The 19th chapter I 广州百花园登录am you who (2)

” float is unripe have bud ” curtilage 99 / , this chapter in all 2239 words, update at: 2017-11-19 16:31

The Shengnulike considering surplus that lies on the bed makes countenance, because is Su Meng helping his disrobe ” how is this leather belt solved? ” the chatelaine place that Gu Fu looks at to be born by the side of Su Meng is considering at the same time how unlock. And Gu Fu is born to feel the bath fire inside his body is in faintly one step by step burn gas, the leather belt that hopes Su Meng lets off he and him lets him sleep so one evening became good. Su Meng took the chatelaine that the mobile phone gives birth to to Gu Fu to take piece of picture immediately, ascend small gain to begin to enquire all-purpose netizens. Netizen A: Press the skin buckled the printing above to be able to be opened, su Meng saw the printing position of chatelaine ministry press, as expected chatelaine is buckled. Su Meng replies immediately thank netizen, thank you, opened. Netizen A: Wish you have a happy night, ancient be able to bear or endure. The reply heart that Su Meng looks at a netizen thinks she pounds so simple chatelaine unexpectedly roused a long time. (author greatly: The bud with our simple idea Yours Excellency) the trousers that the Su Meng after putting down a mobile phone gives birth to Gu Fu drags next conveniently to be put to the side, the head place that slipper go to bed takes to Gu Fu unripe, two little hands pull a Gu Fu to gave birth to the shirt on shoulder to be dragged with respect to upgrade, this Gu Fu gave birth to the heart that thinks dead to have, it is not good to take the pillow take the pillow directly? Why to want arduous gas to drag him, it is good below his arm to was strapped already quickly by the shirt, listen only when such wanting ” hoarse ” , very good, it is the sound that the shirt is ripped to rot. Gu Fu’s unripe two arm temporary lodging during a trip is cracked gave two Dakouzi. Before going up immediately, Su Meng is examined ” give a talking-to, this dress quality is too poor also. ” of embarrassed of embarrassed of word Bi Su Meng when when realizing whats oneself just did, be late already, because she is not affirmatory,to tomorrow Gu Fu survives can greet to photograph of her smiling face. Think of will want to go, su Meng decides 36 plan go for the best thing to do most safe, then she took a mobile phone to take her room. And the Gu Fu that lies on the bed was born to send eventually at a heat, when this wife does not look to pull him feebly, effort is true not small. The Gu Fu that just should rise is unripe hear corridor has the sound that walk to had lain to pretend afresh again immediately already drunk dead dream is unripe, narrow have sth in mind sees Su Meng goes covertly to the front of Gu Fu gives birth to a body again only, hey, what just go is too urgent forget him to build a quilt. Stretch one’s hand the quilt that lifts Gu Fu to give birth to a body to fall comes, the result discovers the survival that consider surplus is pressed in heart of the Su Meng on the quilt to want to want her only deft smoke a quilt to go, and Gu Fu is born in the heart already him place oneself at the thing outside, follow her, I admitted. Two closefisted are grasping Su Meng closely of the quilt go to at the same time backed down emphatic begins to pull a quilt on one pace defensive position, phut, it is the sound that article drops. The Gu Fu that goes up when bed of the discovery after Su Meng pulls a quilt was born not to see run at once the across of the bed looks, see Gu Fu is unripe only bend over to go up, I want not to awake after all, beside Su Meng has crouched the time that visits float to be born in the heart to thinking in Gu Fu to be born ” I am sorry, I am not intended, I want to build next quilts to you. ” Su Meng is special the say of apology. Subsequently, is Gu Fu unripe flat pretend to awake ” how do I go up? ” Gu Fu of the uprear before going up at once gives birth to Su Meng ” you are malty, drop got out of bed. ” ” oh. ” this woman lies need not of scratch! Gu Fu is unripe pretend body station is bad that Xiang Sumeng goes. The pushs Gu Fu to be born chest body that drops into the Su Meng that is pressed below the body in the center of big bed to do his utmost with little hand with respect to such two people in pairs is ceaseless still in twist ” move me again but impolite. ” the Su Meng since the noise of upper part of sound Cong Sumeng of a thick shape ability is quiet come down, direct deadlocked stays in the body that this weird pose and the air with two ambiguous worlds invite Su Meng to breathe repeatedly not dare too loud. “That, you are drunk, can fasten so pressing me, my fast asthma not take offense. ” word Bi, gu Fu is unripe maintain a body to be in double leg genuflect Su Meng double leg two side, both hands supports the neck either side in her. Whole and lofty body Fu come down the Su Meng that abstruse black eye is staring at a body to fall closely. Su Meng’s heart clicks the name that called sound him gently ” Gu Fu is unripe. ” ” hum. ” his eye eye was staring at her to respond to sound continuously. “Gu Fu is unripe you are fast rise, you are drunk! ” ” Su Meng. ” the person that lays personally had lost patience to saying impatiently ” work! ” ” do since these days get along, you feel me how? ” the person that lays personally is stupefied slightly will soon to somewhere else in a low voice say ” what how, not such. ” ” Su Meng. ” Gu Fu gave birth to to call out her again softly, su Meng is direct of be flushed look at his silent not to make a sound rise. “Answer me. ” ” quite good ah. ” hear the speech that still calculates satisfaction to consider float to give birth to a smile since extensive of corners of the mouth ” then I am you who? ” Su Meng is given birth to by Gu Fu this word from the back asks, I am you who? Su Meng is staring at Gu Fu to be born abstruse the eye eye that contains a smile remembers them from encounter present picture. I am you who? Su Meng. Thought Su Meng does not know to want what to answer to staring at Gu Fu to be born all the time so for ages. Gu Fu gives birth to those who lie in Su Meng to turn over agily aside ” think well to you are 3 days of time, give me a satisfactory answer. ” word Bi Gu Fu is unripe rise toilet.

Su Meng rises the bedroom that returns oneself lies on the bed twice to put staring at the ceiling for nothing thinking just thing, a piece perfect is person mind even in all the face of anger, the eye eye below dashing eyebrows still has the lip of a piece of moderate, wait, is Su Meng to considering an issue? How to begin to make a flower crazy? Su Meng sits immediately a body general leg dish the shuts an eye to think Gu Fu is born to say with her word that rises take to hold pillow in the arms to put the both hands on the leg to hold a bosom in the arms casually, to you 3 days of time think well, give me a satisfactory answer. Su Meng, I am you who? his him settle on? How likely? Teleplay clue can not be such, home of characters in a play female advocate appearance is very melting the figure also is one class club, see oneself before is masses face adscititious not dash forward hind is what do not become warped whole one scrip person ah his him settle on which? “It is grand of partial pillow Jing as before the season of 2 words fall asleep, candlelight Xing Song can chat slow with her however all night. seem lifetime worry is obliged one person will solve. ” be in at this moment since noise of mobile phone bell ” hello autumn. ” ” bud bud disturbs you so early is to feel embarrassed really. ” (Ma Chunqiu thinks Su Meng still is in new York. ) ” how occupied? , you say. ” phone that Ma Chunqiu since become reconciled friend after talking that is faint uneasiness always in the heart does so the decision call ask Su Meng but how to know to should say again ” autumn don’t you have a thing? ” ” do not have a thing to do not have a thing to think I want to ask you a thing but do not mind. ” ” you say hum hum. ” ” it is you have a holiday this paragraph of time has seen, had seen that person? ” ” what person? ” ” consider float to be born namely. ” Su Meng heart clicks subsequently the phone continues that again say ” calculated you to had not seen I ramble today for certain bazaar when see him. ” ” ah? Oh, what do you ask me this is to want to say then? ” of in fear and trembling of Su Meng heart ask ” does the plan that I decide bud bud to carry out me ahead of schedule succeed no matter does your metropolis support me to be opposite? ” ” right, what should you do after all so? ” ” I should be born to Gu Fu profession. ” click Su Meng heart rolled to rise at a draught, qiu Qiuxi considers float happily to be born, when is Qiu Qiu known Gu Fu is born? Is accost returned below the case that considers float to be born in her not to know Qiu Qiu? After a chain of problem has delimited from inside Su Meng’s head that Ma Chunqiu is opposite the phone again subsequently what does she say she is already automatic screen do not know even the phone that how oneself hang to finally. What she knows only is Qiu Qiu also likes Gu Fu to be born.


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