” yuan chase after less wife law ” of foam alizarin red alizarin red / , this chapter in all 3245 words, update at: 2017-12-01 13:18

Ji Wei gave Wei Yan the book in elevator mouth, wei Yan also does not have empty explanation, took a book to answer a bag with respect to flurried ground. Ji Wei is to know what attend a party tonight to who have, that fellow also can attend maybe, she is not accident.

Ji Wei did not want to be avoided intentionally, also not be willing to meet with him again of course, approach the long hair of approach and waist, conveniently wore guaze mask, pressed the pushbutton of elevator.

When elevator door opens, a man took the lead in squeezing go in, immediately, a mawkish wine gas diffuses in narrow space.

Season osmund know is a play staff plum assistant director, listen to Ling Ran to say, this plum assistant director is in circle, notorious, like to go especially regulation just entered the girl of travel. Nevertheless, bypass privacy does not talk, this plum assistant director, it is photography one’s previous experience, the idol play that comes out via be being patted in his hand, the picture is qualitative admirable, colour is extremely beautiful, this also is the account that a surname cease uses him.

Ji Wei pulls guaze mask subliminally, lean toward elevator edge.

Plum assistant director is drunk drunkly, fin[……]


” the love of midsummer cool wind you are so old ” eventide fine / , this chapter in all 2298 words, update at: 2016-08-05 23:48

Ji Zixun goes abroad to have a week, xia Liang dare not call to him, one is to be afraid that he is busy, another is she is too busy after receiving a holiday, had asked for leave a lot of times originally, more want good good work energetically to just go, everyday so tired that resemble a dog, poor breathing space spits dribble! !

To Zhou Yiqing, this 8, if it were not for considers thunderbolt to call to her this day midday, she does not know tomorrow is the day of Gu Ting marriage absolutely! !

“Fine, tomorrow is the day that I marry, can not forget, you dare not see you are hit later. ” Gu Ting’s tender sound pretends of bully gas say, she is not the first day knows him, he just won’t lay a person, knead the head that kneads her at most.

Say, does Gu Ting express palpability early to become her is the little sister? Zhou Yiqing thinks in those days oneself, from bashful, conversation meets blushing little girl, turn so careless man into the mother-in-law, this disposition also is quite weighty.

Think now, had wind of boreal celestial bodies fortunately, not bad she passes without the fault. . . . .

“Learn to grow you to be at ease, I am being written down, when to begin tomorrow morning? I am certain and punctua[……]


” the love of midsummer cool wind you are so old ” eventide fine / , this chapter in all 2205 words, update at: 2016-07-25 22:18

In the evening at 9 o’clock, the inpatient department inside city hospital.

“Did you wake? How? Very ache? ” Xu Lei is maintaining malty body to go straight towards a hospital madly all the way, fortunately knives is not long, insert not greatly, and send a hospital in time, life of it doesn’t matter is dangerous.

“Hospital? ” big eye of goosefoot heart pistil turns everywhere, want to sit up next, abdomen aches one blast.

“Do not move do not move! Do not rise! Affect cut bad. ” Xu Lei increases the bed rapidly.

“Group leader! You drank so much wine obviously, how to send me to come to a hospital even! It is not good to look for a clinic casually, how does disaster of dispatch a vehicle do! ” Xu Lei is scolded to be stupefied by her, what he did not think of is, she worries about this moment, still be him, got hurt with respect to Lian Ganggang still fearing he has a thing unexpectedly! Just the doctor says, because she is a little anaemic, worked so long dinner has not eaten, just be scared again, just faint so. Xu Lei at the moment self-condemned, he himself is sad still harmed others unexpectedly! !

Li Xinrui sees he is silent all the time look at oneself, a word also does not say, suddenly some feel embarrassed,[……]


” the love of midsummer cool wind you are so old ” eventide fine / , this chapter in all 2084 words, update at: 2016-07-19 23:00

Ji Zixun’s tepid old hand cuddle is worn Xia Liang is thin thin waist, be full of interest look at her. “Guess your younger sister ah Ji Zixun! Have you so fearsome! You say, you are the Suo Qiao of my home! ” the smiling face that Xia Liang looks at his remain calm, gas does not make one part, frighten her really good! !

Ji Zixun does not answer her question, raise eyebrow, “Do you just say who is big strong? Hum? Hum??

“Who answers me who is! ” Xia Liang also learns his that trick.

“Oh? ” Ji Zixun lowers his head to be by the side of her ear, expiratory be like orchid, “It is a bit big, do long you were used to. Do long you were used to..

“Ji Zixun! You, you this smelly rogue! ! Can not mean! ” Xia Liang be ashamed gets a face red.

Although pink is returned,looking at Xia Liang is a little pale little face, cuddle wears Ji Zixun she enters room, those who take off oneself the coat wraps around to go up in her body, look this girl is frightened by oneself really. “Wind is so big how to wear more a bit. ” wear? She now can be a suit cold sweat good!

“Come less! Say quickly, how you come in! Row ah season always, skill be good at! ” Xia Liang pushs cuddle to wear oneself Ji Zixun, ji Zixun has some o[……]


” the love of midsummer cool wind you are so old ” eventide fine / , this chapter in all 2315 words, update at: 2016-07-07 14:06

After wind of boreal celestial bodies goes, zhou Yiqing is depressed, this thing is some unexpected really, should say with Xia Liang after all? Thinking, xia Liang hum move ditty came back.

“Oh, come back! Come. . . Wait for you, I am starved to death! ” Zhou Yiqing is pulling Xia Liang to sat on sofa in the past rapidly. Xia Liang looks at a table to go up to come out more suddenly a bag of big thing, “You are foolish, wait for my doing ah, hungry still do not eat rapidly. Oh, do you go out to spend money in disorder again? Oh. . . RIO is cocktail! Go really! Local tyrant! ” ” go. . . Fasten a run on a bank I, my where be willing to part with or use spends this member money! Hey hey. . . I say with you, the boss that is you delivers, hahahaha. . . See true person eventually, I see him is not person bewitching! It is simply small suffer! ” the destination that Zhou Yiqing decides not to tell her boreal time to wind comes, exert all one’s strength avulsion topic, she this ask for a favor, show fall too easily.

“All right! Later I am met you this word brings him. ” Xia Liang was laughing to open two bottles of cocktail, take a bottle to give Zhou Yiqing. Zhou Yiqing is white she is one, had received cocktail, “Still can happy amuse oneself! ” ” Hahahaha. . . ” two women[……]


” then whose a thousand pieces of gold is not changed ” 4 blessing advance eatas surname / , this chapter in all 1213 words, update at: 2018-01-31 09:28

Liu Xuefei is stupefied, look after one’s death toward him next, did not see admire Nan summit, guan Tong goes say before Liu Xuefei:

“Did not look, my person comes. My person comes..

Next he says to Wu Shun:

“I will tell you why, admire is opposite less you despise actually, although poor the one’s own daughter that is not you, but anyhow depended on each other ten years, you sold her for money, and the person that sold you to be familiar with none, you had thought, in case is what she encounters a hellion how to do? In case she gave you this wolf nest, how to enter tiger’s mouth-jaws of death to do again? How to enter tiger’s mouth-jaws of death to do again??

There was trifling a look of shame eventually on Wu Shun face, but very fast, he raises a head to say:

“Not, I am not complete do not know admire Nan peak, you look, the full wall here is him, phenanthrene like him I know, so, so I just… “

Guan Tong did not answer Wu Shun’s word, look to say to Liu Xuefei however:

“Admire is hiding the truth from you less, it is the father that is afraid that you know you actually unexpectedly so sold you easily, the meeting is very sad, you say all the time, go up i[……]


” the sealed incoming message that sends you ” of Xin / , this chapter in all 1973 words, update at: 2018-02-02 14:00

After flash came two years, what Jun Nuo did not resemble Zhong Xiaoqian saying is same, go back head office take-overs Zhong Jia’s business. Endless and such, our company is in of Jun Nuo guide below, became independent to come out from head office, be a branch no longer. We now also is a open and aboveboard average his company!

And I, also rose be worthwhile to go up of course assistant manager, really old day does not lose pains person. Logion says well, flood dragon dragon gets making love, be not the content in the pool eventually. I know, I stay impossibly over to become forever a small staff. Look, want to have good environment only, I can make a meteoric rise. (guilty and guilty)

Said so much, how did I see everybody think those who know is I and Jun Nuo most? A word, old pattern, do not have what spy to fasten.

Go to work every morning, the Jun Nuo after coming off work carries me to go back. When be free, can go out to arrange appointment now and then, busy moment arrives in Home Jun Nuo, he does his work, I do my thing. Pass quite happily comfortable.

Although bland, is nevertheless reality gets along such? Need not dynamic, need not wind storm rain, want two people only well together, now and then fight bicker, is this best ‘ the life[……]


” the sealed incoming message that sends you ” of Xin / , this chapter in all 3372 words, update at: 2017-12-18 14:18

Has somebody thought? If one day, because of certain reason, yourself a person was lost a suburb. There is a mobile phone on the body, without purse, do not have even individual shadow even on the road. What draw out exclusively from the pocket is a few pocket money, with the booth before. You can lay one individual ask for help only, who can you hit?

A how romantic choice is inscribed. But who can think of again. . . Reality is such cruelty unexpectedly! When your true body amid, you just can know, this kind of circumstance one! Dot! Also! Not! Billow! Free! The mildew that poured 8 all one’s life namely at all just can meet this job! All one’s life on me. . . Whats to do after all! ! !

I rise this morning, there is a cup of hot coffee in the hand, sit in window edge, look at downstair people person bearer to go to, much freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting. Today is god-given holiday, need not go to work, eventually can well rest one time!

At this moment, side side transmitted a paragraph of euphonic rhythm. I put down the coffee in the hand slowly, stretch one’s hand took put in aside mobile phone. I allow to looking at the person travel outside the window like that, look to did not see the ground receive had a telephone call: “Hello? ” of big ho[……]


” because love to rise,the predestined relationship is encountered ” holy condition laughs / , this chapter in all 2536 words, update at: 2018-02-04 01:00

Yu Qiao is preparing to look for sunlight subsequently, he is a little right now sober the brain of the dot, also immediately some think over thinking, “Is this me? I… the person that is so easy impulse? “…

He is small think of when also did not stop however… ” sunlights, be in? “His illicit talks about her to enquire.

“… “

She did not reply he. Paused a little while, yu Qiao tries jokingly say: “How, won’t have not you finished the task? The dog should sleep! The dog should sleep!!

Setting continues so silent, crossed him a little while to just see she replies eventually again he: “How don’t you still sleep then! “How don’t you still sleep then!!

Yu Qiao replies immediately: “How, was bullied? Was bullied??

“Without, do not have a thing! Do not have a thing!!

“Where are you now? “Yu Qiao enquires again.

“100 beautiful cereal. “100 beautiful cereal..

Did not have Yu Qiao a little while to go, see she is sitting on the stone of brook edge right now, silent.

Yu Qiao went by, jokingly say: “Sunlight can amuse really, sad still look for so elegant place. Sad still look for so elega[……]


” wear the sum quickly to talk about a love greatly ” stop / , this chapter in all 1231 words, update at: 2017-08-08 13:02

Lot always is arrange prevent not as good as give you one stick, to you club of a pawn makes popular feeling unripe cowardly that individual that dare not stand by oneself, miss so then…

Say so, god is not to did not give you that individual however yourself was missed!

This thing tells us to encounter favorite person to go up bravely! Heard?

Lin Yuexi types helplessly replying

YUE: ?  of  of   eulogy?

L: ? Late does crime dispatch of confused  Qian suffer from 8 a surname case of close of chasm bud   of unreal of show off of Bao of apology of wisdom cease  male ” tuft Shu?

YUE: ? Xi of muddleheaded of forgive of suck of hot quail of  of Tuo of honest of Fu tending or guard a gate?

L: ?

RAN: ? Does open and upright break through  discharge comfortable?

L: ? Ship of axil  Jing. Does close of  of  fade live abroad make arrow of post Yu  smooth with a rake does gourd ladle of confused  Lu hang cough of  of bake in a pan of Ye of  of  of wisdom Qiu Jian does  cough confuse Mei male black to hold high be afraid of?

RAN: ? Xiao Q! ! ! Later? Have connection?

L: ? Dream of Sun catfish Ω tries confuse th[……]