” affection shallow float is unripe ” Lin Xie / , this chapter in all 3038 words, update at: 2020-03-10 15:32

Look at blood strictly the eyes of that grievance also does not become an explanation, the doubt in the heart is this among them reason why? He a moment ago said the daughter that is him, be an uncle? Be still blood what facts one wishes to hide do you have? Pressedding closely strictly eyebrow does not make a sound, staring at blood doubt is bestrewed in eye eye.

Light of eye of severe grand weather is flowing, the sincere feeling in looking at 3 people eye and blood that is unidentified in eye eye already injury. Severe grand day looks at blood chuckle, face about sees Xiang Lin god-given, “Do not know Lin Dong to you can deny the opinion that has considered me to carry? ” Yan Hao is taking joking smile eye light to cast Xiang Lin on day face god-given, meaning point to somewhat knowingly he takes Lin Tianci today blood come here even if proved his Lin Tianci to had made a decision. Severe grand day, hang down suddenly head heavy laugh, the broken light in double eye is having risk, firm crime… nevertheless the person before is to won’t see.

Hearing the word that eldest brother says strictly, eye light flows to go up in the face of eldest brother and Lin Tianci, although him public affairs of eldest brother all along pretermission, but he has bit of lane not to know the word of eldest[……]