” the blame that this is you ” one paper and Jun Shu / , this chapter in all 1846 words, update at: 2020-04-18 17:52

The Song Zhi hint that sees Shen Muqing afresh resembled changing a person, actually punctual commuted, this lets see be used to the president Yours Excellency desperately the many personnel of 3 man about, jing becomes aware unceasingly.

Midday, small letter of employee of family name of the Song Dynasty group in, everybody in succession the Eight Diagrams is worn president yesterday peculiar. Abrupt president secretary sent a message.

“Weigh pound word, a girl will to the president send a meal ” return attach a piece of president the about to girl light up with pleasure, full is that person in the eye.

“This is elder sister of which wife and children “

“Seeing profile is a beauty absolutely “

“Wow, sweet love should become of eventually the president’s body went up “

“Upstairs, who is this “

The secretary ases if however disappear general, do not have method, the president is standing by him, which dare be moved in disorder.

Song Zhi meaning sees oneself secretary was patted according to, the Shen Muqing that lets a doorway is advanced his office. Song Zhi idea is a little pet, go wanting a picture on this plan, presumably these year he is done not have and Shen Muqing has taken a picture. Go by, see see those groups talk about a message.

The secretary can look at machine of total decide handle helplessly only, can petition secretly only the mobile phone that the president did not want to throw him, next the president that he sees some blush delivered a speech.

“Hum, this is my girl, those who liked a lot of years. Do not give accident word, in the future can be a proprietress, give accident word “

Group the employee in hears a president personally end team CP, curious next if. See Song Zhi meaning pauses only, filled one, “Won’t have an accident “

Group in employee is affected by the sturdy place of oneself president, serve a blessing in succession.

“Send the picture I ” machine of handle of Song Zhi meaning returns a secretary, say to answer the office rapidly, dare not make Shen Muqing long wait.

“Meal still takes the advantage of heat to eat had better ” Shen Muqing opens messtin, hand Song Zhi meaning the chopstick.

“Good ” Song Zhi meaning is eating, the head filled an A Qing washs his hands for him the sweet setting that becomes skilly, can’ted help laughing at sound.

Before Shen Muqing looks at an eye, do not know what to think of, laugh so that resemble the man of a 2 fool.

“What to think, so happy “

“” it doesn’t matter ” but Song Zhi meaning looks at eye forefathers, cannot help starting to talk, “The meal that feels A Qing is done namely is particularly delicious “

“This is me domestic baby-sitter does ” the Shen Muqing’s merciless illusion that broke him, look at the man with depressed complexion, still be the mouth that cannot help.

“If you want to eat, I will be done personally tomorrow “

“Send personally even, two people eat together ” Song Zhi meaning holds opportunity reach out for a yard after taking an inch.

“Good “

Shen Muqing sees Song Zhi meaning eat, immediately rises personally the formal attire of tailor is taken, “You are put on try, I help disagreement body you change “

See that reforms the Tang Dynasty outfit, song Zhi meaning is feeling sleeve, a sweetness in the heart, of too impatient to wait put on a body.

In home, went up only the old talented person of age is worn the Tang Dynasty outfit, of this body wine the Tang Dynasty if outfit is worn go up in youth body, all ought show old mannish or be temperament is maintained do not rise, unluckily a suit of Song Zhi meaning Confucianism elegant temperament, deserve to go up gold-rimmed glasses, resembling is wear culture on the body.

Shen Muqing looks at the Song Zhi meaning that changes good clothes, button is arranged for him before going up.

“Your this about, put in ancient time, it is a dye-in-the-wood teach gentleman, do not know to want damage how many girl “

Song Zhi meaning is stood by intentionally, each other breath sound can listen clear.

“Na Aqing, do not wish by my damage ” sound is grave, extremely ambiguous.

Shen Muqing is insusceptible however, orthoptic this person, two people so argue is worn. Say, the person that you cannot like with you is too long to inspecting, song Zhi meaning looks at that pair of eyes to be without wave motio[……]


” absolutely did not think of ” listen to me to tell a story / , this chapter in all 1907 words, update at: 2020-04-02 10:32

Tao Hua sees Xu Shanguang goes to also do not talk forth, feel Xu Shan may be misunderstanding, think she is being urged marriage, say again then: “You do not have pressure, let you see my parents and do not have the meaning with special what, just my Mom does not object me talking about love now, so I can tell them my amour, if you are not willing to see irrespective also. If you are not willing to see irrespective also..

“Be willing of course. ” Xu Shan has answered a god: “I just a moment ago was in want what to prepare to meet to uncle aunt ceremony. “I just a moment ago was in want what to prepare to meet to uncle aunt ceremony..

Although she says to need not prepare a gift,Tao Hua knows this kind of condition, xu Shan also is meeting preparation necessarily, say straight from the shoulder then: “Protect skin is tasted and smoke is OK, was over I and you go carrying. Was over I and you go carrying..

Xu Shan nods: “Good, when does that your pa Mom come over? When does that your pa Mom come over??

“Specific where day has not been decided, but fast word a week, half month controls slow word. Half month controls slow word..

“All right, to moment I and you are received. ” Xu Shan is temporary oneself still not clear idea is put at the same time, anyway Tao Hua’s mother he is not to had not seen, see see.

After 12 days, airport exit.

Cao Aiwen looks at the Junlang’s man that with oneself smilingly greets sb, some ask questioningly: “Do I seem to had seen you? “Do I seem to had seen you??

“You had seen the aunt really I, I am Xiaoxu, in those days we had seen in X city. ” Xu Shan has received the luggage in Cao Aiwen hand: “I come to the aunt take. “I come to the aunt take..

Cao Aiwen develops a Xu Shan laugh, she remembers him of course, this can be her girl in those days traitorous evidence, cao Aiwen does not wear the glare of the trace contented spends: She knows her this girl is so old will cheating her all the time.

Contented spends helpless laugh, xu Shan is her what had interacted at present is exclusive the boy friend that a within an inch of is given to know by old Mom.

Xu Shan was chasing after her to arrive all the way at that time the city life that she reads an university, once summer vacation, because she is working to did not go back, when taking the advantage of oneself to have some of time later, received pa Mom the city that she reads an university, want to taking pa Mom to play a few days.

Because old at that time Mom is to prohibit,she talks about love, during so she has enjoined what Xu Shan comes in her parents early in the morning, two people do not meet first temporarily, but Xu Shan made fun of careful machine, in Tao Hua for company parents goes when a tourist attraction, with them a 3 buccal come across, next all sorts of make up to greatly, fool of if it were not for, who to hold the post of to be able to see he and who is not common friend.

That one come across, but kill miserable Tao Hua, the Xu Shan such as Cao Aiwen goes, question closely to her fall out rise, tao Hua said countless lies at that time, did countless assurance to just give up constrainedly Cao Aiwen’s suspicion, but also be loath merely just, in Tao Hua the graduate student did not numerate before coming, her in every case takes an exam which to was not gotten the first, cao Aiwen is about again torturous she is one: Talk about love with that boy? Impact study?

Getting the flower that get a surname is helpless very.

As if nowadays setting emersion, xu Shan leaves, cao Aiwen pulled down a face: “You come over! “You come over!!

Tao Hua sits obediently opposite Cao Aiwen, although she never presses 3 outlook handle matters of the mother actually, but apparently however very cooperate, because because a few inessential things let him,she does not think the mother is not happy.

Tao Quanyuan takes Tao Hua’s father in aside frown: “The child is so big, you are returned such, be to plan to let her does a person pass all one’s life? Be to plan to let her does a person pass all one’s life??

Cao loves article glare Tao Quanyuan: “What do you know! “What do you know!!

Taohua develops Tao Quanyuan laugh: “Pa, do not have a thing, I know Mom wants what to ask. I know Mom wants what to ask..

Cao Aiwen is cold hum: “What should since know me,ask you say with respect to oneself. “What should since know me,ask you say with respect to oneself..

Before the plan overthrows him, Tao Hua does not[……]


” absolutely did not think of ” listen to me to tell a story / , this chapter in all 1556 words, update at: 2019-06-29 17:11

Xu Shan this year already 33 years old, before a few years parents sees the busy cause of his idea, bearing did not urge him to marry, but he is 31 years old when, parents gives his look strongly one kisses, strong ordered to him marriage.

To his fiancee, there is a sense actually in Xu hill heart, but but oneself parents is satisfactory, to avoid a trouble, he also acquiesced. But come two years, he is procrastinating to did not marry all the time, what he says to parents is to should wait for a career to stabilize besides, but in fact, no more than is him there is bank to do not have the past in the heart, he felt to be put down in him heart nowadays, natural remembered fiancee Wang Ran.

Say actually, he can not calculate good to this fiancee, although he is helpless,agreed with the engagament of parental arrangement, but he all the time since, resisting soundlessly, fall in the case that has fiancee obviously for instance, there also are many warbler warbler swallows beside him, can have reason of a paragraph of roric love from time to time, these he never also is hiding assist to wear, think namely disgusting and disgusting this fiancee, who can can bear normal after all woman this?

But he this fiancee also is individual content really, face his revolt, she is direct those who become say: “I, do not miss the work, do not want to make money, the dream even if seeks to have money mess card of this all one’s life is mixed eat wait dead, I pay no attention to your privacy to have much disorder, you want those who make me delighted to brush only brush it is good to brush. You want those who make me delighted to brush only brush it is good to brush..

Xu Shan also is to see someone for the first time what do obeisance to gold to say so straight white, the person has deep-rooted bad habits, although he does not like Wang Ran, but Wang Ran is so straight say in vain to just treat him as bread ticket will make, still let him some are not happy.

But Wang Ran said again: “You drive away me, your mom here still can arrange Li Ran, Zhang Ran to you, who knows they resemble me be being satisfied euqally easily? Do you are exhaustedly to moment, of messuage inquietude, do you think so that there is much horror? So I am your best choice actually. So I am your best choice actually..

Xu Shan listened, want carefully to feel reasonable also, this Wang Ran, him parents likes, and get along come down, can see she is not what love make trouble come out really advocate, be together with her, oneself are outside billow gives a day, she also won’t is troubled by go there parents, anyway besides say at that o’clock to Tao Hua not clear hold outside reading aloud, who is he not cannot, then two years also so came over.

His company progress is better and better now, the argument that uses busy career also is not slipshot in work his parents, his parents is being urged wildly all the time recently he marries want grandchildren, he also indeed irritated, since that bit of small kink in him heart had been put down thoroughly, that also never mind is good procrastinate.

So, marry, marry · of · of · of · · ·

Tao Hua is not a person that likes to recollect the past, but the abrupt meet again with Xu Shan is unavoidable still today let her remember a few things previously: Xu Shan is very good to her really, take her seriously very much, but their 3 view of two people are different, she ever tried to had changed him, but the beautiful thing that a person loves to be able to be a person change in the novel did not happen, no matter how, xu Shan is so a pair of model that does not consider be eager to make progress, what Tao Hua keeps is forward go, xu Shan still is in however place footfall, nature of two people distance is further and further.

When Xu Shan puts forward to part company, contented costs the announcement of attend in a advanced studies of foreign famous university has come down one day, she still is wanting how to should say with Xu Shan originally, one of Xu Shan parts company make her loose at a heat, it is Xu Shan swung her, she did not I am sorry Xu Shan, tao Hua is to think so all the time.

After be being cast very quickly to the head by Tao Hua with the thing of Xu hill meet again, she needs to go back find a place for her fossa, contented beautiful courage is very small, not dare a person lives, so she bought a cat, a dog, what she takes the name of kitten doggie is the joy of very sodden ave.

Come home, the doggie that she raises was embraced happily happily with kitten Le Le below her foot, this makes her very happy.



” dark night grants he ” Xie Wu Xie Wu / , this chapter in all 2210 words, update at: 2020-04-23 14:59

New and opposite and sit, the hush in air resembles ice, freeze all energy all round everything, include their heart.

“Do you like fund so? ” Fu Ran pitch is interrogatory, that do all one can presses the arm of shoulder of lukewarm coil up to go up, showed the trace of hemal clarity.

“I follow the concern between you, namely from trade begin. I like fund, you should be clear. ” and early morning is same that day, lukewarm coil up very fear such Fu Ran. She admits she is cowardly, this momently, apologetic word also won’t say again, if Fu Ran wants to hate her, do not have whirly room again simply.

Hurt the person’s word to always can be exported easily, fu Ran also has when dominating a sentiment. He holds the lower jaw of lukewarm coil up, there is hematic silk in the eye, voice is a little hoarse: “I do not cry stop, what qualification do you have to end game? What qualification do you have to end game??

Lukewarm coil up feels he is about by Fu Ran crumb, pay to console like that, also to let off oneself, she says: “Pay 2 little identities exalted, follow me why this kind of person is worry. Follow me why this kind of person is worry..

“Of good appearance, lukewarm coil up, you said to be opposite, I like extortion a person of extraordinary powers to seize namely… ” Fu Ran holds a lukewarm coil up in the arms rudely, the bedroom of flatlet of disease pace day goes.

Hang in aerial lukewarm coil up to exert all one’s strength toing step on leg, want to jump down from Fu Ran bosom. Pretty wears Fu Ran an interest, his clamp down on is worn the leg of lukewarm coil up, in order to weary lazy sound menace: “If you are moved in chaos, I abandon you now. I abandon you now..

Lukewarm coil up feels this man can manage scarcely analogy, she is afraid that he throws himself to hard floor really, have to ability hugged Fu Ran’s neck.

Fu Ran walks along bedside very quickly, throw her on big bed, when curl up crouch recedes, lukewarm coil up says: “No matter where be, is you like to torment me so? If be to be reluctant to leave me this pair of body, I myself can be taken off… “

Dim wall lamp hides stealthily in the corner, there is the dress that is left by tear at on the ground. Charming and gentle of the odour in the room, unidentified so sincere feeling.

When last corsage drops to go up to the ground, finger clothe of Fu Ran her back. He is indulged wantonly, the mood that a bit takes no account of her and experience. Even if she is crying to petition, he just also said two words bloodily: “Ache to also be being borne. “Ache to also be being borne..

One is loved happily by what fury begins, fall in silent late night after all next heavy curtain.

Weather forecast said yesterday today bright two days of meetings drop in temperature considerably, before dawn at 2 o’clock, rain fell fitly outside the window.

It is be contaminated probably algidity, when the day has not shined, lukewarm coil up woke, she experiences the soft mattess below the body to appear catch a cold. Feel guttural and afflictive suddenly, turned over a body to be opposite window, just discover the window is opening. The curtain of two side is blown by air cooling, those algidity all came in.

Small cold, she closely attack by surprise is worn quilt, the body still cannot help quivering.

Her side crosses a face to see the Fu Ran of body side, eyeball of his lock have sth in mind, sleep very soundly. She carries quilt upgrade in spite of oneself for him. After the movement ends, also feel even herself mysterious, called in instantly hand.

She rises gently, from dress of a pick up of a ground, cover them quickly go up in him body, rise to close a window personally next. Rain still is falling, wash rice fetch down of ground of drop of the sound of rain is on the leaf, say not clear desolate move.

Those who had experienced bed of many second bed the body that they are familiar with the other side very much, although there was the good setting of be in harmony of ** of a lot of waters in the past, but last later, lukewarm coil up also dare be not recollected again and Fu Ran is the same as a bed in all the time that pillow spends. Because of the Fu Ran that rises angrily, the meeting is general like the beast, aggressive move offends angry his person.

Someone had said once upon a time, what to love?

Love is the hand that wants feeling to call in again.

How be met?

“You say to be very interesting between us, obviously what relation was d[……]


Part 70

” 7 years when belong to us only ” element poors / , this chapter in all 2575 words, update at: 2020-02-13 22:27

A surname sunlight of triumphant patience feed food character Li bit by bit, did not talk all the time.

Until be about to be fed, a surname sunlight triumphant look up look at character Li, sound chokes with sobs: “Small Li, what thing should you have how should I do? What thing should you have how should I do??

Hear the character Li of this word, so look at a surname sunlight triumphant. Each other are opposite two people inspect, for a long time does not have speech.

And in across, one person slips into ward stealthily, in feeding a medicine mouth of child of the comatose on the bed.


For a long time did not answer the Yan Rushuang of the school, those who chose one old early in the morning return the school. Someone else is to did not notice she is same it seems that, doing oneself business all the time.

Attend class after the bell is noisy, doorway slowly go a person. Yan Rushuang is gone to casually that dekko, saw show gaunt Gu Mo slightly.

Attend a lecture hears an in part, yan Rushuang lowers his head to draw out skill machine, uttered a word.

Idea considers road with respect to what do not go up in attend a lecture at all, of the mobile phone in finding a pocket shake, control a think of a way that did not see.

Yan Rushuang laughs slightly, also do not care, look at the teacher on dais dedicatedly.

Do not give accident word, this is she comes to this school for the last time.

After two classes, yan Rushuang chose to leave. In a certain inn that comes near firebug evil spirit, so quiet waiting for.

Yan Rushuang is sitting silently, looking at the scenery outside, gave a look.

She does not know how to long be done not have well had been loosened, all sorts of thing accumulation are in the heart, oneself also feel oneself become do not have a meaning more and more.

Outside weather is very good, yan Rushuang is knitting brows, have some of faintness it seems that at the moment. She slowly extend a hand to be put on glass, slowly, she laughed.

Extremely desolate.

Also had done not have how long, gu Mo comes to conventional place. Just entered he saw the door sit in the Yan Rushuang that syares blankly locally.

Gu Mo always feels at the moment this schoolgirl follows others some are not quite same, always bring the sense of a kind of sadness to him.

What Yan Rushuang thinks the thing thinks is serious, did not notice Gu Mo at all.

Beat the table before to Gu Mo all the time, yan Rushuang just has answered a god to come, laugh slightly to him. “I think you won’t come. ” Yan Rushuang carries sitting position of as it happens, the face brings a smile.

Gu Mo looks at the Yan Rushuang on, orbit extensive is red. “Never mention it some trashy, your what meaning, do you have the news of my little sister? Do you have the news of my little sister??

“If you still want to find your little sister, without giving thought to when, will look for me to Xxx ground. ” the mood when nobody knows he sees this information.

“I have of course. ” Yan Rushuang is incompact not slow, she considers road early to be able to have such reaction with respect to expect. “Where is she? ” the reason with only except is controlling him, considering road to be afraid of is early take a table.

“Fasten anxious. ” Yan Rushuang was laughing to add cup water to Gu Mo, “The information that wants your little sister is OK of course, it is conditional nevertheless. If you have that heart, I can remand Gu Yan visit the home. I can remand Gu Yan visit the home..

“Say what do you want. ” the ability that Gu Mo had not doubted Yan Rushuang, he also did not think Guo Guyan is met dead, so he plans to bet.

Yan Rushuang laughs slightly. “Simple, to moment you know. As exchange I can tell you, gu Yan did not die, she is in character home, all the time very safe. All the time very safe..

Knowing why to consider road to resemble is loose at a heat. Character home he is early somewhat hear of, it is to hear Gu Yan to be all the time over there only ineffable put a heart.

“I had seen her. ” Yan Rushuang catchs say, “A girl that looks very quiet. Time effaced a person a lot of ah, a little girl is disclosing sedate maturity up and down all over. A little girl is disclosing sedate maturity up and down all over..

“. . . . . . ” Gu Mo is quiet very long, just say: “What job did she produce after all in those day[……]


Part 58

” 7 years when belong to us only ” element poors / , this chapter in all 2546 words, update at: 2019-08-03 17:47

Character eatas surname a few houses were examined outside frost general, in just discovering house one ins disorder, do not see the sign of anybody.

“The Qin Dynasty thanks concealed my mountain villa, do not become hard also do not hire servant? ” the back that Yan Ting follows in Yan Rushuang all the time, can’t help giving out doubt.

Yan Rushuang suddenly, call: to the character Li that still standing in the hall? Lan of  of target × В is stupefied  hawk plinth! Finish random dainty wraps up  of Zheng of neon of Mei of jujube of search of Nai million × to ancient name for a water catltrop suitable Wu ァ ?

Character Li reacts very quickly come over, also follow closely in two the individual’s back. Just arrived refuge, abrupt noise removes tremendous detonation behind.

Body of character eat frost one deadlocked, face about looks at the ablaze conflagration from the back, was immersed in silent. Apparent, the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces falls to be betrayed by Qin Xie, fell an end that does not have whole dead body to death.

“Really acid, if guest is old,two individual photographs are respected, fall the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces however finally a person stays here. ” laugh what Yan Rushuang sneers at, it is the feeling that feels because of the interest collect is become only, it is to be able to ‘t bear biff really.

Return along the road when coming, 3 people abruptly stopped footstep. Yan Rushuang’s expression is unidentified, look at the binocular and aglow fire opposite side lightly to cry.

“Yan Rushuang! ” fire cries to did not know what to job produces after all among this, yan Rushuang just was received in the road that she goes back to the motherland in the secret the message that 3 people are assassinated him parents by arrangement. Igneous power is very great, fire cries more indignant.

Had not waited for Yan Rushuang to talk, fire cries to be attacked suddenly toward her come. Yan Rushuang raises eyebrow, did not plan to sheer, but character Li He Yanting is blocked however was in her before.

Fire cries regressive two paces, yan Rushuang chuckle, cross two people to stand in fire to cry before. “Qin Luo, don’t you feel you now as shrew? I tell you, qin Jia died only the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces falls one person just! Qin Jia died only the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces falls one person just!!

Need not investigate at all, yan Rushuang knows abdomen to heart of this kind of thing bright. Ever also listened to character Di Di to had removed Qin Xie in those days be forced to do married the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to fall, time had not changed Qin Xie’s heart all the time however.

Can saying to resemble only is Yan Di and Qin Xie this kind of person, do not care to get married with who at all, care, the some in the heart, it is some of ambition nevertheless.

“Really Yan Di sends us to come this issue, nevertheless fluctuation of home of the Qin Dynasty has the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to fall only one person. What business gave after all among this, estimation finds Qin Xiecai to know only. ” character Li feeling has odd additionally right now, feel again on the other hand or the license can not find Qin Xie.

Fire cries to fall to Qin Xie and the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces a lot of things between two people are not fair, but she is to know Qin Jiashi has a lot of servant, she does not know to should believe Yan Rushuang’s word.

After knowing after, become aware, yan Rushuang is abrupt drop back one pace, the eye is stared at closely catch fire cry, mouth path: “Small Li small graceful, go looking for Leng Hanxi! ” if true somebody plays tricks, leng Hanxi most propbably also is enrolled in the meeting.

Take the advantage of catch fire cry abstracted clearance, double eye of Yan Rushuang small narrow one’s eyes, move toward her suddenly. “Go rapidly! ” character Li He Yanting is hesitant repeatedly, still ran out.

Yan Rushuang cries with fire again fight hand to hand, the anger it may be said that fire cries was to reach the limit, court action forces continuously crucial point.

The skill that Yan Rushuang knows very well to fire cries is over oneself, biting a tooth to support arm in the clavicular place that fire cries, sneer. “Qin Luo, don’t you feel you are very pitiful? Your mother can be be buried a sea of fire, do not have whole dead body to death. Do not have whole dead body to death..



” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1701 words, update at: 2020-04-26 13:50

“Childe, the madam went in from the subterranean passageway of roadside directly, on lord hill. ” all the time the severe grand day that conceal finishs in hill and Luo Xuan’s silent movement that looks at them.

“I consider the person in villa already should controlled. “I consider the person in villa already should controlled..

“Childe, how do we do? How do we do??

“We also are entered from subterranean passageway. “We also are entered from subterranean passageway..

“I contact Wood to see him circumstance of the what there. ” Luo Xuan is pressing earphone call Wood.

“I and childe are in subterranean passageway, you think method lets us go in. You think method lets us go in..

Wu Deting is worn the sound that transmits by the side of ear treats the condition before again, compare simply last the case is severe.

“A flock of employ arms, and the wanted criminal that each is a tip. ” sound of five heart depress to earphone there say.

Gravity of expression of a small room of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces rises look at severe grand day, latter is checking the gun in beginning.

“How many person? “How many person??

The figure that Wood supports a binoculars to look at far to patrol is counted in the heart, “From the back 12, nevertheless I had put down the sharp-shooter of the summit, the hill opposite side still has for certain, our person has felt the past. Our person has felt the past..

“Childe. ” Luo Xuan looks at cold of approach of look of severe grand day, “The madam employed a flock of employ arms to be in villatic. “The madam employed a flock of employ arms to be in villatic..

Severe grand day is overcast face, eye ground has delimited a Sen Han. “Did not think of her partner, still have this skill. Still have this skill..

“Doesn’t the person of cold Xiao Feng have a movement? “Doesn’t the person of cold Xiao Feng have a movement??

“Do not have temporarily. “Do not have temporarily..

Frown of severe grand day thinks carefully, “Send some of person to protect the security of young mistress of the house and father more, cold Xiao Feng can have an action certainly, because,knowing a news as to you may be then sheng. Because,knowing a news as to you may be then sheng..

Luo Xuan arranged one servent hand to look at severe grand day next, “Had arranged a childe. “Had arranged a childe..

“Get off, we feel the past from hill. We feel the past from hill..

Villatic gate is leaving, blood see cold Xiao Feng, “Elder brother, do we go in? Do we go in??

Cold Xiao Feng is cold hum, “Which since be grand door banquet,have rejection argument. ” saying to take the lead in, blood after He Silun tightens therewith.

They walk into villatic courtyard and without what unusual a person also does not have discovery, proper blood when hesitating, the door before was opened suddenly, the gate from the back also was shut and went up to lock up. Pupil of cold desolate wind looks at the one Jing in two popular feeling that just appear coldly.

Si Lun looks at cold Xiao Feng with one’s eyes open, latter blinks eye gently to nod to Si Lun; The movement on Si Lun hand slowly feel to the waist, cold Xiao Feng presses the strong Si Lun that maintain one’s composure shakes shake one’s head, silunhui of meaning drop a hand. They are a flock of employ arms, the instant that you draw out a gun you are dead.

Blood in looking at a sitting room in disorder one piece, last its clearly is in eye.

“You are very punctual! ” abrupt and upstairs sound of a sound rises, 3 people look at the same time to that audio provenance.

Shenyang goosefoot appearance slowly come down from upstairs, pace as before elegant and easy.

Blood look at the Shen Li appearance that takes step by step, the rancor in the heart more very.

“You are not used so hated look looks at me, what won’t change. ” the sofa that goosefoot appearance carried Shenyang to be in in good condition nondestructive sits down, a pair of attitude that stand high above the masses.

Cold Xiao Feng is low laugh, the pace that both hands inserts pants bag to striding a pair of unhurried face the music takes Shenyang goosefoot appearance before sit down. The look is looking upstairs activity up and down bitingly, “Severe madam, disappear for ages. ” word of cold desolate wind bleeds open-eyed, are they early with respect to understandin[……]


” of the president for marry ex-wife ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 1728 words, update at: 2020-04-26 13:48

Someone says: April, in light simple but elegant, silent love, love lives, love oneself, love another person, not all happiness can be seen, not all also story can be touched, at least I pass happily in this April, happy over- , carry a the truest be sentimentally attached to, in peach flower blooming place steals ** colour, tell oneself, it is happy beside, need not go of envious other good…

“April is a season that spends, I am afraid that you become aware the move is dull, so I bought a few flowers with respect to group person, I rise early in the morning even if arrive to grow them in earth. ” severe grand day is having blood from backside the station is looked at before the window below a few busy people.

Blood a pair of red eyes look at the Na Duo below the petal corners of the mouth that be in bud has delimited a light laugh, gently the kiss that the neck nest of day of loiter loiter severe grand closes an eye to enjoying sunshine silently…

Blood of for company of severe grand nature had eaten lunch, the be bored with that two people go upstairs to lean close each other again sits in window edge to look at the new plant bath in downstair flower bed to wear together sunshine. Severe grand day also does not have the for company blood with what silent in that way public affairs it seems that, blood special also enjoy the company that has Yan Hao day, mix happily in that way contented…

“Severe grand day, do we follow sheng video? ” blood shutting an eye to ask softly in the bosom of Yan Hao day.

“Am I insufficient still beside you? ” severe grand day also closes an eye some have taste intentionally.

“Hum. ” blood the loiter in the greedy bosom in Yan Hao day, “You are me, he also is me, you are me be short of one cannot. You are me be short of one cannot..

Chuckle of severe grand day is a little satisfactory her answer, “Since you say me so,agreed. “Since you say me so,agreed..

“Good, then you rise lane. Then you rise lane..

Severe grand day opens open one’s eyes bestow favor on be addicted to look at the young woman in the bosom to say intentionally: “Then you rise first wear a dress, cannot always follow son video so? Cannot always follow son video so??

Blood that chest muscle bit the strong severe grand season that opens massiness eyelid to have some of charming be ashamed suddenly readily; Severe grand day takes painful give out frowsty hum, be in next her forehead wears the dress since one kiss.

Severe grand day will inspect dispatch big screen open look at the blood with the lazy languid on the bed later did not move easily, laugh of abrupt warmth, this oneself was imagined how many times momently. After waiting for everything to return first course entirely, oneself ever also had considered the easy life of a small family of this kind of peaceful, be but everything still has, attributed to halcyon when?

Severe grand day shakes shake one’s head take the clothes blood scoop from bed admiral person beside, put on the dress to her next. “You if or else is sober I wake to your kiss next you want red lip and a reed pipe wind instrument video, sheng so clever to moment… “

Blood the menace of day of grand be fatheringed is frightened soberly rise, hazy eyes looks at severe grand day the desire of one face is malcontent, no matter be,mentally still is on spirit day of his Yan Hao is his best antidote.

“Hold in the arms. ” blood stretch double arm suddenly to look at Yan Hao day affectionately.

Severe grand day looks at blood that is good she is held in arms gently before feeling appearance suitably to laugh slightly.

“Severe grand day, you are too good to me, I cannot have done not have your life now, good be afraid that you disappear suddenly how do I do? Good be afraid that you disappear suddenly how do I do??

“Won’t, you are not cranky, it is the closest mood pressure of classics of flabby compose oneself is too great, I won’t leave you forever.

Blood sob gently, leave the bosom of severe grand day; Carry eye looks at severe grand day by that abstruse eye, besides deep feeling still has a few what oneself look not to understand is complex.

“Not cranky. ” the tear soft voice that light graze of severe grand day drops her cheek says: “Should follow sheng video, bit happier. Bit happier..

“Hum. ” blood carry the hand is careless on the face brush away one; Severe grand day looks at this sometimes very coarse young woman shakes shake one’s head cannot help laughing.

“Sheng… ” bl[……]


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Severe grand day sits on sofa to look at the Shenyang goosefoot appearance on, eye light is done not have the least bit rise and fall sturdy however He Senhan, still opened a mouth finally.

“Did you discover blood did mom rise to kill a heart to be opposite when investigating Xie Ke heart? “Did you discover blood did mom rise to kill a heart to be opposite when investigating Xie Ke heart??

Shenyang goosefoot appearance hands in grasped both hands small quiver pupil is a little alarmed look at Yan Hao day, her a little factitious laugh laughs at moment say: “You say what I understand not, who is Xie Ke heart? Who is Xie Ke heart??

Severe grand day looks at her lightly, some are aching in eye light and do not abandon, “You search to once followed the Lin Tianci that you are old sign later, you are a clever person, be sure to sufferring a defeat quite at that time Lin Tianci undertook one time exploring mixing alluring? ” severe grand day looks at Shen Li appearance the disappointment in the attitude heart that that aloof and proud distains much a few minutes, continue to say: “Your plan just killed foliaceous wisdom at the beginning, but because cooperate with Lin Tianci, does he want to deprive Lin group from inside Lin Tianen hand however all things that just had meet one’s death of in pairs of their husband and wife are opposite? Does he want to deprive Lin group from inside Lin Tianen hand however all things that just had meet one’s death of in pairs of their husband and wife are opposite??

Light of eye of Shenyang goosefoot appearance is on the move the smile that corners of the mouth is hanging self-confidence,

Severe grand day looks at Shenyang goosefoot appearance lightly to continue to say without any moods: “You incite a person to help you got gas, give next Lin Tianci, lin Tianci is incited to assist by the wife of that ignorance that your brainwashing adds him at that time, set fire to their drug next. ” severe grand day sneers look disappointment comes extremely, “This plan is without flaw really, besides that is discovered by the police by the nozzle that next benzine buckets fall to go up when Lin Tianci hurry-scurry, if be checked greatly,not be case of simple be on fire it is case of a murder. You looked for a person to borrow gamble of that police temptation usurious, made an opportunity go to Lin Tianci next bribe uses him; Very fast case is regarded as a proposal of common be on fire was handled. ” severe grand day looks at Shen Li the be repentant that appearance does not have filar silk anguish on that face freelies composedly instead.

“Is what I say right? ” severe grand day is disappointed in light of light frown eye, where doesn’t he know her self-confidence is in?

Shenyang goosefoot appearance does not make a sound, just staring at the eye of severe grand day silently.

“You cannot think of, old hind actually somebody is met investigate this picket law case afresh; Cannot thinking of that person more is actually in those days you incite the person of the father and mother that killed her! ” forced smile of severe grand day, acid; He feels this is the excellent point of the destiny, bag bag turns to still can come back after all.

“You how can so cruel-hearted, do they still have a little daughter? ” the orbit of severe grand day is a little small red.

“Hum, to still having a daughter. ” Shenyang goosefoot appearance wants to say: “Not be your present wife, incorrect it is ex-wife. Incorrect it is ex-wife..

Of not worry at all of Shenyang Li Zi say.

Severe grand day looks at Shenyang goosefoot appearance the appearance that a bit outside thing of that place oneself does not have regret meaning to one’s great diappointment.

“At that time blood say with me, of his parents when having odd to death, I ever thought because careladen and overweight ability will be such,she is, until… ” eyes of knot of gloomy of between the eyebrows of Yan Hao day is confused, “Till that day I am mixed blood appear in you together before, the reaction of you and pa let me remove suspicion. ” of forced smile of severe grand day shake shake one’s head that eye Guang Zhongyu writtens guarantee and so your popular feeling is fond of anguish, “Later you ask we go back actively when meeting, I am resolved it is clear to should be checked this is among them secret, you objected us be together, choose to speak actually so if injuring a person; Rim of the eye of severe grand weather is small red look at Shen Li appearance distressedly, “Can you be you know? I love her, love flows to in one’s heart drip in blood, because,everything wha[……]


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“Listening, an a survivor of a murder attempt does not stay. An a survivor of a murder attempt does not stay..

“Be… ” say a few well-trained black clothes people 4 times diffuse.

“That bait maintains those who be less than day break. ” Luo Xuan is looked at have a smoke bit more silently.

Wu Deleng hum accept the tobacco firm firm in Guo Luoxuan hand smoked, “That is best of the province we started work, look their that side person still is vigilance really either general tall. Look their that side person still is vigilance really either general tall..

Luo Xuan sighed heavily at a heat, “I worry about its truth very much now, look now the madam is of one mind wants fatal position of buy young mistress of the house. Look now the madam is of one mind wants fatal position of buy young mistress of the house..

“This need not do you say to also had known? “This need not do you say to also had known??

“Do you say those who do to the parents of young mistress of the house is a madam really? “Do you say those who do to the parents of young mistress of the house is a madam really??

Wood looked at Luo Xuan to say a smoke to him subsequently, “It is to mix either we should not worry about, the affirmation with this the most embarrassed moment is a childe. The affirmation with this the most embarrassed moment is a childe..

“I feel is young mistress of the house, is the parents of oneself sweetheart how to kill she meets the murderer of own parents unexpectedly? Is the parents of oneself sweetheart how to kill she meets the murderer of own parents unexpectedly??

The smoke in refuse hand is in Wood of firm of the firm on the ground walk, “Still think we can catch a few tonight, wait for careful dot to have ** . Wait for careful dot to have ** ..

“Are you the photograph that says somebody sends to you today? “Are you the photograph that says somebody sends to you today??

“Right, I saw, the childe is opened inside it is a few time ** that the individual takes. ” the gun in saying microscope hand.

The in checking a hand gun that Luo Xuan also is adroitness looks at Wood to see upstairs position again next, “Go ” the hand medium gun is fastened again hind waist…

Blood was waked by hunger in the middle of the night, she is felt beside the form that does not have severe grand day; She is kneading the abdomen that shrivelled wears, sleep 7 meat or fish of 8 element is to avoid Yan Hao weather only, she does not know to should use what kind of mood to face severe grand day at the moment.

Blood gently next buildings, turning over the fruit in freezer, be being felt still is cool cool. Final blood a piece of bitter face closed freezer door. Thinking this to fasten a courtyard to also won’t have the thing of bubble surface and so on, also do not want so late to disturb plum aunt rises do those who eat, but can cover only the abdomen of shrivelled shrivelled goes upstairs; Abrupt back was transmitted open the door sound, blood one Jing, stealthily at the back of hide in sofa.

“Sit. ” severe grand day puts the food in the hand in aside on tea table.

Severe grand day is looked at after Wood sits down, “Childe, one died 5, ran, our brother also loss. Our brother also loss..

“Calculate now calculate 6, still have 14? Still have 14??

“It is a childe. “It is a childe..

“Look is the person that notifies to us friendly? ” chuckle of severe grand day.

“It is a childe. “It is a childe..

“Two processing seeks the person to drop in the day, wind energy of his Leng Xiao checks why are you checked? Wind energy of his Leng Xiao checks why are you checked??

“I am sorry childe. “I am sorry childe..

“Went, rest rapidly! Rest rapidly!!

After Wood went, severe grand day doffs the athletic jacket on the private parts, take the bag on the table to go toward upstairs; Blood slowly the back that raises a body to look at building of Yan Hao sky, in the heart disconsolate extremely, follow not to matter with him after all, why to eldest brother knows and tell oneself?

Severe grand day opens a door gently, of gently before walking along a bed, below momently he is black face turns on the lamp of the room, sweep a week does not have what trace, next toilet is done not have, proper the door when he is anxious was opened, blood install one face by force to be astonished. Before severe grand day loosened to establish engrave at a heat closely holding blood in the arm[……]