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Ji Wei gave Wei Yan the book in elevator mouth, wei Yan also does not have empty explanation, took a book to answer a bag with respect to flurried ground. Ji Wei is to know what attend a party tonight to who have, that fellow also can attend maybe, she is not accident.

Ji Wei did not want to be avoided intentionally, also not be willing to meet with him again of course, approach the long hair of approach and waist, conveniently wore guaze mask, pressed the pushbutton of elevator.

When elevator door opens, a man took the lead in squeezing go in, immediately, a mawkish wine gas diffuses in narrow space.

Season osmund know is a play staff plum assistant director, listen to Ling Ran to say, this plum assistant director is in circle, notorious, like to go especially regulation just entered the girl of travel. Nevertheless, bypass privacy does not talk, this plum assistant director, it is photography one’s previous experience, the idol play that comes out via be being patted in his hand, the picture is qualitative admirable, colour is extremely beautiful, this also is the account that a surname cease uses him.

Ji Wei pulls guaze mask subliminally, lean toward elevator edge.

Plum assistant director is drunk drunkly, finish closet, stand on corridor to breathe freely fully originally, catch a glimpse of Wei Yan is chatting with a girl, his shoot a glance at, was attracted by Ji Wei instantly, this ability abandoned returning a bag, instead follow at sb’ heels is worn she went up elevator.

This circle, those are dark, sordid affair, we all knows how to return a responsibility, plum assistant director still is become only Ji Wei is enter newly of travel small transparent, he does this travel became long, know bird of this kind of cole is best begin, give a dot benefit a little, with respect to the pole on the meeting affix come.

The number of elevator an one layer leap, the dim light of night is late already, in elevator also person of it doesn’t matter.

Stop when B2 when elevator, ji Wei issued elevator, plum assistant director followed to come up as expected, pace returns some stagger, “Which broker company are you? Looking is look unfamiliar very. Looking is look unfamiliar very..

Ji Wei does not respond him.

Plum assistant director is not angry also, grinning path: “Do you know who I am? ” saying, want to pull her.

Ji Wei keeps away from his hand, leng Leng says: “Li Dao, bother you to put esteem to nod. Bother you to put esteem to nod..

Plum assistant director eye shines, “Oh, little girl looks is to know me, since know I, nature should know to follow me to have a lot of profit. Be inferior to such, you accompany me overnight, do I strive for a small part to you how? Do I strive for a small part to you how??

The salty pig hand of greasily, extended come over.

Ji Wei is angry, raise a hand to include the hand that separated him.

Plum assistant director still does not abandon, take everything into one’s own hands lives Ji Wei’s artifice. Ji Wei is like with respect to skin as a child coagulate fat, the skin is more delicate a little a bit rougher cloth, can grind piece red imprint come.

By surprise is captured by him artifice, on Ji Wei’s fine artifice, immediately purple circuit.

“Let go! Unlock me! Unlock me!!

“Not bashful, make me close! Make me close!!

Ji Wei be ashamed angry, raise portfolio to be gone to plum be bungled on the head of assistant director.

Plum assistant director is frowsty hum, loosened she, ji Wei sees state, face about runs, plum assistant director where agrees to be in an unfavorable situation, big step is in hot pursuit.

Plum assistant director thinks oneself also is a person that the head has a face, by little girl is bungled in cheek, immediately is angry, added wine interest to also come up, swear to catch her in one’s hand, firm firm devastate.

Ji Wei runs hurriedly, there was not an obstacle before the attention, one not careful be blundered be in the ground, plum mouth of fission of assistant director great laughs, before going up directly, press her.

Kick of season osmund stretch one’s legs he, his a bit does not become aware, must kiss her cannot.

Portfolio is bungled on the face to be born ache unripe ache, plum assistant director bate, spank fan was in on her Bai Yu’s immaculate face, ji Wei feels corners of the mouth is burning only, there also is a place in the head muddled, it[……]


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Ji Zixun goes abroad to have a week, xia Liang dare not call to him, one is to be afraid that he is busy, another is she is too busy after receiving a holiday, had asked for leave a lot of times originally, more want good good work energetically to just go, everyday so tired that resemble a dog, poor breathing space spits dribble! !

To Zhou Yiqing, this 8, if it were not for considers thunderbolt to call to her this day midday, she does not know tomorrow is the day of Gu Ting marriage absolutely! !

“Fine, tomorrow is the day that I marry, can not forget, you dare not see you are hit later. ” Gu Ting’s tender sound pretends of bully gas say, she is not the first day knows him, he just won’t lay a person, knead the head that kneads her at most.

Say, does Gu Ting express palpability early to become her is the little sister? Zhou Yiqing thinks in those days oneself, from bashful, conversation meets blushing little girl, turn so careless man into the mother-in-law, this disposition also is quite weighty.

Think now, had wind of boreal celestial bodies fortunately, not bad she passes without the fault. . . . .

“Learn to grow you to be at ease, I am being written down, when to begin tomorrow morning? I am certain and punctual arrive! ” Zhou Yiqing clears away a thing to come off work, listen to Du Jie to say, lin Tianze should be away on official business half many months, be a week only originally, also took Du Jie later, saying want slow-witted half month.

“Still think you forgot, when to begin me to still do not know really, marry for the first time after all. Ah. ” Gu Ting some feel embarrassed say, “Listen to them to say I want to receive a bride to blowout next of what, reckon behind schedule arrives, nevertheless you are at ease, bridal spot still is high school classmate a little, you won’t of a person. You won’t of a person..

“True ah, too good, was opposite learn to grow, you are extraordinary tension, hahahaha. . . ” Zhou Yiqing is afraid of sit elevator does not have signal, here is flat hit a phone to go again. Actually she fears time namely went working over there sitting, a person also is not known.

“Nervous what, of my old man, was opposite, you can come at 10 o’clock, invitation card does not forget took, forget to also never mind nevertheless, it is good to call to me to moment, do not forget take your boy friend, be being written on invitation card. Be being written on invitation card..

Zhou Yiqing one , mixing did the high school that consider thunderbolt remember the defect of her forgetful only? ! She is early after working actually with respect to give up this defect, oh!

Gu Ting’s invitation card obviously National Day sends her the following day, just went 6 days oneself unexpectedly so forget, really strange, is the thing about him to be put on the heart all the time previously?

“Good I knew to learn to grow, that learns to grow, I am occupied still, was hanged first! ” the reason that Zhou Yiqing calls up hastily is, wind of boreal celestial bodies comes up unexpectedly look for her! !

See on Zhou Yiqing one second still laughs ah breathe out call, see he resembled doing guilty thing to call up euqally, wind of boreal celestial bodies very accurate, a piece of black face goes, the colleague of the office went, fortunately remnant she is one, she knows summer is cool eventually experienced.

Zhou Yiqing is guilty because she and Gu Ting call,not be wind of celestial bodies is afraid of north knows, however she just thinks now, she still does not have the thing of invitation card and wind of boreal celestial bodies says, those a few days of travel of what forgot, after coming back, work all the time more do not remember.

Said again, wind of boreal celestial bodies and Gu Ting not ripe, had seen one side, does he go working ah right incorrect? ! !

“One face is guilty! Carrying on the back again I and which tough man calls! It is that to sell a ministry. . That who? ” wind of boreal celestial bodies is looking at her commandingly, the body leans on the table slightly.

Formfitting business suit of black, the cravat of white shirt and black is inside, the meticulous hairstyle that comb, white tender skin, delicate facial features, thick black brow go up to be being carried.

Zhou Yiqing sits on the chair to becoming warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee, be full of interest staring at wind of boreal celestial bodies.

“Your mom has told you, are you very handsome? ” Zhou Yiqing is laughing to say, a wo[……]


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In the evening at 9 o’clock, the inpatient department inside city hospital.

“Did you wake? How? Very ache? ” Xu Lei is maintaining malty body to go straight towards a hospital madly all the way, fortunately knives is not long, insert not greatly, and send a hospital in time, life of it doesn’t matter is dangerous.

“Hospital? ” big eye of goosefoot heart pistil turns everywhere, want to sit up next, abdomen aches one blast.

“Do not move do not move! Do not rise! Affect cut bad. ” Xu Lei increases the bed rapidly.

“Group leader! You drank so much wine obviously, how to send me to come to a hospital even! It is not good to look for a clinic casually, how does disaster of dispatch a vehicle do! ” Xu Lei is scolded to be stupefied by her, what he did not think of is, she worries about this moment, still be him, got hurt with respect to Lian Ganggang still fearing he has a thing unexpectedly! Just the doctor says, because she is a little anaemic, worked so long dinner has not eaten, just be scared again, just faint so. Xu Lei at the moment self-condemned, he himself is sad still harmed others unexpectedly! !

Li Xinrui sees he is silent all the time look at oneself, a word also does not say, suddenly some feel embarrassed, pale little face had a few blush eventually. “Right, I am sorry ah group leader, I ought not to so scold you, hahahaha. . . I do not have a thing now, you come home rest! ” Li Xinrui restores at ordinary times careless, laughed a few times to cover abdomen.

“Fool! Your cut still has been done not have! ” Xu Lei got angry suddenly, eye of Li Xinrui pop, how? How to get angry suddenly. She never can have seen Xu Lei is angry, can this tender man get angry unexpectedly? The word that didn’t she say what is beyond the mark? Li Xinrui’s brain is running in high speed.

“Just who lets you block that for me! Don’t you know I am a man! How can the man’s constitution compare a schoolgirl strong! If you go out,finish sth how to do! Fool! ” Xu Lei at a heat of Balabala scold come out, be stupefied what Li Xinrui scolds. Brows closely pursy.

See such group leader hey for the first time! ! Very handsome how to do! Li Xinrui laughed, “Group leader! Your angry model is very handsome! How to do, like you more and more! ! ” speak out subliminally, instant of goosefoot heart pistil is low first, blush do not become model. Ah ah. . How to speak out not carefully! ! The heartbeat is very fast ah how to do! ! Very nervous! !

Xu Lei also did not think of Li Xinrui unexpectedly so confess, also do not know why, do oneself have unexpectedly some… glad? ?

“I am sorry group leader! I… that, I am… “

“Fool! ” Xu Lei stands up, face about, because of him present, blushed. . . “I go out to buy dinner, you rest well. ” say to go, look resembling is be defeated and flee.

Li Xinrui still is in bashful in the center, listen to him so say, those who feel some happiness is not quite true, only what abdomen transmits is prickle really, remind her, this is true! That boy that liked for ages, she all the time far wait-and-see, all along not excessive begs him to see her too much, and now, favorite person is beside, and it is to caring oneself, worry about oneself, this kind of feeling, how should describe? Giggle of goosefoot heart pistil for ages.

— — the peak of the sea of clouds — —

Eat dinner happily…

“Zhou Yiqing, did not see really you can eat so, went in dish a place of strategic importance with respect to difference. ” ” envious? Have ability you also eat so much to still can carry a figure like me! ” ” doesn’t the bosom have cerebral figure greatly? ” the boreal day young son’s faint bosom that looks at Zhou Yiqing, next by clutch.

Cough cough… good, have some of little unpleasantness, what doesn’t But affect however. The sip that wind of boreal celestial bodies is taking grace of tall foot goblet readily, the expression that looks at Zhou Yiqing lingering tender, the disclose of summerly cool elbow that sits opposite disclose Ji Zixun, he sees hint, cannot think of Ji Shuai grows the hugging with faint hand greatly Xia Liang’s waist, in her side side blows air, “Irrespective, I can let you have hard in that way — — bosom! ” Ji Shaoyan grows that word, what Xia Liang still thinks he says is a figure, unexpectedly…

“Want the person of 30, how don’t still have honest! Smelly rogue! ” Xia Liang flies knives of a few eyes goes, ji Shuai takes the chance to go up in person she, it is shallow kiss was unlocked only.

“Day ah you a[……]


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Ji Zixun’s tepid old hand cuddle is worn Xia Liang is thin thin waist, be full of interest look at her. “Guess your younger sister ah Ji Zixun! Have you so fearsome! You say, you are the Suo Qiao of my home! ” the smiling face that Xia Liang looks at his remain calm, gas does not make one part, frighten her really good! !

Ji Zixun does not answer her question, raise eyebrow, “Do you just say who is big strong? Hum? Hum??

“Who answers me who is! ” Xia Liang also learns his that trick.

“Oh? ” Ji Zixun lowers his head to be by the side of her ear, expiratory be like orchid, “It is a bit big, do long you were used to. Do long you were used to..

“Ji Zixun! You, you this smelly rogue! ! Can not mean! ” Xia Liang be ashamed gets a face red.

Although pink is returned,looking at Xia Liang is a little pale little face, cuddle wears Ji Zixun she enters room, those who take off oneself the coat wraps around to go up in her body, look this girl is frightened by oneself really. “Wind is so big how to wear more a bit. ” wear? She now can be a suit cold sweat good!

“Come less! Say quickly, how you come in! Row ah season always, skill be good at! ” Xia Liang pushs cuddle to wear oneself Ji Zixun, ji Zixun has some of flattery hug closely she. “Good did not get angry, I am sorry, frighten you, who calls you to follow word of other man electrify? Do not do guilty thing to not be afraid that ghost knocks. ” cuddle is worn Xia Liang sits on sofa.

“Bah bah! Ghost what ghost, I ask how you come in! ” ” the key that the uncle gives me, he is afraid that your person is in the home insecure. Do not believe you to call ask? ” this word is true, before just coming, go seeing Xia Xinghui, tell him the thing of cafeteria, he gives him the key, still say he is old, the body cannot wait a few years, think breakfast holds grandchildren in the arms. Do not have evil as expected not business! ! Xia Liang knows to be enraged dead absolutely!

Insecure? He just is safe least of all! Respecting went up this, need not calling to also know is true. “You give me pa brainwashing! How is he met does for no reason at all give you the key? ” the goggle at of Xia Liang doubt him, push him to stand up, one Mi Yuan, safe distance.

“He says… ” Ji Zixun halt, tick off to Xia Liang tick off a hand, xia Liang shakes shake one’s head, “The word says to fart is put, call me to worked in the past! Call me to worked in the past!!

“Good, you did not come over to calculate, I also am disinclined to say. ” Ji Zixun touchs the pillow unexpectedly lie on sofa, after he bathes tonight, wore V of a gray to get sweater, adscititious coat of a woolen cloth, the coat is worn in Xia Liang knee reachs on the body. Present Ji Zixun wore sweater only, outline his perfect shape, ji Zixun so time go down, both hands mat is in afterbrain, an as it happens shows belly, the navel eye that Xia Liang saw him still has black small the sexy fine hair on the human body that coil, xia Liang is a little bemused, former man is OK also so sexy! !

Listen to Zhou Yiqing then corrupt daughter says, wool much and black the man that coils again that respect is the fiercest, have desire strong! Xia Liang cannot help pharynx a saliva. Half narrow one’s eyes wears Ji Zixun fox soon she, corners of the mouth is hanging ambiguous and unidentified laugh all the time. “Ji Zixun, you, you this is act shamelessly! ” Xia Liang sees he is laughing at himself, the gas end some says insufficiently.

“Your missay. ” Ji Zixun stands up, resembling is a hunger long wolf saw food is general suddenly, corners of the mouth is being hanged laugh, the eye is staring at Xia Liang closely, one pace stands by her, “It is Se You! ” Xia Liang pharynx a saliva, back down step by step, was over, ji Zixun’s eyes is very terrible, there are two words only in brain, run! The forehead… a word.

“That I slept very tiredly first you are optional! ” Xia Liang says quickly next start running runs toward the bedroom, coat just is wrapping around originally, this meeting is dropped be on the ground, still need 5 paces, 4 paces, 3 steps… bang! Be caught, outside the door of bedroom be been in by mural Dong of firm firm.

“Run what? ” a hand raises Ji Zixun her chin, forcing she and oneself are opposite inspect, below half body moves bit by bit, sticking Xia Liang closely finally. Summerly cool both hands is maintained in his hard chest, “You you you want to work! “You you you want to work!!

“Are you guessed? ” Ji Shuai is laughing, lower his head next, xia Liang rolls a head rapidly, be wanted t[……]


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After wind of boreal celestial bodies goes, zhou Yiqing is depressed, this thing is some unexpected really, should say with Xia Liang after all? Thinking, xia Liang hum move ditty came back.

“Oh, come back! Come. . . Wait for you, I am starved to death! ” Zhou Yiqing is pulling Xia Liang to sat on sofa in the past rapidly. Xia Liang looks at a table to go up to come out more suddenly a bag of big thing, “You are foolish, wait for my doing ah, hungry still do not eat rapidly. Oh, do you go out to spend money in disorder again? Oh. . . RIO is cocktail! Go really! Local tyrant! ” ” go. . . Fasten a run on a bank I, my where be willing to part with or use spends this member money! Hey hey. . . I say with you, the boss that is you delivers, hahahaha. . . See true person eventually, I see him is not person bewitching! It is simply small suffer! ” the destination that Zhou Yiqing decides not to tell her boreal time to wind comes, exert all one’s strength avulsion topic, she this ask for a favor, show fall too easily.

“All right! Later I am met you this word brings him. ” Xia Liang was laughing to open two bottles of cocktail, take a bottle to give Zhou Yiqing. Zhou Yiqing is white she is one, had received cocktail, “Still can happy amuse oneself! ” ” Hahahaha. . . ” two women laugh, “Cheer! The purse that celebrates me searchs eventually! ” ” cheer! ! ” ” actuate! Starved to death me! ” two people eat to chat at the same time at the same time.

“Empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, who collects your purse? Was opposite, how don’t you ask a family to have a meal? ” Zhou Yiqing very not of the fair maiden eat to say ambiguously at the same time at the same time. “Ah, really artful do you know? It is midday that individual that my within an inch of was hit to save me next by the car, and ah! ! He is your boss Lin Tianze! He still gave me calling card! Still just send me to come back, nevertheless I let him jockey in crossing, myself goes. ” Xia Liang wants to feel to have a reason very much. “Be! It is so good that the boss has? He is in a company but cool, the gravity of one face. The requirement is particularly strict still! ” ” of course, the boss is to employee such, wind of boreal celestial bodies also is, oh, our boss calls boreal celestial bodies wind. Work nevertheless, he or pretty are good. ” one face says Xia Liang admiringly, when fastening Chen Fengping seeing north particularly rambling, the job but serious, this bit of Xia Liang or very those who admire him.

Mention wind of boreal celestial bodies, zhou Yiqing kink, how to circle again came back. “Ah. . . Be? Did not see really. . . ” Zhou Yiqing continues to immerse oneself in suffering to eat, otherwise should say. . . Otherwise should say. . . “Hahahahahaha. . . Dance forest congress this program too do laughed, hahahaha. . . ” Xia Liang within an inch of with respect to laugh so hard as to spew one’s food. “Case. . Ha. . You see that person perform, this also too do laughed. . . ” Zhou Yiqing’s perfunctory laugh, request, where she laughs come out! “Case? How. You are very strange, what see this program is you laugh at ordinary times is louder than me. ” of Zhou Yiqing bang put down a chopstick, side crosses a body to look at Xia Liang, expression is a little earnest, xia Liang is faint feel to have the thing with bad what. .

“Empress or imperial concubine of the first rank. . . I, have a thing I do not know otherwise wants to say with you, i. . . But I couldn’t help. ” Zhou Yiqing wants to smoke his very much two hand, she regretted. “Good, general so after saying, be still to should speak out? Say! A what trouble do you cause again? ” Xia Liang looks at her comically. “Not be my thing, be about you, nevertheless you should promise me, not sad, not sad, went anyway! Must promise me! ” Xia Liang laugh, “Good! I as far as possible! ” Zhou Yiqing organizes a language hard, the about Ji Zixun thing that wind of boreal celestial bodies says to her, duplicated to listen to Xia Liang almost. After Xia Liang listens, did not talk, lower his head to pushing lightly the meal in the bowl, looking to go out is what mood.

“Ouch empress or imperial concubine of the first rank! You promise me not sad and sad, I regretted. . . Early know not to tell you, because I know an uncle two years this the body is bad, I am afraid of you one impulse goes looking for him to ask in those days circumstance, he one excited bad! ” the hand that Zhou Yiqing has played Xia Liang, one feels distressed, the father that she loves most, broke with one’s own hands the man that she loves, she is sad do not know how this are sad. . .

“Ah. . . See what frighten you, I do not have a[……]


” then whose a thousand pieces of gold is not changed ” 4 blessing advance eatas surname / , this chapter in all 1213 words, update at: 2018-01-31 09:28

Liu Xuefei is stupefied, look after one’s death toward him next, did not see admire Nan summit, guan Tong goes say before Liu Xuefei:

“Did not look, my person comes. My person comes..

Next he says to Wu Shun:

“I will tell you why, admire is opposite less you despise actually, although poor the one’s own daughter that is not you, but anyhow depended on each other ten years, you sold her for money, and the person that sold you to be familiar with none, you had thought, in case is what she encounters a hellion how to do? In case she gave you this wolf nest, how to enter tiger’s mouth-jaws of death to do again? How to enter tiger’s mouth-jaws of death to do again??

There was trifling a look of shame eventually on Wu Shun face, but very fast, he raises a head to say:

“Not, I am not complete do not know admire Nan peak, you look, the full wall here is him, phenanthrene like him I know, so, so I just… “

Guan Tong did not answer Wu Shun’s word, look to say to Liu Xuefei however:

“Admire is hiding the truth from you less, it is the father that is afraid that you know you actually unexpectedly so sold you easily, the meeting is very sad, you say all the time, go up in this world most lack close passion, he does not want to let you know, the close affection that you think, arrive flimsily actually can betray for money, phenanthrene, admire loves less to yours, undeserved really do you forgive him? undeserved really do you forgive him??

Liu Xuefei cried, tear is billowy and piece, the Qin Yi Nuo that did not talk all the time aside stretchs his hand her tear says wipe:

“Phenanthrene, everything cannot see the face only, admire is little be can the person of entrust lifetime, all businesses that he does, it is to protect you, this you should be clear! This you should be clear!!

Liu Xuefei looks at the Qin Dynasty to recall Nuo, nod, determination was decided below, also see oneself heart clear, she has felt to think him actually, she sees Xiang Guantong say:

“Guan Tong, take me to look for admire little. Take me to look for admire little..

Guan Tong nods, liu Xuefei and he goes outside together, take room entrance, she halts a footstep again, without face about, sound track wears sound to say sincerely:

“Pa, thank you, sold Mu Nan the peak me. Sold Mu Nan the peak me..

Say, she went, wu Shun poured out of tear eventually, he knows to begin from now, they did not matter really.

“Stay, your home is here most. Your home is here most..

The Qin Dynasty recalls Nuo to say to also go outwards, after Wu Shun logy looks at them to leave, the solilo-quize says:

“Actually, here is early the home that is not me any more. Here is early the home that is not me any more..

Liu Xuefei arrives when renting a house, admire Nan peak still is before that piece of photograph standing, he ases if petrifaction same, motionless station is over there, liu Xuefei goes in he never also is aware of, recall treasure close the door with Guan Tong, leave them the space.

Liu Xuefei goes behind admire Nan peak, stretched his hand to live from backside annulus his waist, admire Nan peak stops up all over, face about comes, saw his little girl as expected, tear is flashy develop an orbit, he holds firmly she, say crackedly:

“Phenanthrene, phenanthrene, my humble. My humble..

Liu Xuefei is listening the name that he is making himself, tear also does not control flowed,

“Nan Nan, I am sorry, make you sad, those who excuse me is not sensible, excuse me. Excuse me..

“Phenanthrene, you do not have a fault, it is me too self-righteous, it is I concealed you, you should be angry, you should hit me to scold me, but, take leave of opens me. Take leave of opens me..

The tone of admire Nan peak close to at beg, in his mood sad with cautious, hate of humble of snow allowing a surname appeared him, why to believe him, why to want to make a person that loves oneself so so sad.

“Nan Nan, I understand eventually, no matter you buy me, I love you, love to love you very much very much. Love to love you very much very much..

“Phenanthrene, not, in my heart you are impayable, thousand priceless. Thousand priceless..

Hearing the speech of tenderness of admire Nan peak, did not think more, liu Xuefei looks up the lip that kissed admire Nan peak, she wants what everything she wants to say be in harmony is[……]


” the sealed incoming message that sends you ” of Xin / , this chapter in all 1973 words, update at: 2018-02-02 14:00

After flash came two years, what Jun Nuo did not resemble Zhong Xiaoqian saying is same, go back head office take-overs Zhong Jia’s business. Endless and such, our company is in of Jun Nuo guide below, became independent to come out from head office, be a branch no longer. We now also is a open and aboveboard average his company!

And I, also rose be worthwhile to go up of course assistant manager, really old day does not lose pains person. Logion says well, flood dragon dragon gets making love, be not the content in the pool eventually. I know, I stay impossibly over to become forever a small staff. Look, want to have good environment only, I can make a meteoric rise. (guilty and guilty)

Said so much, how did I see everybody think those who know is I and Jun Nuo most? A word, old pattern, do not have what spy to fasten.

Go to work every morning, the Jun Nuo after coming off work carries me to go back. When be free, can go out to arrange appointment now and then, busy moment arrives in Home Jun Nuo, he does his work, I do my thing. Pass quite happily comfortable.

Although bland, is nevertheless reality gets along such? Need not dynamic, need not wind storm rain, want two people only well together, now and then fight bicker, is this best ‘ the life that lives happy joy from now on ‘ ideal outcome?

After this day of knock off, jun Nuo if drive as one used to do,send me to come home.

“Supple, your birthday should arrive, what what wants is there? What what wants is there??

I think, say: “It doesn’t matter wants. Namely. . . The hutch that misses you art. The hutch that misses you art..

“Good, what to want to eat? ” Jun Nuo agreed readily.

“Whats go, make you free develop. ” me it is informal that ground of special mild and indirect said 2 words. This, it is my Cong Junnuo there the skill that learns to come back to talk. Admire?

The birthday that time passed me quickly that day. Just, that is weekend, need not go to work. Midday when, jun Nuo accompanied me to eat a meal with pa Mom together, celebrate my birthday. After eating a meal, jun Nuo said to want to go back first plan my birthday in the evening big eat, make me some later just go to his home looking for him until the meal is nodded.

For all that, daylong the home that my faineant early builds a car to come to Jun Nuo with respect to oneself, when guard is in, the course made acoustical call with guard. Perhaps be I came too much second, guard saw I also did not bar I. I come smoothly to doorway of Home Jun Nuo all the way, pressed electric bell.

. . .

Well? How don’t have reaction? Surprised to blame, should won’t be to go out? Be to agree?

I reserve from what Home Jun Nuo drew out in the bag the key, opened the door. I walked into a door to see circuit, the lamp in the home is leaving, can you be a person? Run after all where? Should won’t break an appointment?

I take a kitchen, see a few feed material to be put on the desk, resembling is he is cooking, accomplished a half to go.

I sit on dining table, holding a cheek in the palm with the hand. I give the mobile phone took, want to send a short message to ask where he goes to. Cannot think of, short dispatch just was given out, hear the door was given to open.

“Welcome to come back ~ ” I sit over, greet sb towards the Jun Nuo that just walked into the door to look at a mobile phone.

After Jun Nuo sees me, frighten so that be stupefied: “How do you come so early? ” that flurried expression is really lovely.

My one face great laughs say: “See you make the appearance of dish presumably. Don’t you know? The appearance that you make food for me seriously is the most attractive. Does the thing accomplish a half to run where? Does the thing accomplish a half to run where??

Jun Nuo one face is awkward, closed the door, answer: “Make sauce. “Make sauce..

“Clam? ” I do not have reaction to come over temporarily.

Jun Nuo raises the soy on the hand to say: “Soy was done not have. “Soy was done not have..

I listened to laugh to come out, jun Nuo is double come over, cleared away: “Do not be here hinderous, go the sitting room sits. Go the sitting room sits..

“Is my where hinderous? ” in my mouth although so saying, do not pass or spread out the hand walked the sitting room goes, sit on sofa. Today how? Not be to prepare food for the first time, what to do mysterious ah?

Can sit without how long, I still cannot he[……]


” the sealed incoming message that sends you ” of Xin / , this chapter in all 3372 words, update at: 2017-12-18 14:18

Has somebody thought? If one day, because of certain reason, yourself a person was lost a suburb. There is a mobile phone on the body, without purse, do not have even individual shadow even on the road. What draw out exclusively from the pocket is a few pocket money, with the booth before. You can lay one individual ask for help only, who can you hit?

A how romantic choice is inscribed. But who can think of again. . . Reality is such cruelty unexpectedly! When your true body amid, you just can know, this kind of circumstance one! Dot! Also! Not! Billow! Free! The mildew that poured 8 all one’s life namely at all just can meet this job! All one’s life on me. . . Whats to do after all! ! !

I rise this morning, there is a cup of hot coffee in the hand, sit in window edge, look at downstair people person bearer to go to, much freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting. Today is god-given holiday, need not go to work, eventually can well rest one time!

At this moment, side side transmitted a paragraph of euphonic rhythm. I put down the coffee in the hand slowly, stretch one’s hand took put in aside mobile phone. I allow to looking at the person travel outside the window like that, look to did not see the ground receive had a telephone call: “Hello? ” of big holiday, the thing with extremely big what can you have?

“Hello, supple, are you in A city now? ” the sound that then the head transmitted the phone to be familiar with very much together. I some indissoluble, who be? One big early hit ask I am in do not be in A city. I put away phone, look to phone screen, what show on screen is. . . Manager!

I fell to jump greatly, rapidly gingerly say: “Yes, manager, what thing is there? What thing is there??

“It is good that you are in, it is good that you are in. I just receive a telephone call, that batch of order arrived, need someone goes ordering money. Can you know, put long holiday now, everybody goes out go out, the return to one’s native place of return to one’s native place, nobody is in A city. So ah, supple, the likelihood is about to bother you. The likelihood is about to bother you..

Heard here, it is in my heart break down ah. Manager, why do you feel I do not have a thing to do? My holiday is very busy also, I even. . . Good, I do not have a thing to do really, but also cannot bully the person that the thing does not have to do in a holiday so. The thing is done not have to do in my holiday already very pitiful, you even I go to work in the holiday, this bullies poor person namely at all! In my heart although how think, but I answered helplessly still: “Good manager, not troublesome. ” who calls him is a manager, am I subordinate?

Say, I hanged a phone. Look at the phone in the hand, hit that angrily to receive the hand that hears a telephone call only. Blamed hand, work have an itch to do sth, of big holiday, receive what telephone call. Good now, received alive, how can you still do?

I stood very loathly body, pulling serious step to changed a clothes, took a package, step down a building.

“Mom! Your car receives me to use. ” I take the car key that is hanged on door edge frame, cry to the kitchen.

Mom heard, go from the kitchen, ask curiously: “One big early, go? Appointment? Appointment??

I listened, laugh say: “Want appointment, also should have a boy or girl friend. Do not have an object, date with oneself? There is bit of thing over there the company, need me to go below processing, lunch I do not come back to eat. ” Mom is occupied recently do not have a thing to ask I have a boy or girl friend, looking also is to begin to be me anxious. Nevertheless, I am done not have urgent, mom also is blind worry about.

“Company? Of big holiday, go to work even? ” Mom is knitting brows say. I listened, in the heart silent also assentation. Right, exploit namely at all employee.

“Do not have method, because be a holiday, everybody is absent, be forced to was done by me. ” on my mouth although be so say, but still be 1 billion are not willing in the heart. In this momently, my life first time comes from this city for me and feel unfortunate. If I also come from some other place, also won’t be called the work today. I still needed to take the train return to one’s native place of 5 hours in derisive Sai Ting yesterday, look my Nemesis also is today. Sai Ting, I call in if I said yesterday, can this Nemesis also close?

Think more again trashy also, the miracle still won’t appear. I go to a red car that parks outside the door, pat pat its respecting: “Small red car ah small red car,[……]


” because love to rise,the predestined relationship is encountered ” holy condition laughs / , this chapter in all 2536 words, update at: 2018-02-04 01:00

Yu Qiao is preparing to look for sunlight subsequently, he is a little right now sober the brain of the dot, also immediately some think over thinking, “Is this me? I… the person that is so easy impulse? “…

He is small think of when also did not stop however… ” sunlights, be in? “His illicit talks about her to enquire.

“… “

She did not reply he. Paused a little while, yu Qiao tries jokingly say: “How, won’t have not you finished the task? The dog should sleep! The dog should sleep!!

Setting continues so silent, crossed him a little while to just see she replies eventually again he: “How don’t you still sleep then! “How don’t you still sleep then!!

Yu Qiao replies immediately: “How, was bullied? Was bullied??

“Without, do not have a thing! Do not have a thing!!

“Where are you now? “Yu Qiao enquires again.

“100 beautiful cereal. “100 beautiful cereal..

Did not have Yu Qiao a little while to go, see she is sitting on the stone of brook edge right now, silent.

Yu Qiao went by, jokingly say: “Sunlight can amuse really, sad still look for so elegant place. Sad still look for so elegant place..

“I am done not have! “I am done not have!!

“Without what? “Without what??

“I am done not have sad. “I am done not have sad..

“Does that admit you are funny namely compared? “Does that admit you are funny namely compared??

“Just not be! “Sunlight still denying.

“Still saying is not, your expression has been exposed undoubted. Nevertheless, I hear of, sad girl, become very easily ugly! “Yu Qiao resembling is gally be opposite like young woman student her say.

“… ” she no longer verbal slightly low head! Yu Qiao sat down by her later, “After all how sunlight? “After all how sunlight??

“Was bullied by who say continuously, we am not afraid of, if you are returned so… I am really angry! If you are returned so… I am really angry!!

Occasion as before. Yu Qiao counted 3 seconds in the heart, prepare to rise leave.

“Tall! “…

The big eye ” of a pair of bright calls ” he. This also is her again so appellation him.

Sunlight catch say: “I do not think your incommode, calculated. It is me those who play is bad, ought not to blame others! Ought not to blame others!!

All sorts of multifarious feeling are pressing Yu Qiao, was eliminated by this her word however right now…

Right now, yu Qiao looks at the sunlight that pear flower brings rain before oneself said a word only: “Hum! “Hum!!

Occasion right now silent, not be awkward, do not want to say however, understandable perhaps say to do not have time!

Listening to silent brook flowing drip, sit together together with her, present a picture that likes associate of immortal family dependant, this kind of lasting appeal buried all languages! If say exclusive imperfect place, that may be she is in sad.

Yu Qiao does not need to ask again, also do not need to understand, the feeling already let him know she still is mixed ” ” ined good health once upon a time. And he knew this thing already simply.

Sunlight look at distance as before right now, the place that that his place does not know is looking. Scene is quiet still, it is what to observing probably, also be to be in probably the feeling like recalling move and him!

Dan Lianyu him tall forgot a thing right now, he had extremely big good opinion to her unexpectedly, and care.

Had not known how to long sunlight started to talk eventually: “Tall! You are in, I feel very safe! I feel very safe!!

“Ah! “Yu Qiao was stupefied in the heart, had stopped movement to be enmeshed in the nerve of this kind of lasting appeal, did not know suddenly to analyse, do not know what to should say right now, still be this silent continuity listens she says…

Still did not say finally, it is silent only look at her again, also can saying is to be being admired!

Sunlight catch say: “Do you know! My family is actually faulty, I do not know to now who my mom is. Encounter what thing every time, it is me a person is faced, because I know, even if speak out trashy also! Even if speak out trashy also!!

“Ah! That Where is your father? “Yu Qiao i[……]


” wear the sum quickly to talk about a love greatly ” stop / , this chapter in all 1231 words, update at: 2017-08-08 13:02

Lot always is arrange prevent not as good as give you one stick, to you club of a pawn makes popular feeling unripe cowardly that individual that dare not stand by oneself, miss so then…

Say so, god is not to did not give you that individual however yourself was missed!

This thing tells us to encounter favorite person to go up bravely! Heard?

Lin Yuexi types helplessly replying

YUE: ?  of  of   eulogy?

L: ? Late does crime dispatch of confused  Qian suffer from 8 a surname case of close of chasm bud   of unreal of show off of Bao of apology of wisdom cease  male ” tuft Shu?

YUE: ? Xi of muddleheaded of forgive of suck of hot quail of  of Tuo of honest of Fu tending or guard a gate?

L: ?

RAN: ? Does open and upright break through  discharge comfortable?

L: ? Ship of axil  Jing. Does close of  of  fade live abroad make arrow of post Yu  smooth with a rake does gourd ladle of confused  Lu hang cough of  of bake in a pan of Ye of  of  of wisdom Qiu Jian does  cough confuse Mei male black to hold high be afraid of?

RAN: ? Xiao Q! ! ! Later? Have connection?

L: ? Dream of Sun catfish Ω tries confuse the YUE that risk 

YUE: ?  ?

2 people are silent, state you are strong, transferred topic discussion to rise next other. However forest the girl’s very serious opening the mobile phone found Xi Nian quilt in very few address book really these 3 words… silent… so I know him really ah… Xi Nian quilt.

Days is hasty, flash, forest girl and consider a girl to attend a college. After achievement of the university entrance exam comes out, look at achievement, at the same time kink should go to two people what school, because two people are certainly,be in same of a school

At that time timely rain jumped out, she is Wuli Liu Jin like that classmate

“Come the Supreme Being university ah, read in that before me. It may not be a bad idea of environmental good education “

“That go the Supreme Being ” Gu Chen also very clear-cut decision

Does Lin Yuexi want to say: ? Unplug axil blacks deep and remote shallow hawk blows Qian of border of Fu of Ju of Chinese toon of lot of heart of A Chinese-style unlined garment does the Huaihe River of arm of bursa of ツ of H of excuse me of pry of joyous border of modular  locust rancor?

Does Gu Chen also catch mad: again? Does raw meat or fish of summer of hawk of apology of Gu of the  that install ash make fun of fan of  source Hui the Huaihe River of north of extensive of ostrich of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of crisp  of dead burying  well oh firm Yi Shu of  of ┗ Liang  ?

Does Lin Yuexi pat her humeral: ? Bay willful melt duty.  thinks of?8 of arm of  of the Xi that depend on ruthenium, where is old? Where is old??

“He **0 year old good, I or beautiful virgin ” Gu Chen also get up on one’s hind legs

Lin Yuexi shoot a glance at she one eye laugh: ? ?0 of the  that install extensive year old does the following man have charm more and more? And Childe Li sound of that small artillery piece. . . Click of the tongue of click of the tongue “

Gu Chen also discharge gas: ? Short for the Yihe River of 8  dream and Meng an ancient type of spoon ” . Does thorium of Hou of  round show off exemplary melt does four play?

Did at that time Liu Jin also help forelock up to give groan: like that? Unplug bank of chart of second neck pagoda tree is affectedly sweet?6 of arm of second of the  that peck stand upright ah ah ah… the heart that I still have a Tong Zhen “

Went holding Liu Jin in arms on the Yi Pu that visit day like that: ? Ba Tan.  suckles Zhang to seek ё . ┑ of  cheek pry takes T of ﹏ of  of pure sigh of pay of  Fu collect “

Liu Jin cold-shoulders like that push her: ? Bay be stupefied does graceful four of horsefly of Ju of Chinese toon of border cowardly form make fun of  fluid to carry on the back confuse vanadium of Hua of ド of the chasm that don’t have reason to compare  of delay cane A is ё × cough confused?

Does Lin Yuexi also hold her: in the arms? The height of?70 of locust barren has oppressive sex too. 160 do not bear “

Liu Jin like that sadness a few minutes of: ? Stop Bo sunshine punish?80 above by of 150 be gotten “

Does Gu Chen also jump out again: ? Unplug?67, li Qi 185 Hahaha “

Does Liu Jin see her: with Lin Yuexi like that? Is target stupefied Jia of[……]