” helpless woman ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2174 words, update at: 2017-02-08 17:06

Listen to Ji Ran to say the son disappeared, spit one Jing, the sharpest reaction is: Father took away the son to coerce his. The his true old father that is fed up with for this is angry.

He makes himself sober, console: “Like that, you are fastened first anxious, won’t occupied. What differs a head? You say slowly, how to return a responsibility after all? How to return a responsibility after all??

“I a moment ago was received small illuminate, the aunt says to be received by his father, is his father you? Be somebody will pretended to be you to receive a son? ” her urgent tear flows again.

Spit thought of this is nodded of course, he is afraid that Ji Ran worries to be able to comfort only: “Like that, do not suspicious in disorder first, I arrive immediately! ” talking kongfu, his car has stopped to the front of nursery school door, he runs urgently to what rush, panting: “How to return a responsibility after all? The child how can of without reason of for no reason disappeared? The child how can of without reason of for no reason disappeared??

At this moment the aunt also feels not quite right, oneself were not checked actually receive the child the identity of that man, bother this time but big!

Spit comes to the aunt before: “Do you[……]


” snowed over there you ” cunning evil spirit / , this chapter in all 3466 words, update at: 2017-08-20 19:59

Open the memory with yellow extensive gently, a sere Xie Er that slides gently, pick up the replace dream that have in the softest, want to ask very much ” snowed over there you ” when last snowflake weeps, did you see?

The morning of midwinter, one is cheated all around thin thin Bai Shuang, through that thin thin austerity, the flowers and plants in the courtyard is arboreous, already was affixed by the winter apparently oneself peculiar label, the face that is frozen bad in the amuse oneself in in the winter like the child is same.

Did not know to be used to, chen Ke awoke early, open a window gently, a biting cold wind attacks head on, no wonder is so cold, be next austerity so.

Coagulate eye, the yulan magnolia tree that sees that individual plant returns remnant not to have much leaf in the courtyard only stands stubbornly over as before, the Xie Er that those spread a thin Bao Bingshuang and truncal, be swayed so that Zhi raises ground noise by cold wind, resemble weeping sorrowfully, resemble be in wild land again dancing.

Chen Ke can’t help breathing out a few tones, rub rub has bit of icy hand, do not know what reason, whenever oneself hand always is met in the winter so icy and icy, do not take a bit temperature, this is people place often sa[……]


” the dusk Xu Sansheng of the descendant of the sun ” A Fei Fei / , this chapter in all 5685 words, update at: 2016-12-28 08:42

Come the 3rd times to Wuluke, this land, already not answer at the outset auspicious, local ** and the conflict aggravate of the armament that turn over ** , war is frequent, horrible and violent incident happens from time to tome, indulge in wilful persecution of together with plague, the hollowness on the ave if also, have 9 pedestrians occasionally, also be circumstances or style of departure hasty, the stray bullet that for fear that is not known where to come is hit muddle-headed sent life.

U.N. was in to arrangement of each country medical team inside a building of consular place where troops are stationed, medical treatment center is not worth 100 meters of place in distance abode, that one ward that a segregation closes deals with indoor, right now in a steady stream is constant suffer from unhealthily carry come in, the body that still has unconscious Bai Chan carries go out, cure protects the biochemistry with personnel tailor-made dress to defend take, expressionless wears the face busily, because,do not have a person of the dead parting and distress, increase without what the person suffers from because of disease and be agitated, because, go wanting without time, go creating these moods without time, busy only, those who keep is busy.

“These new-style M3 dis[……]


” guard sweet the bloodsucking dream of the heart ” confuse Gong Huandie / , this chapter in all 513 words, update at: 2017-05-18 12:57

Xue Meng here

“Should you take me to go after all? ” Ling Bing is not willing 10 thousand times do not be willing

Butterfly shakes shake one’s head, look at Ling Bing surprisingly ” you are open-eyed a big head ghost ah! Absurd? ” Ling Bing looks at butterfly angrily, however, that butterfly is essential ignore approach ice, continue to fly oneself, ling Bing is forced to catch up with

Bloodsucking cabinet writtens guarantee the bound enters the mouth

“Cabinet advocate, enter please ” shadow respectfully invite Ling Bing to enter bloodsucking cabinet ” why should go in, you are indescribable take me to here, still let me take the horrible place of this run-down signs of human habitation, do you think dead? ” does Ling Bing look at a shadow angrily ” don’t you retain this place? ” the shadow looks at Ling Bing singularly ” what is written down do not remember, this girl was not lived, oh, was opposite, you are to should look for to make fall the girl of cherry snow dream! Then I can tell you, she had died! ” Ling Bing spoke out the word in him abdomen completely at a heat ” she… she died! Impossible, she can be Queen! She dies impossibly! You cheat me! ” the shadow thinks ground clutch lives angrily Ling Bing’s neck, ke Lingbing’s[……]


” phenanthrene gentleman does not leave ” degenerate unruly or unrestrained / , this chapter in all 2866 words, update at: 2017-08-31 23:26

“Smelly boy, your court death! ” one’s voice in speech of land star wingceltis just fell, that bodyguard cannot help moved under stretch. Just when Liu Xingtan says him, he had opened an eye, as it happens saw the look that Liu Xingtan distains then. Regard elder sister of size of home of a veteran, water as one of trustful bodyguard, he also has his self-esteem, bear Liu Xingtan how possibly such affront. In his impression, wingceltis of star resembling land such rich home children, also can move only move lips just, there is a bit kongfu on the hand, without the word of bodyguard, follow a piece of paper same.

Regrettablly is, he considers a fault Liu Xingtan, off base. Land star Tan Hao weighs a capital the first cannot offend, this is not joking really, however everybody is awe-stricken to a kind his, what come from the bottom of the heart is awe-stricken.

In the imagination of this bodyguard, next the picture should be Liu Xingtan is hit to fly off by oneself. But did not think of is, fist is in however the face that is apart from Liu Xingtan the place of 10 centimeter by Liu Xingtan a hand is captured, also cannot advance again one centimeter.

The master of a sailing vessel that the eye instant of bodyguard opens, look at the Liu Xingt[……]


” guard sweet the bloodsucking dream of the heart ” confuse Gong Huandie / , this chapter in all 1281 words, update at: 2017-03-14 13:01

“Do you say the princess is taken by bright queen which? ” benefit star sits on the tree, dallying with the hair silk of own pink, resemble an adult ” do not know, bright nevertheless queen comes over personally should be the thing with what have important! ” green jade bud leans on the tree, shake shake one’s head ” two people appear at the same time, this becomes aware is not good sign to ” benefit star begins concern, she worries rarely ” hum… … we still look! ” green jade bud looks at bright hall ” then I search feather! ” benefit star looks at dark hall ” who lets you so cried! ” green jade bud covered the mouth of benefit star, feather of for fear that is heard ” hm… unlocked! Want to was covered to die! ” benefit star wants one pair by the appearance of stifle, after green jade bud is unlocked, benefit star gave green jade bud a supercilious look ” go! ” green jade bud feels embarrassed say ” oh “

Xue Meng here

Bright queen is pulling Xue Meng, before the beautiful girl that visits a golden hair ” you are good! Eldest sister elder sister! ” Xue Mengwei laugh is worn to before this nymph says hello to ” hello ah! Little little sister! ” the girl also says hello to to the girl ” Xue Meng is Xing Yu this, nature group will jackaroo, this paragraph of tim[……]


” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 790 words, update at: 2017-08-24 23:22

“Murmur, do you say this we build a person to you can succeed? Do you say this we build a person to you can succeed??

I: “Have this is likely, after all you are hitting edge ball, ah. Ah..

“That darling can insalubrious? You watch husband this bromatoxism. You watch husband this bromatoxism..

I: “What should use is goods in stock, saying to win the bid again still is another thing. Saying to win the bid again still is another thing..

“But you say,meet of edge ball. “But you say,meet of edge ball..

I: “Hum, what do you worry about? Maturity of this small tadpole has certain cycle. ” do not know how to give him the explanation, this contradictory man.

“Then you take a car to go back to be nodded carefully, can not hurt my home baby, I am to say in case you had, want to notice the body more. Want to notice the body more..

I: “You think much, their at the moment been meetinging a face. Their at the moment been meetinging a face..

“Why? “Why??

I: “Are you curious darling? Be disinclined to say with you, go asking degree of woman. ” such he still wants to become father, do not have even basic common sense.

“Oh, right. ” he moves back and forth his mobile phone[……]


” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 556 words, update at: 2017-07-29 11:30

The client had a holiday on the weekend, need not go going to work, be forced one individual goof. I do not like to shop, also do not like to watch TV, so most time is silent lie on the bed to syare blankly.

A person is in new city, live oneself very unaccustomed life. The cool flesh that loves to eat without oneself here places steamed bun, also do not have steamed bun of bubble of flesh of flocks and herds. The person here likes to have rice, the flavour of dish slants weak, good find a noodle shop not easily, candy was added in result noodle, ate only I did not have appetite again. It is not just candy is added in noodle, steamed bread, candy also is added inside flat bread, estimation matters with the climate here.

I begin to consider the home, mom missing father, the belt range that thinks old Mom is done. Do not know food is unaccustomed, anyway to me word has rice a bit namely full next very fast hungry. I want to have big flesh package, want to eat fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour, think hemp having vegetables and water is fed, want to take roll face skin… if follow a face,want to eat about me only. Alas, want to jump over hunger more, jump over hunger to want to eat more, be most night hunger as a result sleep to be not worn again and again on the bed.

I ha[……]


” my fool soldier husband ” Shuang Qiao / , this chapter in all 464 words, update at: 2017-07-28 20:53

Before you can say Jack Robinson already in July, we a ten people already south next preparation begin the work formally.

The assembly room of hundreds of people is very quiet, the everybody’s silent arrival that awaiting big BOSS. The boss is the person that already was close to 60 years old, the sense that he gives a person is composed, able, kind. Hear to be dying recieves orders before him, taking everybody of one pace walk out of predicament, just greet a company present brilliant.

He says: “Destiny destiny, the life cannot violate carry but choose. You cannot select a person oneself one’s previous experience, choose oneself parents, but the way that you can choose to did not come from personal place to try hard. You are young still, you still have big time to go all out in work, enough time creates a better future for oneself… ” he said a lot of a lot of word, but what I remember alone only is: The life cannot violate carry but choose.

This is very literate the enterprise of details, this is a company that has development platform to the person. Here not only can teach you to work to still can teach you how to be an upright person.

We are wearing unified dress, insolate below the sun, accept the severe test of rainstorm, water holding the post of sweat[……]