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” float is unripe have bud ” curtilage 99 / , this chapter in all 2152 words, update at: 2017-11-12 14:39

Los angeles International Airport. Gu Fu gives birth to lofty and forceful figure to show itself from inside the line of sight of masses. Just his expression is hasty had gone from inside the crowd, because anxious see she disregards the assistant that follows after much more helpless, after all one person takes assistant of 5 big boot is some ability not equal to one’s ambition. Gu Fu is unripe be like think of what face about is right assistant double in the past, assistant thinks the president discovers him eventually take two boot to just wanted to hand at once he, the other side sends a word however ” make public gives me car key, you take my baggage the office is OK. ” ” consider well always. ” assistant is about to cry tearless gave last hope Gu Fu is unripe. Look a little while he himself must pull 5 boot to call a taxi. Hey.

Inside L apartment, gu Fu is born to wait to go upstairs by elevator not as good as, use the run to that run directly however 2 buildings. Very good, he arrives 2 buildings elevator has not gone down. “Buckle. ” ” come. ” Su Meng opens the door those who be surprised look to the person outside the door. There was the Su Meng that has not answered a god to be kissed before Gu Fu gives birth to demur not to say go up. Of half month miss saw eventually today, he thinks she thinks her very much. After one stimulates a kiss to pass, su Meng expert is brushing the red lip that is kissed. Bashful had closed the door, fortunately just nobody sees otherwise with respect to big. Face about is born to Gu Fu ” you, you, you. ” after Su Meng says you 3 times repeatedly, do not say furiously to give half word to come. And the culprit that stands before pours be carefree contented to look at because Su Meng is furious or because bashful and complexion is unusual the Su Meng of bright red. “What do you send early greatly mad? Broken bits male! ” listening to resemble is if grousing, at the moment speaks out to resemble is the mood that act like a spoiled child, su Meng is flat pay no attention to him to walk along a sitting room to take a handbag to prepare to go to the school taking an exam directly. “I send you. ” Su Meng looks ferociously to give birth to say to Gu Fu ” need not! I and autumn agreed the garage sees. ” ” then I wait for you to come back in this. ” Su Meng listens immediately not willing blurt out asks ” you, you, you run early greatly this will have, what thing is there? ” ” just was away on official business come back, think you came over, how to think me? ” really, the dress that Su Meng sees be born to Gu Fu looks even if just went out a comer. “You, are you not tired? ” ” see you are not tired. ” ” Gu Fu gives birth to me to want to go to the school immediately you, you are in this also never mind is good do. ” ” won’t ah, I am in a little while shut-eye sleeps to wait for you to come back to be done to you next on this sofa delicious. ” ” you, you, broken bits male! Along with you. ” Su Meng face about is carrying a bag to go to the doorway. Gu Fu is born not to forget to cry to Su Meng’s back ” that broken bits male you wait to come back in the home. I can think you! ” the Su Meng that steps down a building is taken out from the bag make up lens looks to his lip, mom egg, lipstick was wiped by the kiss, still get new picture. Su Meng takes YSL lipstick to besmear to the lip fluctuation the lip is contained finally again, perfect lip makeup emersion. Look to the mirror besides oneself face resembles redly now is Tu Duo where does cheek still have outside red monkey buttock not right, hum, mix besides the red face that resembles monkey buttock as expected a bit there is what misgivings outside swollen lip. Su Meng reads the lip to oneself to the mirror, remembered again just stimulate a kiss, she just does not have even revolt, seem to still be answered kissed him. Ah ah ah Su Meng are you foolish?

Inside the garage, ma Chunqiu is left etc right be less than Su Meng’s person to come down etc, this girl won’t go up didn’t the sousaphone take paper to waiting for me to save her? Ma Chunqiu wants to feel affirmative more more is such. So flat get off go upstairs look after all. Just walked along garage doorway to see Su Meng is carrying handbag insanity toward here run. “Breathe out. ” Su Meng station is big before Ma Chunqiu are panting. “Don’t you have a thing? Work ran? Are we returned between climate today early what does your like this do urgently? ” ” I, I still just think we wanted to be late. ” Ma Chunqiu is not had of language look at Su Meng ” request, you sleep cheated. ” ” not bad and not bad, go. ” ” go. ” does the Ma Chunqiu inside the car take what driving to drive to look at the same time at the same time locally to sit the Su Meng on the side ” don’t you have Su Meng really thing? ” Su Meng turns the Qiu Qiu that the head sees care his to one face, think of the thing that just produces again, she does not know how to should say with Qiu Qiu, still did not say. “Do not have a thing to do not have a thing. ” ” you see what you blush resemble was to treat 3 form piece same, do you know? ” ” ah? Have so exaggerative? I just am ran only just. ” ” Hahaha amuses you, do not become you hard to treat 3 form really in the morning greatly piece? ” ” you ah, the car that drives you, be fed up with. ” Su Meng is tooting the mouth sees Xiang Qiuqiu no longer, outside changing the line of sight to the window, but her some fawn chaos bumps into present heart. And because,see Xiang Sumeng at the same time just oneself amuse the Ma Chunqiu that she is returned actually and gets angry like the child to feel for an instant oneself this streak may be too sensitive the attitude that recalls pair of Su Meng and still produced jealousy to her, one rises in the heart compunctious. “Su Meng, my airline ticket tomorrow, you should not send me. ” has Su Meng turned does the head look at Qiu Qiu ” so fast? ” ” right, because of me pa urges me to go back all the time, so I was ordered. ” ” then I will send you tomorrow. ” ” good elder sister people, those who write down so that elder sister can think you. ” ” I also can think you autumn. ” to school wheeler age He Sumeng gets off together, one when the hand pulls a hand after taking a paragraph of route, each other go toward respective examination room. This is friendship, after each other had taken a paragraph of the most precious run, each go straight towards a thing to be hit for respective future go all out, experience is temporary sad with unsuccessful hind, those leans close each other again here cheer encourage continue next again josh is worn once each other dry ration word.

Inside L apartment, the bedgown joining system that the shower room that visits float to give birth to Cong Sumeng came out to find lubricious kitten of a yellow palm in Su Meng’s chest is put on take a mobile phone to begin to be patted oneself again subsequently to specular laugh. The edge is patted return an edge to think original Su Meng likes this kind of clothes so, this dress is apparent I am wearing as it happens, this won’t be she gives what I buy, hahaha. (author greatly: Thinking of to consider always is this kind of person actually, also too narcissism. Gu Fu is unripe: Shut up, still not be you must write me so bud. ) the decorate that subsequently Gu Fu gave birth to to walked along circuit to visit Home Su Meng in detail in Home Su Meng again and a few caboodle are in the Baconian box of the corner. At first considers float to was born in Baconian box to find admire of piggy of a pink to surprise again next from the dinosaurian doll that a green found again below the case. His left hand takes pink piggy admire to surprise, the right hand takes green dinosaur to sit on the floor to play had game. Give pink piggy dub first with the sound that loses infirmly ” ah ah, help, do not eat me. ” use coarse sound say again then ” Hahaha, powdery pig, there are us only now 2 people here, you suffer dead! ” be in consider float to be born at the moment stand up say ” you look at green dragon to still have me. ” the piggy doll that word Bi Gu Fu gives birth to the dinosaurian doll green and pink is kicked together fly. Making is to feel too dull to Gu Fu is born to delay Baconian case again before search again search amused just thinking of the right hand to be built by a pile of book with respect to lay a finger on so the CD box below, gu Fu was born to drag CD box see only above writing two words Huang Pian. Did not think of Su Meng is in the home to still see this kind of thing did not think of ah did not think of, wait for her to come back to say her well certainly.


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