sister’s arrival, brought joy to everybody. The little sister of a beautiful colourful unsurpassed came in the prison, we can not be general glad. We can not be general glad..

” because of you the flesh eats? ” my yell rise.

“Look the little sister returns the Yu Huai of thing be troubled that went up pair last night. ” eldest brother says.

“Of course. ” I say, “I am thinking afterwards, since these men consider a woman, how to say not early. Must saying is what eats the meat. I still think really should kill me to stew will eat, frighten I am terrifyingly, waiting one knife is endured on the neck. Waiting one knife is endured on the neck..

“The little sister did not understand. The man should eat the meat, consider a woman namely of course. Consider a woman namely of course..

Actually eldest brother says rightly. Remember in those days I or Yu Ying when that boy, also not be regard China elder sister as delicacies of every kind. Remember it is in those days in my eye, graceful younger sister of graceful, China elder sister, handsome, because of,include younger sister, be to make me of covet delicate? Should not say those foreign girl that encounter in France more.

Look the man is such. I became a woman now, I also became the cate in man eye, shoud be able to understand quite. And whole world of this kind of viewpoint is same. Picture there is a word in French, original idea is delicious thing, but when this word should saying between the man, often be to point to beautiful girl.

“Elder brother brother should say early to be clear about, also won’t frighten family little sister so that die partly. ” I am intended light say, but apparent some act like a spoiled child. In can act like a spoiled child in an environment so, also be very satisfied.

“That is to displease a little sister really. ” eldest brother also laughed.

“Little little sister, assure next time we won’t so monkey urgent dog is urgent. ” a brother says. Look my word also makes the mood of elder brother brother appears much more natural.

“Little little sister, you can not want plan their word ah. ” eldest brother says in a low voice to me.

“Eldest brother, I very understand. You all can speak carelessly, nonsense, I won’t be put on the heart. ” I to other elder brother loud say, “You regard me as your brother, ? ??

But think in my heart, it is actually in our woman eye, the man’s flesh, just be the cate that we long for day and night.

Think of these, my in spite of oneself face about visits eldest brother, discover eldest brother also is looking at me. I feel a face at a draught red. I want to lie in eldest brother bosom to go very much, although he still is that just the man that gruffly has teased him.

“Little little sister, the everybody on tonight sleeps well. Tired last night, sleep with respect to breakfast. ” the idea that eldest brother appeared to see me, shake his head to me slightly, say in a low voice.

But I still am thinking myna.

“Do not know myna has a meal. ” I am it seems that wear in the solilo-quize.

“He has not risen have a meal. Let him sleep. ” if little elder brother heard me.

“Eldest brother, I have an idea. ” I remembered again a moment ago the word of eldest brother.

“What idea, little little sister? ” eldest brother looks at me to ask.

“I want to accompany tonight accompany myna. ” my say, but appear some hesitate in speech.

“Little little sister, your heart is really good. God-given you have this meaning. ” eldest brother says, “Old 9, you go crying old 8 come over. You go crying old 8 come over..

“Old 8, fast, your colourful blessing came. ” differ little elder brother rises, already somebody did sth for sb.

“Fast, old 8, little little sister should open special mess to you. ” another elder brother raves.

“Old 8, fast, queen wants summon to an interview you. ” it is an elder brother is making say, “Quickly ah, make queen Majesty angry otherwise, meet what blame even everybody simultaneously. Meet what blame even everybody simultaneously..

His word was broken a moment ago depressing, amuse so that everybody laughed. Immediately, the atmosphere in little firm room becomes lively at a draught rise.

“Old 8! ” everybody continues to crying.

“Old 8! ” the brethren all in prison house is crying, still do not forget you my one language ground wears one word jokingly.

But myna still does not have a bit sound of sth astir.

“How does myna sleep so to death. ” little elder brother hastens stand up, go to the side of myna.

“The old, myna is like the past! ” I hear little elder brother says.

“Look quickly how to return a responsibility? ” eldest brother also stood.

“Old 8 seem… seem… did not enrage… ” who is knowing, fumbling, say!


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