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“The night that the childe spent in Home Lin yesterday, in the morning 3 came out to say in the doorway a few words went to respective company next from the home, young young son follows a young son however. Young young son follows a young son however..

“Hum, what to know they said? What to know they said??

“Do not know, it is the person that the childe decorates has 100 people to control all round Home Lin, I cannot be stood by really. I cannot be stood by really..

“Good, I knew, the every act that continues to staring at them especially of that woman. The every act that continues to staring at them especially of that woman..

“Yes, madam. ” that kid is a little embarrassed said a note, “Madam, placed in a certain position to be discovered in the person beside the childe. Placed in a certain position to be discovered in the person beside the childe..

Phone Na Duanchuan comes cold hum, “Hum, in reason, since he knew to find a person,also be sooner or later thing, work go! Work go!!

“Yes, madam. Madam..

… …

“Childe, ” Jian Mo stands in reverent and respectful of subterranean parking lot waiting for Yan Hao day.

“Hum, how? How??

“I had sent the p[……]


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“President, message of a bit front does not have Lin now, it is the silent investigation that cooperates ** only, but all symptom point to our company now, the person that say we just are true do harm to, with Lin collaboration is removed suddenly endowment because gave the sort of jerry job,be. ” white tea is a little helpless look at Yan Hao day, he knows this is the plot of Lin group, but both neither conversation prevents the president to also do not strike back, this but urgent the dead.

“Hum, ” severe grand day lowers his head to look at a file to do not have too big mood as before.

White tea does not have stand firm within an inch of to fall, this is what ghost, with respect to hum was over, so large issue did he react actually don’t have?

“President, what should we do? ” the mood of white tea is a little anxious.

Severe grand day raises a head to look at white tea for a long time ” come to me a cup of coffee. Severe grand day raises a head to look at white tea for a long time ” come to me a cup of coffee..

The black line of Bai Chayi face, this president is today how too abnormal, make what aircraft, the company gave so large issue, he actually not anxious, face about opens the door to bade to the secretary of the doorway, “Ca[……]


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Blood serious audition is worn from time to time choosing a side, do not know what to thinking, piece Mom gently erasure tear looks at blood that kind, some feel distressed say: “Eat quickly, the face wants cool. The face wants cool..

Blood nod, if the side face that looks at piece of Mom is thought of somewhat.

“Piece Mom, do you know a what kind of person my Mom is? Do you know a what kind of person my Mom is??

Piece hand deadlocked terrified of Mom is in sky next slowly put down a chopstick, both hands is grasping blood hand, look at her silently, some are afraid in eye light.

“Tell piece of Mom, what job to produce? What job to produce??

Blood shake shake one’s head.

“Without, want to know a few things about my pa Mom namely, I know father, but do not know mom’s family. But do not know mom’s family..

Piece Mom nods, express to understand.

“Your mom is I had seen the most beautiful wife, tenderness is refined, dignified and adept, looking is a daughter of an eminent family, it is the kitchen below the hall hall that go up really, lord and old madam like her very much, just… “

Piece grief is full of in eye eye of Mom distress also.

“Just what?[……]


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Weak month basket gauze, stroke having wind crosses a cheek, sweep past long hair, moon if water calm is downy. What dare go after painstakingly painstakingly, just hope of all happiness germinant the final result that has a happiness, although this is a marriage that taking purpose sex, but now since began, so ending sees him how be turned round even, poke those cloud and mist, the scenery always is in jian hou mian…

Blood turned the watching Yan Hao day home with careful circuit, a white is inside the sitting room, with the sofa of lubricious department, carpet, the decoration does not miss grade simply, last what oneself go is too hurried, did not see this high-grade boarding house carefully, blood the step that moves toward that bright deep and remote blue light, stepping 3 stair gently to inside go, of greet is 4 pairs of exquisite oil painting, feel good oil painting and that suddenly nevertheless this is cold cold line of hard look of man as it happens, have a kind of raw or cold food that wants to refuse.

“Look understand? ” severe grand day does not know when to appear in blood after one’s death.

Blood was frightened jump, abrupt face about does not have good energy of life look at severe grand day, “Do you come in to do not have audio? “Do you come in to do n[……]


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The country brings a hospital

Blood appreciably looks at a class foolishly, because oneself are in a hospital to want slow-witted short time to let so plum the thing that aunt learns his one lot is moved, in this besides plum aunt everyday on time 3 eat send a meal to accompany his a little while to oneself other it is oneself in the goof on sickbed, meet strictly everyday on time come over to accompany oneself to chat, suddenly oneself begin to enjoy this kind of happiness that is not disturbed, nevertheless a long time of that cold line did not appear, is he how to answered a thing to forget his thoroughly this individual? That is very good ah such looking oneself can cast off his evil hands very quickly to roll an United States, think blood bottom of the heart feel happy secretly, not self-conscious giggle rises…

Right now just in time of severe grand day comes to as it happens to the doorway to enquire Wudeluo highs 2 people’s closest circumstance, be short of the young woman that sees a bed go up to be in secretly giggle, the instant slept lightly his heart, cardiac place resembles is was fluctuated by Liu Ya in that way…

“Be what thing lets you after all so the laugh of clumsy? ” there is distained smile to walk into on the tender feelings mouth that severe grand[……]


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Lin Tianci steps enterprise of severe family name, take a car to go straight towards Home Lin continuously, bai Youhui is in what waiting for Lin Tianci anxiously in the home come back.

A piece of Lin Tianci’s solemn face takes the door, bai Youhui stands up from sofa hastily, move toward Lin Tianci.

Piece Mom just should have gone to want to had received Lin Tianci the office bag in the hand, the swift-handed office that has accepted Lin Tianci includes difficulty of Bai Youhui eye, bade piece of Mom go down.

Piece Mom develops a Bai Youhui laugh knowingly, retreated immediately.

Piece Mom is like what think of somewhat to turn round to look at Bai Youhui that confused look, still exited a sitting room finally…

Bai Youhui looked at piece of Mom to be retreated, pull Lin Tianci to sit down to sofa next, a pair of mysterious expression asks: “Husband, how, does severe grand day give you evidence? Does severe grand day give you evidence??

Lin Tianci did not talk, it is light only ” hum ” . Have probably on the face an angst and suspicious.

Bai Youhui looks at Lin Tianci’s expression, some say malcontently: “Since evidence is returned,give you, you work a piece of bitter still face. You work a piece o[……]


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Look at blood strictly the eyes of that grievance also does not become an explanation, the doubt in the heart is this among them reason why? He a moment ago said the daughter that is him, be an uncle? Be still blood what facts one wishes to hide do you have? Pressedding closely strictly eyebrow does not make a sound, staring at blood doubt is bestrewed in eye eye.

Light of eye of severe grand weather is flowing, the sincere feeling in looking at 3 people eye and blood that is unidentified in eye eye already injury. Severe grand day looks at blood chuckle, face about sees Xiang Lin god-given, “Do not know Lin Dong to you can deny the opinion that has considered me to carry? ” Yan Hao is taking joking smile eye light to cast Xiang Lin on day face god-given, meaning point to somewhat knowingly he takes Lin Tianci today blood come here even if proved his Lin Tianci to had made a decision. Severe grand day, hang down suddenly head heavy laugh, the broken light in double eye is having risk, firm crime… nevertheless the person before is to won’t see.

Hearing the word that eldest brother says strictly, eye light flows to go up in the face of eldest brother and Lin Tianci, although him public affairs of eldest brother all along pretermission, but he has bit of lane not to know the word of eldest[……]