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The following day, ningxia as kind of sweet grass because of his concern according to, be in so a kind of sweet grass according to when asking for leave, same oneself also asked for leave, want to go out search search a kind of sweet grass according to, he thought of to a kind of sweet grass depending on the place that go should be Ji Mo from, because she has said, can go there when herself is sad in one’s childhood, because the scenery over there is very good, famous still word calls Ji Mo to leave, just be the homophonic that loneliness leaves, so she often goes there.

He walks along the half waist of hill, saw a room, he goes there, saw a kind of sweet grass according to washing the dress, he was not wanting to want to go, at that time granny just shops came back, she walked along the back of Ningxia to pat him to say: “The child, what are you doing? Be to seeing her? Be to seeing her??

“Granny, thank you, let her live here, she these days the mood is bad, let her be waited for more here a few days. ” Ningxia and granny say.

“It is you do not look for me, I also can let her live a few days more here, besides her crural sprain. Besides her crural sprain..

“Crural sprain, serious? ” Ningxia is heard a kind of sweet grass the crural sprain that depend[……]


” Xia Xiangjiu is peaceful ” L/ writes S lavender, this chapter in all 1119 words, update at: 2016-11-05 15:49

A kind of sweet grass according to hear An Qi like this is urgent, she sent An Qi the address of her home at once, opened forum, those who saw is yesterday her, ningxia and tiger establish the picture that they fight, so they were in what when fighting, one pace takes care to invite the school to be fed up with yesterday a kind of sweet grass the person that depend on saw, took a picture, on the forum that sent the school, those are commented on more abhorrent,

“Xia Xun is depended on, the chairman that returns student union, be the first unexpectedly fight, boast herself can be hit! Boast herself can be hit!!

“Chairman, nonsense chairman, give her quickly drive nonofficeholding. Give her quickly drive nonofficeholding..

Still have more exorbitant, say ” be, she can be hit really, lay person of a few other school into that appearance, so our intramural, we offend her not carefully fire, hit even us, should notice to nod after everybody. Good dreariness. Good dreariness..

A kind of sweet grass according to see these criticisms, sneered a few times, she did not think of actually how someone will be stupid, sent a card, be to make oneself fame bad. At that time An Qi, empyreal, ju Ji will a kind of sweet grass the doorway that depends on the home, see a k[……]


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Small strong and pervasive fragrance can tell everybody close is now, small strong and pervasive fragrance more article time has come down certainly, be 20 or 21 this day begins more civil, as to everyday after all more little word, small strong and pervasive fragrance meets He Xiaoxin’s master discuss, wait to come down certainly, small strong and pervasive fragrance can be in 20 this day to tell everybody to kiss…



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In the dillydally on the bed the husband and wife of half hour two wash gargle to be over, already at 8 o’clock. Piece elder brother’s wife is ready the two people such as breakfast come down to eat, when Ji Chuyin comes down, in the hand much however a portfolio.

“Little madam, you is this? You is this??

“Go to work. A lot of days did not go to a company, must go looking. Must go looking..

Ji Chuyin arranges handgrip portfolio to be put on sofa, eyebrow eye takes laugh say. Saw a Wei Ran, as it happens the look that to going up Wei Ran sees her, two people’s tacit depressed tone laughed. Piece elder brother’s wife was waited for in colourful home a lot of year, to atmosphere perception is sensitive all the more more. See the childe when coming here and the look of little madam, be clear at the bosom. Happy laugh is worn, face about entered a kitchen to prepare the nutrient soup of little madam.

After half month

Ji Dong comes very excited today, very happy also. Do not rise to 5 o’clock in the morning, walk back and forth in the room, do not know what to should do however. The weather of A city already gradually cool come down, after Ji Dong will had appareled, go going out to run a few rounds in oneself park. B[……]


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Female advocate: Wu Xiuke male advocate: Na Gongjin

“Cocoa, this perhaps will be opportunity of your last time, you… still want such doing certainly? You… still want such doing certainly??

“Natural. ” although cocoa says so, but, she that already red double eye betrayed her.

“Cocoa, darling needs father. Darling needs father..

“Not, my child does not need father, he has mother love enough. Besides, I and he parted already, and he also should marry. ” a pair of fine little hands stroke cocoa on oneself abdomen, showed agonized smile

“Favour ” , cocoa that agonized smile, that pair of already red eyes… , all these, shu Yi looks completely in the eye, sad condition upsurged in the heart, feel for the child that cocoa and she has not been born then sad.

“Cocoa, I have thing foregone, you have what thing to phone me. You have what thing to phone me..

“Favour, I knew, you go busy your. You go busy your..

Really, shu Yi is to should do a thing — she should let Na Gongjin make second choice, in the meantime, she also leaves cocoa time and space, after all, present cocoa needs to fall calmly.



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Tan illuminate the young mistress of the house that parents has accepted Ji Ran to do Tan Jia into Tan Jia truly, next, home Tan begins to busy for their marriage.

Do not have a few days, tan illuminate tell Ji Ran: “Will want the case of semi-overt cognizance Mo Baocheng tomorrow, I serve as the person that provide evidence, want to enter the judgement tomorrow, what word do you have to let me be communicated for you? What word do you have to let me be communicated for you??

Ji Ran suddenly seemed to be full of a bottle of meaning all over, she looks at him: “I also want to see his end finally, I want to listen to his personally to speak the course of killing father, I want to know he has such leave the playing field, regret? Do I want to know he has ashamed regret to I and mom? Do I want to know he has ashamed regret to I and mom??

Tan illuminate feel some are embarrassed, oneself ought not to say these with her that day, it is good that after waiting, child calm is born to tell her again! Now if she appears in court, in case how to suffer stimulation to do? This can not be sportive.

Tan illuminate cuddle wears Ji Ran resembles fooling the patience like the child: “Like that, your present body goes out too no-go, in case see that old bastard o[……]


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Ji Ran is unthinkable Tan illuminate actually holiday marriage, and the time that kept 3 years many. She feels mysterious: “Didn’t you show flaw? “Didn’t you show flaw??

He grin laugh: “Actually, our bilateral parent the heart knows abdomen bright, it is we do not live together with the old person only, alizarin red handsome has love each other old male friend, she is in even my covering next villa that take male friend to me! Not be us two the Na Dong that live, these year of home that I do not allow any females to enter I and you! Of course I pay no attention to her what to do at all, because we had been told at the beginning, each other is hands-off, she gets the man excellent, I also discharge a lot of awkwardness! Such some less also ashamed remorses, especially we get along like the friend, the relation was improved than before a lot of! Until we divorce, we had been be not the friend that often is close friends. We had been be not the friend that often is close friends..

“Does she take male friend toward the home? Do then you take a wife toward the home certainly? ” of Ji Ran of course think.

His corners of the mouth casts aside move: “I just do not follow their add trouble to, in in that way word home not turn things upside down? In case by which the person of olf[……]


” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1732 words, update at: 2017-03-12 15:48

Ji Ran listens the daughter that Tan Xingguo asks to she is Yi Nan, she feels disturbed.

She is lop and palpebral answer in a low voice: “Be ” , the mother that she knows herself is married Mo Baocheng, the close little sister of the person that asks oneself the word namely to ___ of his first wife wife, caused very great harm, mom also is in all the time for this self-condemned, feel to I am sorry all the time even that poor woman, I am sorry spit. She thinks the 3 people that come this get back justice to oneself, after all the husband that oneself mom grabbed a family.

Tan Xingguo looks at her, regretful inclination: “Your mom is a very god-given good woman, just the beauty v/arcs born under an unlucky star! She can have your so outstanding daughter, sufficient not at all to surprise! Sufficient not at all to surprise!!

Is Ji Ran done what meaning is knowing him? She is a little spellbound look at him, wait for him to continue to say the word. “Are you certain very strange? I am the close uncle of spit, nevertheless I also did not have the blame, meaning that hates your mom! She just is have no way out do not have anthology, she makes a person strange without what duty place! Instead is her so young leave the world, true too regrettablly! True too regrettablly!!



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Speak of when Ji Ran at the outset the wealthy person that oneself sell is Tan illuminate when, yuan Zong this ability suddenly be enlightened: “Pardonable when I see you for the first time, feel look familiar, you and his picture often sees on the press a few years ago so! Hear according to me, are you to was less than time of a year to part together? Are you to was less than time of a year to part together??

Ji Ran’s mournful laugh: “Yes, he is eager to and the daughter of old and well-known family of be matched for marriage marries, with 10 million dismissed in a hurry I. But, leave in me before long, I conceived his child with respect to him discovery. I conceived his child with respect to him discovery..

“Are you to say is Tan illuminate the child? ” Yuan Zong open-eyed path, feel incorrect again: “Can be the thing a few years ago then, the child how can 3 years old? The child how can 3 years old??

“That child is not , however — I still have an eldest son, I give a name to him call Ji Xiaoyu. I know I conceived the child at that time, because know Tan illuminate the child that won’t let me be delivered of him certainly, I am taking the mom that break down to escape to very far other place. ” Ji Ran catchs say.

“You secretly the ch[……]


” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1867 words, update at: 2017-02-15 20:13

Ji Ran discovers a middleaged man always dogs inadvertently oneself, and this individual looks with respect to unlike good person!

Since although was used to others look attentively at, to brazen-faced dogging still is quite sensitive, doesn’t she know what intention the other side has? Won’t have a good work anyway, what she thinks of first most is to try his the time that this paragraph of time learns, look can you subdue this only audacious Lothario?

Another want, originally oneself had offended an eye quite, of this a public occasion come again paragraph of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance, is that to make a person fix eyes upon more? In case does he have many him work in partnership again how can payable? Calculated, still be insurance for the purpose of!

Ji Ran laughs to that man beautiful, next continuity of as if nothing happened admires dress, she is incompact not slow outside move, she knows to be apart from bazaar to have policeman agency nearby, she slowly forth move is worn, still often see that man, he did not follow for fear that come up, still often send his beautiful smile.

The man thinks before going up, half step talks with her a few times, but she did not give him the chance, she does not make him too close from oneself, the[……]