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One big in the morning, han Mu makes a noise with respect to the alarm clock of the set on mobile phone be been in by him woke, lie on the bed, before extending the desk that puts a mobile phone with the hand, that mobile phone looks, time is early still, plan of Han wash one’s hair is sleeping of the meeting, but saw there are a few to did not receive an incoming message on the mobile phone, of Shen Mengxi, before dawn was hit last night! Han Mu Zao went to dreamland in those days, do not know why present schoolgirl likes to stay up late, phone you in the depth of night next!

Han Mu is answered stirred the past. “Dream brook, looked for me to have what thing last night, malty last night, feel embarrassed to did not receive your telephone call… “

“Are you malty? Drink which, do not call me actually, kill me a person was bought alone in dream brook bar last night drunk, even tell the person that tell, think of you made a telephone call to you, result… “

“I go, how! How does your mayor a thousand pieces of gold go to the sort of place again! How does your mayor a thousand pieces of gold go to the sort of place again!!

“I am willing, I am waiting for you in the 7th space, come quickly! Come quickly!!

The 7th space is house of a tea with milk, han Mu washs gargle, dress 2 do not be stupefied ascend walked out of guesthouse, barred a taxi goes going to on the road the 7th space.

Han Mu comes to the 7th space, sit beside had not gone in to see Shen Mengxi full schoolgirl, with her about the same big, have young woman also have element colour, once somebody asks Han Mu says you is to like gay feminine attire or quiet colour, han Mu thinks, say element colour. That person asks why, if be element colour,Han Mu says to add bit of young woman I do not have an opinion, if rely on gay feminine attire completely, that waits for her discharge makeup is very terrible! That person hears Han Mu so say, do not have on the spot language… !

“Do you come? ” Shen Mengxi sees Han Mu asks.

The girl beside her also has turned entirely the head sees Xiang Hanmu, have despise, also have those who despise, nevertheless Han Mu did not look in the eye, because have some of girl such, you have money is a day, cite a case, sit femaly on the chair, you take a flower to propose to her, she two legs lock, and you take a ring to propose to her, two legs are stretched! This is distinction.

“Is these a few knowing? “Is these a few knowing??

Han Mu also did not see those a few schoolgirls talk with Shen Mengxi directly however.

“Should drink tea with milk not? I am asked! I am asked!!

“You are asked with respect to you please, I want strawberry taste! I want strawberry taste!!

Very adv unimaginably the daughter of a mayor, can be actually such… …

“Of strawberry flavour? How are you female? How are you female??

“Actually, I also am considering this issue. I also am considering this issue..

Shen Mengxi is taking strawberry tea with milk to be put to the front of Han Mu is close. “How do you think then? “How do you think then??

“Such I wanting, I am me is a boy and proud, although present girl very be very popular, but the girl has a drawback, every month should come so, quite troublesome, still have ah should give birth to the child… “

Shen Mengxi listens Han Mu so say, nearly is gone to by choke! But Han Mu truly Bei was urged, because Shen Mengxi is excited, just drank the tea with milk into the mouth gush come out, han Mu sits be opposite her! So Han Mu by gush one face…

The everybody that is doing is to be stupefied!

Dream brook said a few I am sorry repeatedly, carry on the back from oneself LV hastily in take out paper to brush a face.

Han Mu is helpless, the brook that wait for a dream has been brushed for him, han Mu Cai says: “Dream brook ah… do not take so play! “Dream brook ah… do not take so play!!

Shen Mengxi also did not say what, pulling Han Mu to walk out of house of tea with milk, the car that approaching her goes.

“See you so… the hair also did not work! I help you freely blow dry… get on a car! I help you freely blow dry… get on a car!!

“Those who drive how to be blown is dry? “Those who drive how to be blown is dry??

“Wait for meet you know! Sit good cough up, fasten good safety belt. Fasten good safety belt..

Han Mu also did not say what, strung safety belt, abrupt car is quickened suddenly, han Mu’s body arrives before face, can psych out him! “Piao! Super start! Super start!!

“Hey, etc can meet more bright! Etc can meet more bright!!

Han Mu sees accelerator! Had gone to 120, still rising continuously! “Dream brook! That… quality of your this safety belt is good! I can not want to die young! I can not want to die young!!

Shen Mengxi laughs, had turned the head is right say of Han wash one’s hair: “Take the sunglass before car glass, help me incidentally also morbid. Help me incidentally also morbid..

Han Mu has taken sunglass, side crosses a body forward Shen Mengxi, shen Mengxi changes the head to Han Mu, han Mu does not weigh not gently be taken to Shen Mengxi, light scent waves between her hair silk. “You… really sweet… ” Han Mu’s voice is very small.

“What do you say? Bit louder! Had sat, I should be quickened! I should be quickened!!

Han Mu did not talk, at this moment this car of Shen Mengxi is out of shape, became racing bike travel, the fender on Han Mu their head in the future closes! The car glass in front fell, a little low Han Mu their head so a bit! “Lean! True NB of your this car! True NB of your this car!!

Shen Mengxi is driving a car random in the urban district violent wind, do traffic order… the technology that she 17 years old drives still is not a lid really! Have by a finger’s breadth a few times the car with respect to dash against others, but Shen Mengxi is abrupt Buddhist templeput on the brakes get off, added accelerator suddenly to fly next, still hit drift sometimes! “Hello! Dream brook, I say you drive slow point, nevertheless gas came to my fast kick… “

“The policeman comes! ” Han Mu Ting is opposite aloud to sound dream brook say.

Shen Mengxi is very calm, accelerator or the upgrade in loiter loiter go up in 240 are done not have much further! “Irrespective, such ability are exciting! Hey! You saw your hair work, and still this how… “

Han Mu sees him hair, discover all the vertical stroke of a root rose, with boast on the west You Li that by that person of spider finishing same! “This… we still jockey! Be being chased after at the back of the family! Be being chased after at the back of the family!!

Han Mu has the car of a few policemans to be being chased after at the back of them, a policeman still is taking microphone toward Han Mu they cry!

“But I had not played enough… “

Han Mu does not talk, it is the eye supports in upgrade all the time only, forward first! Meaning that is to say: “The hair worked, is this you say what the hair works to let me? Worked now, so… “

Had done not have a little while, shen Mengxi stopped car, left a car with Han Mu, stand beside the car, shen Mengxi draws out a phone, knowing is to who hit.

The car of a few policemans also stops opposite them, a few policemans come down to move toward Han Mu in the car they. “You follow me twice… ” that policeman word did not say, received a telephone call.

That policeman is a face first one black, be opposite next Han Mu their say ” you two can go. Be opposite next Han Mu their say ” you two can go..

Shen Mengxi also did not manage that policeman, sit car and Han Mu went!

Just Shen Mengxi phoned her old father, she is old pa was to say Shen Mengxi first, next the assistant that he hit him lets he and policeman team say. So they do not have Han Mu thing cough up!

In the 7th space! “Handsome young man, with us dream brook went out to sneak away circuit, handsome a lot of! With a ha breath out… ” with Shen Mengxi a few that hairs that see Han Mu laughed, and very loud!

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