The 10th chapter: It is really good t广州98场推荐o come home

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Shu Qing is carrying the baggage of packets of big packet, give family bought gift, gave a railway station to still do not have a few paces, see father walked over, had received the luggage in her hand, laughing to ask she is cold.

Not cold, can think you.

Car of 2 people drive comes home, mom is waiting in the doorway.

Half an year disappears, easy fine monkey gave mom urgently a hug. Mom laugh laughs looking at her

Disappear for ages, baby daughter.

Hum, do you think me?

The little brother comes out from the room, the say that pretends to get angry.

Old Mom every day talk about again and again, my ear removes chrysalis child.

Mom hit him, with respect to you the word is much, the edge is pulling Shu Qing to take the door, speed comes.

She enters her room, clear away good baggage, went cheerfully.

Alarm alarm nose, she asks, mom, what to do delicious ah. Very sweet.

Mom laugh, hungry, go quickly washing one’s hands had a meal.

The second also comes out to wash one’s hands had a meal. Mom calls a little brother.

Had on dining table long-unseen lively, father is the person of a little speech originally, just show an a few softness before family only. The little brother is a happy fruit, ceaseless funny mom is happy, the be in harmony of its Le Rong that a meal has.

After the meal, shu Qing is being grabbed go be being washed, mom is barring blame do not let, do not have method easy fine to follow mom to chat by with respect to the station, if two people are together, mother and daughter inscribes total meeting many somes. The child of which kin has what to work. Which daughter is married go out. The pet that joins which neighbour lost mom to also can be told with her.

Her silent audition is worn, answering softly. Shu Qing can be experienced those who get mom is happy, when oneself go to school before, with the little brother two people are hit fight noisely be troubled by, always be lively in the home, and oneself graduated now, the little brother also begins in residence. Father often works to not be in the home again, mom a person always is loneliness. when she may feel mom has the Suo that nod . And what she thinks now is can much one minute is waited for beside mom with respect to many minutes. Making is to began to work, those who knew the life is not easy, also experienced years mom a young girl burnish becomes the appearance nowadays. Her orbit is a little red. Holding mom in the arms from backside.

Be like is to feel her mood is something wrong, mom asks her later

How ah,

I do not have a thing, her gangmaster is touched in mom’s shoulder, think you namely.

Father comes out to receive water, the mood that sees two people not very is right, jokingly.

You this daughter came back I do not have a position, see look of affectionate of this mother and daughter. Be afraid of is I and son want pack up and quit to go person.

A word dissolved depressed atmosphere.

Shu Qing looks at father to follow a little brother, feel a such home is really good.

Took skill machine to send a message to give desolate the gentleman.

I arrived home, it is really good to come home.

Favour, his very quick response.

I can give you a home as soon as possible. He says.

Ground of easy fine swiftly blushed to rise,

The little brother saw her say, what central heating leaves is too sufficient. The face that sees old a general term for young women hold back is red.

Easy fine worry is carried to defeat, gas kicked him urgently one foot.

Mom, you see my elder sister bully me.

Mom is laughing to look at two people, not answer,

Really prejudicial, elder sister came back not to want me.

Two people with a giggle fought noisely a long time to just stop.

Shu Qing secretly want, favour it is really good to come home.


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